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  1. Welcome to UrbanPlanet Tallahassee

    I miss this site and the good old days....
  2. Tallahassee Regional Airport

    To afford a direct flight to West Palm or Orlando, I would have to sale one of my Kidneys on the black-market. Flying to Orlando from Tallahassee has always been kinda strange IMHO. The time it would take me to get to Tallahassee Airport, wait in line, wait for the plane, take off, arrive in Orlando, get off plane, get luggage, get taxi, arrive at hotel. I could just drive straight from Tallahassee to Orlando and directly to my destination in a shorter amount of time. But I am sure there are odd circumstances that would call for the direct flight, so for those I am thankful we have them now. :-)
  3. Malls

    How totally AWSOME is the Tallahassee Mall! I can NOW watch a movie at AMC, play a little Dungeon and Dragons at the Magic shop sign up for the Army across they way, get me some fancy Dreads for my bald head and get my self an awesome Tattoo for the "USMC" right next door all in one wing of the mall! And parents, be sure to drop off your kids and leave them by them selves there, they will come back with all kinds of new stuff to show and tell you! .... and I cant even get one lousy appliance store!
  4. THis is a good person to know :-)

  5. Malls

    The new Stone Age store (were The Gap used to be) is awesome. I know a lot of their things is the same, but you tend to see much more of it when it is spread out and not cramped in a small space. I was impressed.
  6. Malls

    That is all gossip. The AMC has a binding contract that is good for like 5 years or something. This has already been settled a month or so ago by Feldman's.. I believe it was said that a RAVE theater was going up at Falls Chase.
  7. Malls

    I have a theory. I think that the mall is letting some of these stores close on purpose. Simply because when more stores are closed it will make it easier for the mall to re-build and remodel. Not havin gto ask the store to close down temporally. Yeah it may sound odd, but I know of several malls that were ghost stores and then all the sudden millions of $$$ were invested into it and get rebuilt and alot of the stores return for business. Ive seen Pompano Mall and west palm beach mall in South Florida do this a few years ago. Now those malls are booming with business! So I will wait and see.
  8. "Evening Rose"

    I drove by Evening Rose today to check out some of the Commercial buildings. Looks like they are finally starting to erect some I-Beams for a few of the buildings. I think the reason for this project to start off so slowly was because they had to do a tremendous amount of land work before they could start to erect any thing. I suspect this project to start moving ahead a little quicker now.
  9. TallySheet

    I saw this toady on WTXL ABC 27 Tallahassee website: "Tallahassee residents now have a new tool to keep up with the city's growth. Urban is a new website that tracks the city's economic development. When major projects come to town you'll no longer have to wait to see where they'll be or what they'll look like. There are currently 50 projects detailed on the website." I tried to stay out of this discussion but when I read this comment I got a little perturbed. Excuse my ignorance but I thought that Tallahassee had Urban Planet to-go-to to see what Major projects will be or what they looked like!? IMHO this statement here shows that Urban Tallahassee will compete with UP. Plus TJ even has this on his front page. I mean come on!
  10. Malls

    At first I wasn't crazy about the layout of the mall, but after looking at it again, it is starting to grow on me. It seems to have the best of both worlds in being about to park and go straight to your store or have the option of walking around and shopping and not have to trek across the parking lot. If that makes any sense. :-)
  11. Malls

    That would be insane if this were the case. Tallahassee Mall would explode! with business. Folks would come from Gerogia and from abroad to vist. I am not getting my hopes up, but remember when I said that I saw a Bass Pro shop vehicle park-outside and I think Poonther even mentioned something about it as well here while back?
  12. Malls

    I love Lifestyle centers, it makes me feel like I am actually out-side and getting "out" maybe because I work in an office all day. When I am in an indoor shopping mall I feel like I am stepping back in time to go shopping it feels so old school. Maybe its because I am from South Florida and the Outdoor Shopping malls were so nice. I am glad that Tallahassee is FINALLY catching up with times and getting some new shopping experiences under its belt.
  13. "Evening Rose"

    Good answer. I believe that the saving should be passed down to the buyer, but right now these type of homes are a "new" concept so there may be a high mark up value until we start to see more of these in new developments making them more common. I agree with poonther in that the name could be changed to something more appealing.
  14. "Evening Rose"

    I was just wondering....Now that you know the home is 1,100 sq ft and has a solid build to it with all the "bells and whistles" what do you think about the homes worth now? Or what do you think it should be worth? I am only curious... not trying to start a debate about the "little house that could". :-)
  15. "Evening Rose"

    Actually you kinda read my mind. I initinally had something about South Wood in my post but I deleted it because I know that it is a sour subject at the moment that I don't know much about and wasn't about to touch. I believe (hoping) that K2UC has a better marketing strategy than St Joe and will hopefully learn from their mistakes. I was actually thinking about looking into SW but kinda changed my mind atm until its more clear the direction and vision St. Joe has and taking it. I go out there a few times a month because the Wachovia (Walk-all-over-ya) is open on Saturdays and Sundays and it give me a good excuse to ride my bike out there, but I always check Town Center to see if anything new is developing, sadly its seems to be getting worse.