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  1. Great shot, wolverine! This really shows what the aluminum facade did to most (all?) of the buildings downtown. I'd much rather see the damaged brick than that ugly aluminum. I'm sure the building owner will eventually fix the front up if Connor O'Neil's management has any say in it. They pack 'em in there! - BR
  2. Believe it or not, only 10 or 15 years ago, most of the buildings you see here on wolverine's Main street photo were covered with Aluminum facing. The buildings are at least 100 years old and were covered in aluminum in the 50's and 60's (preferred deco at the time?). One by one over the years the facing has come down and the beautiful brickwork has come back to life. I believe there are only 2 or 3 buildings left with the old aluminum facing. The first brick building on the left side of the street had the aluminum facing torn down just last summer. The building was totally gutted and refurbished into two stores and lofts upstairs. This really is a beautiful street, as is Washington. - BR
  3. No, Allan, it's not your timing. This store has NOT been open since I've have been down here, and that is over a year and a half! I have a splendid view of that store from my window here. The "Going Out of Business" sign needs to go....
  4. I'm heading out today, camera in hand, to enjoy the sunshine and Downtown in general. It's been too gray for too long!!!
  5. They can always dock two cruise ships in the frozen Detroit River and use them for hotel rooms like Jacksonville did this weekend. I find it utterly amazing how this city can not make progress related to new hotels anymore. All promises and no action/results. Sad..... BTW - How's the new police headquarters coming along? **sigh** - BR
  6. Anytime you need someone to fill in for you, just drop me an PM/email. I always have photos to share. I just need your permission first since this is your classic thread. Cheers and get some sleep! - BR
  7. I hate it when Allan forgets to post the next photo of the day....... Come on, Allan! I need my fix!!! - BR
  8. Late January sunset in Washtenaw County, Michigan.
  9. Hey! Is that the Mayor's Cherry Red Lincoln Navigator in front of the Ramada Inn?
  10. Now I feel really silly........ Next time I will be sure to read the text more carefully and get the names right. You do have to admit, they look alike. I'll have to dig up my old photos of St. Mary's for comparison. - BR
  11. I always chuckle to myself when I see this historic church and realize that this catholic chruch, established by the German community - now mostly hispanic, is sitting in the heart of...... GREEKTOWN! It truly is beautiful both on the outside and inside. - BR
  12. Here is a photo I took this past summer of the same building. I have no idea what the significance of the gold treasure box is, but if you look closely at Alan's picture you will see that they are all over the building. Also note the different times on the clocks. Funny..... - BR
  13. Not sure if anyone noticed this, but just above the "Beauty Supply" sign in Allan's photo below, you can see the stains and dirt residue from the old Saunders sign that used to proudly greet everyone on Woodward Ave. There was no excuse for going downtown to shop and NOT stoping in for a Saunder's ice cream float or hot fundge sunday. We lost more than just a beauty supply store when this building went down....
  14. Is it me, or does the building on the left side appear to be an inch or so over the property line? Hmmmm.......? Nice pic!
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