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  1. Luckily the block button is my friend. Prevents debates I don't want to have :-)
  2. I agree, I am disappointed with the Eastland redevelopment plan.
  3. Has there been any impact to Texas economic growth? I haven't heard about any companies in Texas making a stand in the national news.
  4. I am not against toll lanes, but I am again Cintra building and managing tolls on 77 South of Uptown. One free lane in each direction should be added, or space saved for possibly heavy commuter rail along the interstate.
  5. No timeline yet on when the hotel might begin construction? I have hope for this one since Moxy is back on track.
  6. I've been seeing the title Sr Manager more often now, rather than VP
  7. That's condemned, privately owned low income housing that's few people still live in. It's been in redevelopment hell for a while now because of funding/approval issues if I remember correctly. This neighborhood has been discussed before. The name of the area is escaping me at the moment..... I'm getting old.
  8. Once Brooklyn/Second Ward starts to develop along with the new medical school, I think this area will feel much more integrated together. The city already did some renovations to McDowell under 277 to enhance the pedestrian experience between Uptown and Dilworth/Midtown. We just need the development to spring up now.
  9. Hopefully they can keep it alive! It's something I've grown to really like and I want to see it thrive.
  10. Probably for the best. Wasn't the fountain under the clock having a lot of plumbing or leaking problems? I remember that area being under construction for what felt like the longest time
  11. Not caring or valuing other's opinions because you disagree with them is....well, not good. Will be interesting to see what the artists come up with.
  12. The Firebird statue is definitely not ugly. Might as well call Chicago's Cloudgate bland. As far the as live oak tree, these trees become more and more beautiful as they grow bigger and age. It's not just "another tree".
  13. Interesting the article said Charlotte is the second largest financial center in the country, not the second largest banking center.
  14. The city has been slowly converting some of the one way streets into two way streets in Uptown. One way streets turn into race tracks unfortunately.
  15. When is this redevelopment supposed to occur?
  16. Hopefully this does start soon. I have a feeling a lot of projects won't start I'd they don't break ground by the end of the year
  17. Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see this rise
  18. When is Radius Dilworth going vertical?
  19. This is being built practically in my front yard
  20. I'm glad you have hope, because I sure as hell don't have it.
  21. Because 277 is a state maintained roadway, any removal would require approval at the state level. That's not going to happen as the state is very pro roads.
  22. Unfortunately the highway will not be going anywhere in our lifetimes for than likely.
  23. Hopefully this is true. Tired of Texas getting all of the attention on business relocations.
  24. Throw in SpongeBob and Squidward and you can start to call it Bikini Bottom!
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