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  1. The parade was awesome, but it was too darn hot out yesterday. I did get some amazing photos of the skyline on Saturday night.
  2. The park itself (not including additional owned undeveloped land) is 110 acres I believe
  3. The two buildings that are currently being built do not match the site plan provided in the 2018 article. Whether they are part of"District X" I can not say. it looks like they are getting built on the part of the site plan labeled "out parcel" though, so I am leaving towards these buildings not being part of the site plan or District X.
  4. I know a lot of people are hoping for a new tallest from the transit center proposals, but I don't think that will happen
  5. I'm going to guess it's Lowe's, and the new building will be built using only wood from their lumber department haha. I'm guessing 120 feet tall
  6. Dude, he just provided a quick example. No reason to insult him.
  7. Since there is serious discussion by the city to extend the blue line I to Ballantyne, I have a different proposal. Build a new light rail that starts in Uptown, runs through South Park, and terminates in Ballantyne. I understand it will be stupidly expensive and "unfeasible', but Southpark needs light rail since that area is continuing to densify and is a big employment hub.
  8. I thought I read in previous posts that this building will have retail?
  9. You cant even tell that Avenue and Hearst have parking decks.....
  10. I would like this building better if it had a different top on it. It's like th brick building and the top don't quite match with each other. Other than that, the building is okay.
  11. O would be somewhat ok with the parking deck if this development an urban mall to attract people from the suburbs and tourists. Since it seems this development will mostly be office, I am highly disappointed with the deck being as huge as it is and will be after expansion
  12. Where is the retail? I just see a patio to eat on lol
  13. I stayed in Moore Hall when I was a Freshman at UNCC. Not an experience that I miss much...
  14. Just to lighten the mood, I think BB&T/Suntrust's new building should be in the shape of the dollar sign, with maybe a Scrooge McDuck on the top.
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