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    Driving down Old Hammond Hwy East has a different look now from Millerville Road to O'Neal Lane....Trees have been cleared away from the power lines of the Two-lane roadway. This stretch of road needs widening paralleling between I-12 and Florida Blvd(190) https://movebr.brla.gov/page/project-spotlight-old-hammond-highway
  2. TRUE Cajun! This insane 711 lot proposal would quadruple the population of tiny French Settlement ...doesn't sound like this will happen Talk of a 711-lot subdivision raises alarms in Livingston Parish: 'We have to do something' https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/communities/livingston_tangipahoa/article_6335e296-b50e-11ec-ada2-8754b231ed02.html Potential plans for a new 711-lot subdivision just outside French Settlement have local and parish officials calling for tougher restrictions on developers — even though a proposal has not been formally submitted. The French Settlement Board of Aldermen passed a resolution last week formally opposing the "residential subdivision located on Louisiana Highway 444." Aldermen also requested the Livingston Parish Council support a moratorium on new neighborhoods — an option some members have voiced in recent meetings — as local residents have fought back against developments they say would ruin their communities. Plans for such a subdivision have not been submitted to either the parish planning commission or council, administrators for both said. But several parish council members acknowledged they are aware of a subdivision plan circulating on social media that has led constituents to contact them with their concerns. "Is there something out there coming? Oh, yes," said Councilman Gerald McMorris. "Am I opposed to it? Yes." French Settlement's resolution claims the development would increase flooding, worsen traffic problems and overwhelm schools with an influx of new students, among other fears. Although the local government has no control over properties located outside the village's corporation limits, the aldermen said it was their responsibility to act “when conditions of irresponsible growth and development adversely affect the health, safety and welfare of the people.” "There's no way our infrastructure could withstand that amount of growth," said Mayor Haley Unbehagen. The resolution names developers D.R. Horton and Chris Ingram of Ascension Properties. However, Ingram, who has developed at least 10 subdivisions and hundreds of lots since 1989, said he is not selling the property to D.R. Horton. "That’s a fact," he said. "I have never sold a piece of property to D.R. Horton."
  3. Maybe it's actually going to happen Longtime LSU dorm, Kirby Smith Hall, to be demolished under less 'explosive' circumstances https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/article_57212448-b5f9-11ec-9d95-0b7e5909c16f.html
  4. It says new rendering ; but i have seen this rendering awhile back ; or very similar. Like the new elevated Bridge; looks like small boats; canoes could go underneath New rendering shows bridge connecting largest two LSU lakes https://www.businessreport.com/business/new-rendering-showcases-bridge-connecting-largest-two-lsu-lakes
  5. NICE! Cool name too! That is one large looking tower that's sure to make an impact on the Phoenix skyline!
  6. Already been over a year since last post was made here Renovations will include Adding a 4th Floor and Roof Top seating to the old Holiday Inn Express on North Boulevard. New boutique hotel coming to downtown Baton Rouge; see where, what it might look like https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_82e1a608-b517-11ec-adb0-1f5feef27dc0.html A Hattiesburg, Mississippi development company that specializes in high-end boutique hotels has purchased the Holiday Inn Express on North Boulevard and plans to spend $10 million renovating the property Ike Thrash, founding partner and managing director of Thrash Group, said the hotel at 400 North Boulevard will be rebranded as an Origin Hotel. Origin is a brand Thrash created that operates under the Wyndham Hotels & Resorts umbrella. “We love the site,” Thrash said. “It’s right in the middle of downtown.” The renovations to the property will take about a year. Part of the work will involve adding another floor to the hotel and putting in rooftop seating. In preparation for the renovations, the Holiday Inn Express closed Tuesday. The Holiday Inn Express has 89 rooms. Adding a fourth story will create four to six suites, but Thrash said one or two existing rooms will be lost as part of the remodeling. “It will end up a little bit bigger,” he said. There are four Origin Hotels in the U.S.: Golden, Colorado Lexington, Kentucky Westminster, Colorado Raleigh, North Carolina. An Origin in Austin is set to open soon. Thrash said Origin Hotels are in the works for downtown Atlanta, Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Longmont, Colorado. The Baton Rouge property should open before all of those. “We’ve been really picky about the sites we ended up with,” Thrash said. “We must have looked at 100 sites.” Plans are to have a French restaurant in the hotel. “With the other Origins, we try to make it really the most local hotel,” Thrash said. In the case of Golden, Colorado, that involves playing off the nearby Red Rocks Amphitheater. In Lexington, that means saluting bourbon and racehorses. While the Baton Rouge plans are still being worked on, LSU and the city’s French heritage will be part of the mix, he said. The Holiday Inn Express opened in June 2015. The building, which was built in 1956, had been the longtime home of the Baton Rouge Savings and Loan. From 2001 to 2006 it housed the EBRATS charter school.
  7. Something i ran across on a local chat board ....The MAP boundaries of these Neighborhoods are not exact ...But close enough Went to HS and ran track with team mates from Easy Town ; Fairfield (spent some time there @ friends automotive shop); Park Town and Belfair ; worked with student from Brookstown(got some dirty looks in there) lost a Deaf buddy to a stray bullet intended for his friend back in 2012; just a few blocks from LSU ; knew several ex students that lost their lives due to violence in Gardere and Valley Park ; know dudes from Scotlandville; Oak Town ; Dixie & Ghost Town with interesting stories Sad to see the decline in north Sherwood area https://www.kulturevulturez.com/map-baton-rouge-gangs-and-hoods/
  8. Here we go again...are we really any closer to seeing a "New Bridge" than we were Five years ago? In the post 3 years ago Cajun said " 10-15 years from now"....so maybe we are 7 -12 years now from a New Bridge? Where can we sign up for some more "Studies" and get Paid $$$$ n Full? The Top ......Northern-most Option .... is really the ONLY ONE that makes sense (Bluebonnet ext to Addis) ....upgrading Hwy 30 & La. 1 also factor into the Price tag... this should somehow tie in to the Hwy 415 extension w New Intracoastal Waterway Bridge to I-10....A " Southern By Pass" for BR https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/politics/legislature/article_849597bc-b05c-11ec-aca4-fbdf5700fd8f.html
  9. NICE Cajun!! Was 50/50 before clicking link ...LOL Buc-ee's is a "Go-to" in Baytown and north of Gulf Shores/Orange Beach! Would have been nice at the Millerville Greens ...but traffic would have been nasty! Kind of wanted to give someone else a turn w the April Fool's tradition! Dan 326 has really been catching on to my tricks lately (See the new Car Tower a few weeks ago) + been crazy busy ...6 hour Sign Language Zoom meeting to make your head spin!
  10. Hearts go out to the people effected by the strong EF3 Tornado in Arabi (less than 4 miles EAST from CBD) Didn't realize Tornadoes were this common in NOLA..... Another round of Severe weather is possible for the Gulf South Region mid-week Wednesday
  11. First phase of project to rejuvenate LSU lakes, walkways now fully funded https://www.wbrz.com/news/first-phase-of-project-to-rejuvenate-lsu-lakes-walkways-now-fully-funded
  12. Local group continues pushing for alternative I-10 plan https://www.businessreport.com/business/local-group-continues-fight-against-i-10-widening This proposal might be a good idea....
  13. WINTER in BR was pretty decent ; we had 15 Freezes...and plenty of other Low temps 33, 34, 35 etc BR averages about 20 Freezes per Year.... 21 degrees was the Coldest recorded in mid January ...December was way too warm All types of severe weather expected Tuesday; Baton Rouge area in part of bulls-eye as some schools close Its that time of year again ...Strong Spring Storm headed thru the area Tuesday ....Spring Equinox was yesterday Area schools are closed except EBR (early dismissal) https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/weather_traffic/article_b4705d38-a917-11ec-a6bb-8f3f75431be0.html The Storm Prediction Center in Oklahoma is warning that the weather could be especially rough in portions of Louisiana and southern Mississippi tomorrow, designating the area as having a "moderate risk" of severe weather.
  14. Business owners present plans to beautify Perkins Road underpass, hope to rally community support https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/article_15fb04cc-a490-11ec-9fd0-0bce8bfb3a78.html Four businesses are lobbying to turn the drab, dusty stretch of Perkins Road where they operate into a pedestrian friendly pathway with green space. The owners of Varsity Sports, BLDG 5, Moreau Physical Therapy and Ivar's Sports Bar presented plans to beautify the road between Reymond Avenue and Christian Street in hopes of rallying community support. Renderings created by Carbo Landscape and Architecture showed additional lighting underneath the Perkins Road underpass, pathways lined with vegetation and reorganized parking. The reorganized parking wouldn't significantly reduce the number of available spaces, a concern for some residents and business owners in the busy area.
  15. $500 million for new bridge in Baton Rouge making waves, 'Not in the best interest of the state' https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/politics/legislature/article_0d2b3ce4-a46e-11ec-b69c-2b4028a538e4.html
  16. 75 foot glass tower will look cool near Siegen / I-10 A new, 75-foot-tall 'car vending machine' is set to be built in Baton Rouge next to I-10 https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_f69dd06c-a09a-11ec-9e1c-27710f4f5a10.html
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    MoveBR project hopes to be complete by end of 2023 https://www.wafb.com/2022/03/09/movebr-project-hopes-be-complete-by-end-2023/ https://movebr.brla.gov/page/movebr-signal-improvements A connected city with centrally managed mobility Real-time control of traffic signals Ability to adjust signal timing during: Incidents (wrecks, signal service, wide-loads, etc.) Special events (football, concerts, etc.) Emergency evacuations Unusual traffic congestion Interstate construction projects Faster emergency response times Consistent commute times
  18. Curious to see what 286-unit "The Standard" @ Towne Center will look like? So it's going in the old Books A Million bldg. ...does this mean Five Guys hamburgers will be moving too? District Donuts to close Baton Rouge location ahead of Towne Center redevelopment https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_c7a3f30a-9b08-11ec-971c-4b954049cd71.html District Donuts Sliders Brew will close its Towne Center location after nearly 5 years in business. The doughnut shop will shut down on March 15. In a statement, District Donuts said it was closing because Towne Center is relocating several businesses to make room for redevelopment of the lifestyle center. Towne Center officials declined to comment on a potential redevelopment. But in September, the East Baton Rouge Planning Commission approved plans for The Standard @Towne Center, a 286-unit apartment complex with a parking garage. The complex would be built on the site of a building that was anchored by the former Books-A-Million store. There are several existing businesses in that building, including the popular restaurants Five Guys and Zea Rotisserie & Bar. District Donuts has six locations: three in New Orleans, one in Jefferson, one in Jackson, Mississippi and one on the Las Vegas Strip. District Donuts is the second restaurant in Towne Center to close this year. Bonefish Grill shut down in early January, the same month the restaurant's lease was up.
  19. The Gateway Buildings have always been cool...especially lit up at night
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    Mid City

    Government Street medians continuously damaged by distracted drivers BATON ROUGE - Months after completion, drivers are still getting used to the new Government Street layout. Gardeners were busy at work Tuesday afternoon tending to the newly-built flower beds in the medians, which are constantly damaged by the vast amount of traffic moving through the area. "Distracted driving and speeding is a problem and we need to stop that on Government Street," DOTD spokesperson Rodney Mallett said. Mallett says distracted drivers are partially to blame for the constant upkeep that is needed for the flower beds. That, along with regular drivers still being unfamiliar with the more narrow roadway. "Once the people who drive Government Street, drive it regularly, and get used to driving it, we anticipate this kind of activity to drop off," Mallett said in October. Landscaping crews are contractually obligated to repair the median greenery weekly, according to Mallet. To preserve their beauty, drivers are asked to be alert when behind the wheel. "We need drivers mainly to pay attention. The landscaping is not in the travel lane. So, if they can stay in the travel lane, then we will have less impact on the landscaping." The state still has ownership of Government Street, which will be transferred to the city by the end of the year. As of now, DOTD has no official figure on how much maintenance will cost taxpayers. https://www.wbrz.com/news/government-street-medians-continuously-damaged-by-distracted-drivers
  21. New Orleans’ iconic hot dogs come to Baton Rouge via new downtown location https://www.225batonrouge.com/food-drink/new-orleans-iconic-hot-dogs-come-baton-rouge-via-new-downtown-location The frankfurter-shaped Lucky Dogs hot dog stand, a New Orleans staple traditionally available on late nights in the French Quarter, has made its way up the Mississippi River to downtown Baton Rouge. The stand, located in front of Downtown Grocery at the corner of Third and Florida streets, opened the evening of Friday, Feb. 11
  22. Took a quick visit to Houston for a P.O.D./ Living Sacrifice Concert last weekend of JAnuary Downtown Houston's Bold Skyline continues to grow & the lighting of the Skyscrapers has improved! Near Discovery Green
  23. ...Tsunami put the hip in downtown dining on the Shaw Center for the Arts rooftop deck.... But the 2nd (new) location is at the interesting mixed-use Highland development ...When this is all complete will need to go check it out! Interesting property location adjacent to the Bluebonnet Swamp! Judging by the Renderings on the website the this building could be 4 or 5 stories? Tsunami plans second Baton Rouge location, see where it will be https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_6d971aa8-8ddf-11ec-bac4-cbdd78e8a3b1.html The upscale nature of Tsunami and its sleek design align with the goals of making @Highland a technology campus, Chadwick said. The owners of the restaurant also like the idea that the two locations are on opposite sides of the city, which allows Tsunami to serve the whole market. @Highland had been looking for a tenant that would bring high-end restaurant service to the Highland-Bluebonnet area. “We think Tsunami does that quite well,” Chadwick said. Tsunami also has locations in Lafayette and New Orleans. With the Tsunami deal, all of the retail space in @Highland has been claimed. Work is set to start soon on a second building, which will feature up to 240 apartments and 25,000 square feet of commercial and office space. PHASE TWO Announcement Coming Soon https://athighland.com/
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