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  1. In a few minutes, I'll be listening to Bloc Party in my car. Later, I'll be listening to whatever Pandora serves up for me.
  2. I've briefly checked out their store in Ann Arbor. (get it... briefly... ha ha) I need to enter that contest!
  3. Shock of shocks... I'm going to post a few that aren't blurry!!! This juxtaposition of McKay Tower in the background and part of the new art museum under construction in the foreground caught my eye.
  4. I've seen deer within the city limits of Grand Rapids before. And I see them every week out here in Caledonia where I work.
  5. I'm going to the Griffins playoff hockey game on Saturday night at the VAA. It's at 7. Any cool events going on downtown before or after the game to check out?
  6. Hey... there's a King Crimson flyer on that kiosk... where in town are they playing The best looking concert I can find tonight is the Hillbilly Nightmare at Jukes.
  7. Greeeat... now we'll have FEMA all up our $%@*
  8. post # 300... WOO-HOO!!! Get me outta here... I'm a celebrity!
  9. ahhh... the corner of Monroe and Monroe... only in Grand Rapids
  10. coming soon to a theater near you... "Attack of the Killer Umbrellas"
  11. Cha-ching! It is indeed Valley City Linen. 10 Diamond SE. Corner of Fulton and Diamond. 142 bonus points will be polished and placed on a velvet pillow and then delivered to your residence shortly.
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