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  1. My question is, why offer them a short term lease and offer others a long term lease?
  2. 4 more floors to go until this thing is topped out?
  3. You might be skeptical, but there a number of reasons why Charlotte has a "Wedge" and a "Crescent". This issue will hopefully be one of many to help remedy this.
  4. Braxton may have the wrong approach, but it is in fact a privilege to own a SFH. Many of the intown neighborhoods were built upon racism due to deed restrictions and red lining. These same neighborhoods are of course popular and are priced above what many people of color can afford. Even if racism isn't a factor, SFH neighborhoods do support classism (the separation of social/income classes). None of these are good for our society.
  5. I think Charlotte technically had 0.30"of snow. That's still nothing though!
  6. Although this is a high quality project, I'm disappointed that the height and that one corner of the building were engineered out.
  7. Hopefully within then next few years the Lowe's tower won't look so alone over there.
  8. I am hoping that more development like this will be built on the East side of South Blvd.
  9. Outside of Clayton's Save Hall House, I don't think there is anyone truly lobbying the city to stop th demolition of this building
  10. I am glad that Dole is here, even if it isn't a true HQ. It's a much better situation than we had with Chiquita who fished around for money and then didn't even stay.
  11. The Milken article sure seemed to focus on Charlotte's slower high-tech growth compared to other cities, which of course Raleigh has always done better at. The article also gave Charlotte promising long-term prospects once Covid is over. the summary that I took away was, Charlotte isn't fairing as well as other cities during covid with job prospects, but should will be gearing up for growth again after.
  12. A new ordinance is definitely needed. Too bad it can't be retroactive.....
  13. What was the recent amendment to skyline signage?
  14. At least Honeywell is being up front about what their signage will look like * cough cough *
  15. Charlotte will never have a street like what you are looking for, at least not in Uptown.
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