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  1. I know everyone hates parking, but speaking as someone who has a business in that area and has employees parking in that lot, I don't know where we, or anyone else currently using that lot is going to park once this gets going. The Ellis lot on Grandville across from 44 Grandville has no additional monthly parking available. I don't know status on the other lots in the area, but I imagine they are pretty full as well. 250 spaces is likely not enough for Miller Johnson alone considering their attorneys and staff will all need to park and they also need convenient parking for clients who visit their offices.
  2. BigPlayJ

    penninsular club renovation

    The Pen Club was far from an elitist club. Anyone could be a member if they had a member sponsor them and paid their dues. In some ways it is a shame that it is closing (it will close, by the way -- there is no way they can get 300 new members in a month). I was a member there for several years and the service they provided was impeccable -- head and shoulders above that of most restaurants downtown. It's just a different time now. People don't have two or three drinks over a 2 hour lunch. They don't have a big steak for lunch. They exercise at lunch or eat a sandwich at their desks. There are also so many restaurants downtown now with good food that if you do want to go out for a more elaborate lunch or dinner downtown you have many, many options. I do think MVP will survive just fine. It is owned separately from the Club and their membership dues are still pretty reasonable. I suspect they will probably work out some arrangement to keep the Pen Club members as MVP members. RIP Pen Club. We will miss you, but not too much.
  3. Thanks GRDad. Grainy, but good! Will that be precast, or structural steel (post tensioning cables, etc.)???
  4. Can you post a rendering? I did not see one on the GRBJ website.
  5. Anyone know anything about the City's plans to put a parking structure of some sort on the two surface lots between Division and Commerce? I believe the lot that fronts on Division is 45 Division and the lot that fronts on Commerce is between 38 Commerce and 62 Commerce. The city does not appear to own either lot.