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    Ann Arbor Off-Topic

    I've always been a fan of ZA'S...good price for a quick italian fix. I just went to Sudaka a few weeks ago with my friends, pretty good sushi. Ann Arbor in the fall is great, main street is bustling and theres a good crowd mixture. I went to Rush Street and there were 21 year olds of all races as well as older adults all just chilling. The only thing it was like 12 dollars for a drink haha. I haven't been to Charley's but that place looks pretty cool. It sucks that Oz got closed down, that was a really nice club/lounge. I did not not know how crazy the UM football culture was but it was 1 am and there were still people chanting Hart-attack and walking in groups happy over the win against penn state. It'll be great when the wolverines come to Spartan country, and even better if MSU wins!
  2. JazperG

    Lansing Off Topic

    downtown lansing is awesome but everyone is usuaully in the bars or clubs, or studying late nite at cooley, not too much foot traffic, but east lansing is awesome, downtown east lansing and cedar village r pretty dense areas. if u seen tha plans for downtown, the west area, and cedar village, u can start to compare the massive changes that are bout to occur for the next 20 years.
  3. JazperG

    Ann Arbor Off-Topic

    Yeah Wolverine, I've noticed that too, every party i went to welcome week was broken up as well. What is going on, are they trying to get more strict this year?
  4. JazperG

    Lansing Off Topic

    Has anyone else noticed how vibrant downtown East Lansing has been for the past 3 weeks? The foot traffic and new developments have really added a lot of life to the area. Hopefully more future developments that are planned will increase this.