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  1. norm21499

    UP Forum Meetups

    I won't be able to make it, but if anyone wants to share any discussion details after you can send me a DM!
  2. norm21499

    UP Forum Meetups

    I would like to come to this meet up it I can make it
  3. I noticed the accent lighting on Saturday. Hopefully itt will go all the way up to the top
  4. I haven't looked at this new development closely, but i hope it has store fronts and engagement in the streets that surround it. I don't want this to be a Metropolitan situation where the internal road as the store front and the surrounding roads are ignored
  5. Could have been pondering the airports soon to be built "landing strip"
  6. If I had to guess, probably will be built in stages. The office tower will probably be over 500 feet tall. No word as of yet when this might start.
  7. Any speculation when this project may be officially announced?
  8. South End is definitely forming a skyline, but I don't think any of the current or up coming buildings will have any cool lights at night. Hopefully I am wrong.
  9. Mid 40's? Wow. Can anyone speculate on how tall a 45 floor tower might be?
  10. Glad to see the film industry coming back to NC. Hopefully the Charlotte area itself will attract for film productions too
  11. I'm sure plenty of people would want to live on top of that business. You're an elevator ride away from seeing some "party pillows"
  12. Should the Uptown Cabaret site have it's own thread? I almost thought that Legacy Union was doing something else big! Lol
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