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  1. I work downtown, but live in Holland. I was excited about GR getting a BRT line, even though I'd probably never use it. But I have to say, I don't think the line was sold very well at all. I read the materials from ITP, I follow Friends of Transit on Twitter, I've driven the corridor in question and I've seen first-hand in Chicago how public transit can improve development in a community. I also watched the Cleveland video! I thought the messaging for development was completely understated. I don't know who said it previously, but if a group of developers had been interviewed for the commercials explaining how rapid transit could bring their projects to Division, or if there was greater explanation of how people could use it, ie. Park & Ride, or specifically listed its convenience to multiple destinations (which is Cleveland BRT's selling point), I think you probably could've sold more people. And I never saw anything about the Salvation Army's Kroc Center which is being built at Division/Alger. Look at the SilverLine website. Everything is written in generic terms. Even the result in development--all abstract percentages. More specificity and you would've pulled more votes. Even the Cleveland video was short on specifics and weak on messaging. There was construction on the video, but what was the construction? Who was building it? Where were the testimonials from Cleveland developers? It also didn't help that The Silver Line was perceived as going nowhere. It went from downtown to.... 60th? (meh). Rapid Transit planners need to think about anchor destinations. Look at Chicago. The northwest stretch of the Blue Line is the second most popular L line. It is anchored by downtown and O'Hare Airport. The Red Line (arguably the most heavily used route in the CTA) is anchored by Evanston/Northwestern University and downtown. It also serves both baseball stadiums and Soldier Field in between. The Green line serves IIT, and UofC. Specific destinations! There's a trend here. Anchor the Silver line on BOTH ends. Showcase the destinations. Talk candidly with developers. Give people specifics to vote for, and they'll support your cause. Hope this helps. (BTW, a BRT line btw Holland and GR would be golden. I can't handle carpooling--forced to talk to people--but create regular, consistent bus service, and I'll be all over it)
  2. You are absolutely wrong about this. I've worked with numerous, internationally renowned artists and dozens of art journalists, and ALL of them are unequivocally impressed with Grand Rapids and our open embrace of art--more specifically public sculpture. What I've found most satisfying is to hear the shock and amazement that these people, who hail from NYC, Seattle, London and Paris, have when they see the flowing prominence of La Grande Vitesse, set against the lines of the City and County buildings--AND THEN their remarks when they realize that our city flag and the logo used on all of our city vehicles (even the garbage trucks) include this beautiful sculpture. They see it and immediately know that Grand Rapids is a city that defines itself by it's public art. If this IS an art competition, I say bring it. But bring it AWESOME, not like the lame excuse for a social network that Spout has become.
  3. Water wall was working last year. They just kept it and the reflecting pool drained for the winter. Something about water freezing (or something).
  4. D'OH! Still, i'm glad it's mentioned.
  5. I'm shocked nobody mentioned the annoucement last week, that GRAM officially earned Gold LEED status by the US Green Building Council--the first art museum in the world to be completely constructed to the organization's green standards. Grand Rapids Art Museum: Gold for Being Green
  6. Mergers mean consolidated routes, which means fewer flights and therefore less selection on departure times and less competition on prices. This has the potential to go from bad to worse. Although, we will all have a $25,000 parking spot to park our cars for the non-existant flights.
  7. Finally, a new Art Museum website, www.gramonline.org Flash... yummy.
  8. Got an early look at the GRAM Member Newsletter. Kulapat Yantrasat (sp?), architect of the new GRAM, is going to speak next Friday, November 9 at 5:30. Lecture is focused on GRAM and building LEED (obvs), and includes a Q&A. natch. I know I have a couple questions that I can't wait to ask.
  9. I was in the offices at GRAM last week (got an early tour, natch) and there are recycling bins everywhere, probably have been there since they moved offices from the old building. I don't get it. Seems like more than a coincidence that the Press has been sitting on this for weeks but then waits to write about it on opening day. Sounds they're trying to purposefully damage their reputation.
  10. Chicago has great neighborhood parks all over the city that are constantly used for recreation. But the loop, and N. Michigan's density is compensated by the enormous front yards called Grant Park, MMPark and Lincoln Park.
  11. Well, they did change the name and focus of the building to the Lemmon-Holton Care of Giant-People Pavilion. What, you guys didn't hear about that? It was all over the fake news.
  12. Totally!! Why fly all the way out to Vegas when you can just go to DT GR. Because everyone knows the only place to gamble is Vegas. Well, and Detroit, that is... ...and um Mt. Pleasant, Michigan City, East Chicago and Hammond. Oh yeah, and soon Wayland! Hmm... maybe a downtown casino would distinguish GR from every other region in the country. </sarcasm>
  13. Man, should've been here three years ago when we had a major ice jam on the river. The ice came within 2 or 3 feet of the arches on the Pearl Ave. bridge. Totally awesome.
  14. There are people in the scientific community who would rather see all dollars go to funding research rather than to the aesthetics of their workplace. I've heard several people say about the VAI Chihuly, for example, "do you know how much research that would buy?" Yes, yes I do. But I also know that appearance is a huge part of the fundraising process.
  15. Agreed. As long as parking downtown remains as cheap as it is today people are still going to drive cars downtown. The key issue is getting people to leave their cars parked and trust a streetcar to take them to where they want to go in the downtown area. Also, the streetcar needs to be faster than it would be to walk to your destination. Example: DeVos Place to Van Andel Arena, AGP to GRCivic, etc.
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