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  1. Dantin Bruce planning 324-unit apartment complex on Bluebonnet near Celtic

    Dantin Bruce Development is planning a 324-unit apartment complex on Bluebonnet Boulevard near Celtic Drive, documents submitted to the Planning Commission show. 

    Waters at Bluebonnet would include 10 buildings, including community and accessory buildings, and the land is not in a special flood hazard zone, according to planning staff. 

    Dantin Bruce did not respond to requests for further information in time for this report. 

    The Planning Commission would have to approve the project, though Metro Council approval is not needed to move forward.
  2. Baton Rouge gears up to link Jones Creek and Jefferson; Work ahead in Central, Southdowns


    072722 MoveEBR road projects map

    Lee Drive finally widened?  Residents yards will get cut in 1/2

    Jones Creek Rd extension will eventually  go all the way to Airline Hwy

    Widening of Bluebonnet is a must ; the Perkins / Picardy connector will help when finally completed

    Interested seeing how this new R.R Underpass works at One Perkins Place in the Medical Corridor

  3. The 3 current proposed New Bridge locations will be useless with out an I-10 WBR / I-10 Ascension Connector " Southern By =Pass"! The giddy  Ourso from Iberville needs to realize this. Hwy 30 must be upgraded and 2nd (new) Intracoastal Bridge  form Hwy   415 extension will be needed .....  ad naseum

    The fact that Old Hammon Hwy will only be widened from O'Neal Lane to Millerville Road to Flannery Rd (Roundabout) is perplexing.   The stretch btwn Blvd DeProvince to Flannery (west) will remain JUST TWO LANES bec of the Jones Creek & Lively Bayou bridges...

    I-10 project is expected to be a traffic nightmare. Officials hope these upgrades will help.

    Officials are improving the alternative routes before I-10 shuts down to two lanes for a year.




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  4. On 7/21/2022 at 11:28 AM, cajun said:

    Hopefully they can stay pretty close to their current location.   I know the old Belmont site is available still - and would be ideal for both a retail/showroom along with backoffice and warehousing.   There's also the old Dodge City location on Airline that could accommodate all that pretty easily.  

    BBQGuys CEO talks warehouse space, Baton Rouge operations, going public


    Baton Rouge-based BBQGuys is working with a logistics firm to temporarily lease warehouse space on the east and west coasts to help meet seasonal demand for grills and outdoor furniture.

    While the company has more than 200,000 square feet of warehouse space in Baton Rouge, there is a need for more space around Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July, said Russ Wheeler, BBQGuys CEO. BBQGuys currently leases 170,000 square feet of space between GXO Direct facilities in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and San Bernardino, California. GXO, a worldwide logistics company, has more than 200 million square feet of warehouse space across more than 900 locations.

    “This helps with seasonality, so we can flex up and down,” Wheeler said. “It’s hard for us to continue to grow our footprint under one roof.”

    BBQGuys' current Baton Rouge warehouse space is divided among four locations. The company wants to get all of its operations under one roof locally, Wheeler said, but that has been challenging. “We need to find somewhere that’s the right fit,” he said.

    It is - about 150,000 square feet.   They are doing that because there isn't enough leasable warehouse space in the Baton Rouge market, so they had to build out their own.    Developers really need to start building out space for spec.   There are a couple of huge DC's coming up in Port Allen and Gonzales.  But otherwise the Baton Rouge market is extremely tight for DC space.

    Also - based on your link, it looks like Northern Tool and Equipment is opening in the old Bed Bath space on Florida.   Northern Tool is a solid store, sort of like what the old smaller Sears hardware/tool stores used to be.   Other than that and the new DC....it's kind of sad list.   Just not a good time for economic development now.  

    Hopefully Amazon spurs some new retail and fuel station businesses.   

    Agreed it's a sad list!  In the early days of UP the BR Forums had many new projects and development . Back then BR Forum might have had more problems surviving if it was like it is now.....

    I had seen some Northern Tool ads & billboards....good to know

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  5. On 7/21/2022 at 11:38 AM, cajun said:



    BR.comingupbiz.072422 HS 055.JPG


    Cadence Bank is building an office at 6889 Corporate Blvd. The nearly 13,500-square-foot building will house several local offices for the Mississippi-based bank, including market leadership, commercial lending, treasury management, mortgage and retail operations. The building will also house a Cadence branch, with three drive-thru ATM lanes. Cadence merged with BancorpSouth in October and currently has six branches and two insurance offices in metro Baton Rouge. 

    Like to see Corporate Blvd fill up! Corridor had some Uptown like potential.

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  6. Thanks for dropping by All2Neat!  How are things up in Frisco?  That place is growing crazy fast! The new proposed development on the northern edge near Prosper is very impressive looking; if it can come to fruition?     Hope the old iconic Cane's location on Third Street will be in commerce once again soon!



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  7. Looks like a roof top pool on top of the old Chase South Tower nearly 300' feet high

    Photos: Crews Assemble Massive Crane Downtown


    A massive, 800 ton crane, has been set-up blocking N. Fourth Street between Florida Street and Laurel Street in preparation for crews to use the heavy equipment to erect structural steel & a pool for rooftop work associated with 451 Florida Street in Baton Rouge, La.


  8. Finally!   Now you will have a  Denham Springs "By-pass "   to the East connecting I-10 to the Magnolia Bridge & Central! With a Round about at Hwy 190

    Juban north extension project begins in Livingston Parish


    “It’s going to be a four lane with a grass median. It’s about one mile and it will extend where Juban hits 190. You will cross the overpass, go due North to Lockhart and Burgess,”

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  9. Downtown Commerce Building sold to investors for $24.7 million

    • https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_3dadc7e2-f0c2-11ec-a2a0-9b210e2fbd19.html
    • The Commerce Building, a mixed use property in downtown Baton Rouge, has been sold to the family of late auto dealer Price LeBlanc for nearly $24.7 million.

      Commerce on Laurel LLC bought the property at 333 Laurel St. in a sale that was filed last week with the East Baton Rouge Clerk of Court’s Office. The seller was Commerce Owner LLC, which was set up by by T.J. Iarocci of New Orleans-based Key Real Estate.

      Key Real Estate redeveloped the Commerce Building into a 93-unit apartment complex that also features The Vintage BR, a coffee shop/wine bar and a Salad Station restaurant.

    • Plans are to continue operating the Commerce Building as is,

      But one change could involve vacant space on the rooftop of the building. When the Commerce Building opened in spring 2016, plans were to put a restaurant on the top. But that space has remained vacant for the past 6 years.

      It’s “very much up in the air” if the space will continue to be marketed for a restaurant or turned into additional apartment units, LeBlanc said.

      The Commerce Building, which opened in 1950, once housed a McCrory’s department store and offices. The department store closed in the mid-1990s and local developer Bob Dean bought the building in 1999.

      While Dean talked for years about redeveloping the property as an entertainment venue, nothing was done until Iarocci bought the building in 2012 for $1.3 million.

      According to the Commerce Building website, there are 13 apartments available for lease.

    • BR.goldsonloft.adv  110.jpg
    • Exterior.jpeg.webp
  10. Finally!  Build the   new roads!   Not sure WHY  Midway is called a  "Boulevard" on this map?   MoveEBR said it was only 2-lanes. It's actually called Midway Drive.  Nice raised bike-lanes and sidewalks.

    New cut-through between busy Bluebonnet and Essen roads near hospitals is under construction


    061722 Midway Blvd road project map


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  11. Been a while since i have driven up Siegen Lane from I-10 to Airline...was pretty impressed with the development ; the empty tracts have just about filled up. Another hotel (Element?) and other businesses.

    This pic doesn't do it justice new 27, 500 sq ft Campus Federal Credit Union under construction next to Rooms To Go ( not pictured) ...looks to be 3 floors



    Still remember that day as a little kid!  BOOOM!   What just happened? A Bomb? Thunder ? But it's not raining ! From over 10 Miles away!

    Yes indeed Some Record Breaking Cold ...think it got down to 8 degrees the night before....

    I understand what you meant Dan326


  13. Your speaking my language Cajun!  One of the BEST post on here in recent memory!  THANKS for the visuals!  Dig those ideas! Really like the West Star Tower!   BR desperately needs some modern high-rise tower!   Some eye candy !

    The proposed tower on the bottom would be nice too!  Looks to be the size of the IBM tower; expect on top the 4 floor podium for parking. That would look cool at the foot of the Bridge :shades:

    Even though Andres Duany suggestions for Plan BR in late 90's  was to keep everything 12 stories or under .....BR still tried to move forward with the 30+ (one proposal l as much as 36 at on time) River Place. But it fell thru unfortunately . As did the 17 floor Laurel Plaza in 2006.  And still no word (pipe dream?) on the 18 story Summit at Southgate Towers either.

    And contrary to popular belief there is no Height Ordinance for BR in reference to the 450'ft tall State Capitol.....they can actually build Taller.

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