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  1. I support burying the power lines, but a lot of cities don't. In Chicago, the neighborhoods around downtown have all of their utility and power line poles in the alleys. We don't have alleys though.
  2. I highly doubt that the RNC will be moved. There are too many logistics and no one else is willing to host the convention. I believe Charlotte will still host the RNC, but it will be scaled back.
  3. The shows I have been catching up with on Netflix are Castlevania, Dark, 3%, Altered Carbon, The OA, Glitch, Dark Tourist, and many others
  4. I wonder how long it will be before we see more than just the shaft rising?
  5. I have heard Dee Dee Harris wanted to create the most beautiful Venetian lagoon outside of Venice, right here in Charlotte.
  6. I remember when we were all disappointed by the top of the Vue. it still looks like metal garage doors on top of the building during the day....
  7. About 10 or so years ago I remember seeing conceptual renderings of a building on top of the spiral part of the parking deck. I remember thinking at the time it would be so cool to see something like that for real.
  8. O'hare's 'L' station is a little bit of a hike to the terminal. The station is underground and you have to walk through the subterranean tunnels to get into the terminal. It's not bad if you're a fast walker, but if you don't walk fast or are ellderly, the distance might be a problem.
  9. Last heard there was a floor increase, but no height increase.
  10. Does anyone know why the jukebox building hasn't been lot up for some time?
  11. I remember Chilly Willy. he was thrown out of the Kinko's I was working at for using a racial slur at the assistant manager. He was drunk lol
  12. Charlotte doesn't like shades of grey. She likes shades of blue ....or beige.
  13. What do you mean?
  14. My only complaint is the parking deck screening isn't really a screen lol
  15. norm21499


    I remember the mayor of Pineville also didn't want the light rail because one of the requirements for it was for the town to start zoning high density around any light rail stations. They felt they would have been forced to do that.
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