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  1. Speaking of ArtPrize are there any open pre-parties other than the one I list/link below?

    Art Prize Pre-Party at The Factory

    Sep 15th, 7pm-9pm

    (please RSVP)


    Suydam- Here are some of the other parties and events (got this from the ArtPrize website; there are more listed there, too):

    Thursday, September 23

    Westside Neighborhood Party

    8 – 10:30pm


    Corner of Seward Ave and 5th St


    Westside residents and ArtPrize fans are invited to gather together for a night at the movies... in an untraditional way. Bring your chair and blanket and escape to mid-1950’s Manhattan for a special outdoor screening of West Side Story. The concessions are on the house! Brought to you by Celebration! Cinema.

    Friday, September 24

    Hillside Neighborhood Party

    5 – 7pm


    Gay Ave, between Washington and Fulton

    Grand Rapids, MI


    This neighborhood street party will spotlight the talent of Grand Rapids' theatre district for a beer-tasting happy hour with some of Michigan’s best-loved brews. ArtPrize is all about exploration and conversation, and so is this unique event! Brought to you by Founders Brewing Company.

    Saturday, September 25

    Center City Neighborhood Party/ArtPrize Concert: SURFER BLOOD Series

    7 – 10pm


    Rosa Parks Circle

    Corner of Monroe Ave and Monroe Center

    Grand Rapids, MI


    Center City will be bustling with art fans and music lovers alike for the first of three concerts during ArtPrize 2010.

    Headlining: SURFER BLOOD

    Taking the stage will be Surfer Blood, an indie-rock band from West Palm Beach, Florida, who released their debut album in early 2010 to favorable reviews.

    Brought to you by Stella Artois.

    Monday, September 27

    Monroe North Belknap Neighborhood Party

    8 – 10pm


    Cambridge House

    600 Monroe Ave NW

    Grand Rapids, MI


    It’s game night! Artists and public are invited to square off in competition while enjoying snacks and draft specials. Come on over after an evening of enjoying the venues in the Monroe North/Belknap area. Brought to you by Cambridge House.

    Thursday, September 30

    Westside Neighborhood Day

    All Day




    Westside Neighborhood Day is a day for local businesses, associations, communities, and ArtPrize venues to draw ArtPrize participants to the Westside through events, programming, specials, and more. What to do? It’s up to you!

    Friday October 1

    Hillside Neighborhood Day

    All Day




    Hillside Neighborhood Day is a day for local businesses, associations, communities, and ArtPrize venues to draw ArtPrize participants to the Hillside through events, programming, specials, and more. What to do? It’s up to you!

  2. Then you could forget just about any public infrastructure systems. How do you think most roads, and sometimes fixed rail transit systems, get built? For one example, the Interstate system, if there was one at all, would be in bits and pieces if public agencies couldn't use eminent domain to obtain needed land. And many of the National Parks wouldn't exist or would be much smaller or cut up into chunks without eminent domain. Public projects with huge benefits to the public (and to the environment and the economy, not to mention the general well-being of a community or the entire country) would be at the mercy of a few property owners who for personal reasons, many of them very self-centered and short-sighted, wouldn't sell willingly.

    Also, under the federal Uniform Relocation Assistance, no one is going to get "ripped off". There are many protections and guarantees for property owners and once they become familiar with the provisions of the law, they are more than willing to sell/move - and that's the preference of the public agencies, I can assure you!

    While I appreciate your opinion, if I was told that I had to sell my property even if I did not want to, then I would consider that getting "ripped off" to put it in your terms.

    In this situation, Devries was willing to discuss selling the property to GVSU; it is just that GVSU did not like the terms that were presented and therefore is going to just take the land. Again, the right of a property owner is to own their land. It should not be so easy to just take it from them. Otherwise, what is the point of owning it in the first place?!

    I don't like it any more than anyone else that we have landlords on the west side by GVSU who leave their rental properties in near-ruin to save a buck. But it is their property. And just because I don't like it should not matter. Laws to protect the safety and well being of the renters make sense. But how they handle their property ownership is their right.

    Yes, I understand that most public infrastructure systems have happened using eminent domain. But again, I cannot accept that as a reason to take someone's land. If you have lived somewhere for years and now they want to pound out a freeway through your front porch, why should that be allowed?!

    The common good?! The common good should be to protect an American citizen's right and freedom to own property. It should not be to decide that because it is cheaper to take their land to build their road (or a building) that makes it okay. It flies in the face of property rights, IMHO.

    I am all about the idea of progress. Just not at the expense of my rights. And eminent domain continues to scare the heck out of me. We are a smart country; there surely is a better way to do this.

    Again, I appreciate your opinion. I simply don't agree with eminent domain.

  3. On the east wall of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation's new building (the Icehouse building) there is an artist who has, for the last couple of weeks, been performing prep work. I think that it is this guy:


    Being that it will be finished with ..."an exterior UV resistant varnish..." this will be a long lasting piece of the first ArtPrize.

    Cannot wait to see how this one turns out! :thumbsup:

  4. This is a great big deal! How cool is it that lil ol' GR is going to host 1000 artists from around the world and have the chance to interact with many of the artists and talk about their art?!!

    This is turning out to be a bigger event than I would have ever imagined!

    Anyone volunteering? I think that I am going to sign up to help! Sounds like they are going to need every hand available. And, what a great opportunity to promote Grand Rapids and West Michigan!


  5. QUOTE (Yankee Fan @ Jul 23 2009, 10:02 AM)

    I don't know much about this proposal (looks like it has been in the works for a couple of years) but this is pretty cool. I know that there are some who would look at this and think that we should focus on more localized things, first. However, after reading the article, going to this company's website, and learning about what this could do, I really like this.


    I wish someone would stick a fork in this silly idea.

    Why? What makes this idea silly? What is it that I am missing?

  6. I met a pilot for Southwest airlines while camping last week, and he twice suggested the idea that Southwest would be great to have at GRR. He even said he'd like to fly out of GRR (he now "commutes" from Detroit Metro to Midway in Chicago every day). He said they're recently set up shop in similar markets like Milwaukee., and he said they are opening in another similar sized market that he couldn't mention yet.

    Was Southwest one of the airlines that GRR was "shortlisted" for back during that matching exercise a year or so ago?

    So they are going to announce new air service at the Ford; anyone want to spill the beans before woodtv?


  7. I don't know much about this proposal (looks like it has been in the works for a couple of years) but this is pretty cool. I know that there are some who would look at this and think that we should focus on more localized things, first. However, after reading the article, going to this company's website, and learning about what this could do, I really like this.


  8. Just wanted to remind you guys that the Res Life car show is this weekend.

    It is a great time for the kids, too. See below for details.

    ResLife Car Show

    July 19 {sodEmoji.|} Sunday {sodEmoji.|} 5:00 p.m

    Don't miss this 9th Annual ResLife Family Day and Car Show, a fun-filled event for the whole family!


    Hundreds of sweet rides, from classics to custom hotrods and cycles.

    Lots of games for the kids!

    Your favorite summer time concessions!

    Great Food

    There will be plenty of food and refreshments for you and your family, all proceeds will go to support Power House inner city kids ministry.






    5100 Ivanrest Ave SW

    Grandville, MI 49418

    Office (616) 534-4923

  9. I could see with 38 Commerce, but how are they going to do this one without a tower crane? I just don't see how that's going to work.

    Maybe they have uncovered the process that the Egyptians used to build the pyramids... :ph34r:

  10. I've changed my mind since then. GM leaving Detroit, even to come to GR, would be a bad thing.

    I agree. GM relocating their HQ to GR would be a really bad thing.

    However, who is not to say that a company like Fiat would not come and "park" their US headquarters in good ol' West Michigan?! Now wouldn't that shake our state up a little bit?!

  11. I will dive into a couple of things expressed early on in other posts.

    It was said that Division Ave. will be shut down to two lanes at both rushes. This was an overall concern for a lot of people. However it's not correct. Only one lane will be needed per rush. One northbound lane will be closed to traffic in the AM. One southbound lane will be closed to traffic in the PM. The Rapid and Friends of Transit needs to drive this point home.

    Someone made the concern that Division Ave. and the Southland in general is a bad place to make improvements. This is based mostly in perception. One only needs to study the population densities, traffic densities and transit ridership densities in the south corridor to come to a different conclusion. To come to any other conclusion is like saying downtown isn't the major employment center of West Michigan. South Division Ave. is a very stable corridor to build off of.

    Also, the final cost of the project including five years of operating funds is (by my estimation) going to top $48-50M. (see link at bottom for a base cost) This is much lower then what some special interests groups have been touting in mailers. Some groups figure $110M for The Silver Line and others $70M. No ideas howthose numbers were obtained with what public data is available.

    I laud the Silver Line on some non-tangible points. But, I have to be cautious with the ROI figures, the hype and some of the overall bad perception issues that people think BRT will bust. However, with that I think the project has the distinct and important role as trailblazer. The trailblazer while cumbersome and lacking of perfection has a role to play. This project may become a catalyst or spark for new transit elsewhere in the metro area. If this project goes the way it is being touted, it has the potential of being a working model for area voters of what improved transit looks like. Yes the improvements are mediocre, but they are improvements.

    If you want to see improved transit down the road, this is the place to make a stand.

    Thank you for your response. And your point about setting the stage to continue to improve transit throughout West Michigan is a good one and speaks to me.

    With that said, I think that I will end up voting for this. But once this is in process...

    I want to see a continued focus on integrating the various modes of transportation around town. And I have a suggestion for a way to integrate two of our favorites on UP:

    1. The Silver Line goes in. Each station should add a ton of available space for bicycles. Make it nice. Have some lockers, some spots that people can lease and "reserve" on a monthly basis. Don't just slap some "normal" bike racks in there. Make it a little nicer, a little more intimate.

    2. At the same time that we are talking about the Silver Line, we are adding the bike trail along the South Beltline. There is already a bike trail from Byron Center to the Zoo. There are other trails all around West Michigan, but in this case I will talk about the trails in proximety to the Silver Line. Why not create new trail "spurs" that directly link to the stations on the Silver Line? If you live within a mile of the Silver Line, you may bike or walk to a station. If you live farther than that, unfortunately you may be unwilling to ride your bike on a street to get to a station. I am not saying that some won't do this, but why not leverage our existing bike trail infrastructure and link it to the new Silver Line.

    Maybe, to take this just a step further, you add signage on the bike trails, directing you to the nearest Silver Line station?

    My point: Like any venture, you have to drive "traffic" to your doorstep. For people who already use the bike trails, this would be a natural way to extend their use of the trails and the new Silver Line.

    Am I stretching here or is this within the realm of reasonable thought?

  12. Because breaking down numbers into 'per rider' is only for political purposes. People do it to prove a point. For instance, the folks above either do it to rile opposition or support.

    Or, in my case, because I truly do not understand how this is adding up to a good investment. I have no vested interest in this either way as I will not be riding it and I do not live in that area. But I get to vote on it, so I want to know why it makes sense to say yes.

    I like the idea, the theory. Just not ready to say that this is as great of an idea as some are.

    I am sorry Rizzo, but please don't lump me in with people trying to "prove a point." You shouldn't chastize those who are trying to get their arms around this. If it ends up making sense, I will vote yes.

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