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  1. The NC State Government changed the laws regarding reimbursing production companies that film in the area. I think they were originally reimbursed up to 25% or so? I could be wrong. NC, especially the Wilmington area, had a lot of tv shows filmed. The new laws that passed capped the statewide reimbursement for filming to just a few million dollars I think, which filming easily eats up. The film industry dried up and left. Moved to other states that had better incentives.
  2. This would not have a stop. Isn't any where near the path of the Silver Line...
  3. I am all kinds of confused on who might be moving here lol
  4. Yea, I think the article is just a bunch of BS lol
  5. According to this article, Charlotte has the 4th worst transportation in the country. Who has the best? Apparently Seattle lol https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/transportation-infrastructure-usa-190648796.html
  6. A Grindr date asking you to park on the street in Uptown during rush hour is the worst LOL!
  7. Yup, the blasting definitely makes it take a while. I forget how long it took to blast the hole for DEC2. It felt like 2 years though.
  8. I thought that the city had rezoned the land around transit station on the south portion of the light rail years ago, or did the city neglect to do that?
  9. Carowinds is most definitely highly dependent on high schoolers. i worked there though my years in high school. This time of year Carowinds is stretched for staff members because they not only need staff for during the day for Carowinds, but also at night for Scarowinds. They rely on temps to help during this time of year, but of course the temps aren't as good or as efficient. This time of year isn't necessarily the best time to go. I think the best time to go is in the Spring.
  10. Someone is definitely reading these posts, ause it seems like not long after we started complaining about the lane being closed for years, work started to progress to reopen it
  11. I can't wait until the finish the top of this building. Tired of this thing being topless
  12. I totally trust A2. I have been here long enough to know his predictions for our last recession came true.
  13. Thank you guys so much! :-)
  14. Does anyone have a new aerial from the same angle by chance?
  15. The NCDOT needs to change how roads are built. The state owns a ton of roads and they greatly favor cars over pedestrians.
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