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  1. BarGal

    Detroit Off Topic

    BuildingsofDetroit has some photos in his Flickr album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/snweb/231480851/ I asked him if he knew what was going on with it, and he said one of the work crew told him they were turning it into a "parlor". (???) So, we'll see what becomes of it.
  2. Shiny new pavement on the nearly completed road construction work on "The Mixing Bowl" in Southfield, Michigan. This area is the I-696, M-10 Lodge and Northwestern Highway interchange. I read in news articles that this area has an average traffic count of over 400,000 vehicles per day. Needless to say there are a lot of happy people now that it's near completion.
  3. BarGal

    Detroit Off Topic

    If the weather's nice there's the Heidelberg Project.
  4. Hi, Hudkina: Your photos aren't showing for me. I tried copying and pasting the photo web address from the picture properties, but that doesn't work either.
  5. They have several glass elevators. I used to ride them a couple of times a day when I worked there.
  6. I found this online radio station that's customizable: Pandora It's cool and kinda fun actually
  7. BarGal

    Detroit Off Topic

    My company had a meeting one time at the Gem and Century Theatres a few years back. We got a tour and saw a film on how they moved it. They have a video about the move here: Gem & Century Theatre Web Site
  8. It kinda looks like the the two people on the left with their heads bent downward are praying...must be why the Tigers are doing so well this year...they got some help on their side.
  9. Beautiful colors and textures, great picture!
  10. I'm listening to the beautiful hum of my computer.....it was gone for 2 weeks being repaired.
  11. Zissou your photo above^ here reminds me of the movie "Ghostbusters"...I'm expecting the Sta-Puf marshmallow man to be in the background.
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