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  1. Another Eric's San José would be nice to see.
  2. Great Post @carolinagarnet With regard to the pool at Greenview, I think it is worth the money. This is a densely populated undeserved area (29203), that does not have access to pools nearby. There are 3 public schools in the neighborhood and one private. Many of the children in that area dont have access to transportation to get downtown to drew, or to ymca's in more distant areas. As a child I went the Greenview pool, and it was heavily used for recreation and education, making the money spent worth while. It would be a shame to see the city further divest in this area of need.
  3. thats pretty darn fugly!
  4. they should build a garage behind the building Parking there is already sparse.
  5. All this Macys talk makes me miss Rich's
  6. Sounds good. They just opened one of those in Mt. Pleasant
  7. 850 new residents is amazing for main street. it should bring in a number of new businesses to cater to them, albeit student driven
  8. Could it be this http://stoneyriver.com/#&panel1-1 I recall seeing it on the RHOA
  9. By modern columns I meant: Not that thing from duval county. Thats not modern imo. And I'm kind of over the giant glass box, like that in the Ohio photo. Just my little opinion though.
  10. The property itself. It has such potential.
  11. I'm excited to hear this. I've been thinking recently that a new court house is needed. I hope that the architecture is different and visually appealing...maybe even grand Something modern but with a column feature. *starts sketching*
  12. Great photos! Assembly looks crazy wide in that last photo. Narrowing will make the area look more appealing for sure.
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