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  1. Short answer is no. I think the city is already at the sales tax cap. When the Republicans took over the state legislature in 2010, they passed a law that caps how much sales tax local municipalities can charge.
  2. I'll admit this building doesn't fit what I prefer to see in architecture, but I appreciate that it is unique none the less, and it's cbetyer than anything that Levine would do LOL
  3. Charlotte is in a transition of being a medium sized/regional powerhouse into a major/national city. IMO, it is somewhere between medium and major. I think it is important to note that cities like NYC and LA are not major cities, they are globally important cities, which Charlotte will never be on par with.
  4. Speculation on when another tower will be built at LU?
  5. I wonder what lighting scheme this building will have at night
  6. Then Truist Man will appear from the night sky fighting crime and all. Our own vigilante!
  7. I remember when this development was rumored to contain a lot of retail, which never materialized. Hopefully retail will be added at some point.
  8. When do you guys think that the Gold District will see some high-rise action?
  9. if a tower is built here, I would imagine fees would need to be paid to the city for additional height?
  10. Maybe our ancestors knew each other. One of my family tree branches came to America on the second Mayflower and those relatives helped to found Beacon Hill in what is now Boston. It's fascinating if what I found is true. Sorry to go off topic.
  11. Texas seems to be landing a lot of the HQ's out if California. Hopefully NC can get in in the action.....
  12. Floating letters without the backing would be a HUGE improvement. I think they went with the backing color they did to try to match the color of the building.
  13. Holy flying f*ck Batman, this looks terrible! It would have looked much better if the letters were cut out instead of having that ugly backing on them, and their size is just waaaay too big. the lighting scheme as night is gorgeous, but they really f*cked up the logo on the building.....
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