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  1. Maybe that will convince them to get rid of it or build a new one!
  2. Eh...needs flowers! And maybe have Gallery 701 Painted on the Side
  3. I really have to commend him on that adaptive re-use . I always drew a blank when I saw it. I had nothing for it, Other than a store under there...but I like this idea alot better.
  4. I thought they had started constuction on the new Greek Temple, but while downtown a few days ago, I saw no activity nor could I find a bare location where it would be built. does anyone have any up dates on this project?
  5. Great Pic! I think it would be nice if the modeled the one on the right after the one on the left, which definately looks better!
  6. Great Pics ....I'm glad some of the area has burried power lines, however the city really needs to work on getting the entire downtown area up to date!
  7. Him owning them says to me that he probably has plenty to enjoy life with. Those are probably to support his legacy.
  8. The atmosphere of this restaurant was definitely what I expected. It had an heir of destination city luxury, as did the newly renovated hotel. The hotel itself has truly been transformed from what it was at the end of its tenure as a Sheraton to a Hotel to rival some of the best in the area. White table cloth, descent wine menu, great layout for privacy or large groups added to the flare of this new hot spot. For the starter I enjoyed a cup of the Italian and vegetable soup (soup of the day). It truly was a great blend of flavor. It was great. The only thing my greedy soul want
  9. Last night I visited Columbo's at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center
  10. I saw that mess going on...I think that truly was distasteful. Old men waving confederate flags, all while the dem. party debates were taking place in the area. Can you put a rush on that time machine?
  11. While I am by far not a thug, or gang member, I am slightly offended by some of your comments. And while I am aware that this is SIMPLY your opinion, I think that is a bit extreme. The fact that it was a Sunday afternoon I feel relates to the number of people that you found inhabititing Columbia Place. This is still the south. For many Sunday is a time for worship and family interaction. If it is more people you wish to see try a Friday or Saturday. In my rescent visits I have found the mall to have a rather large number of shoppers. Clearly if there was a problem getting patron
  12. Please excuse my ignorance , but what are "white elephants?"
  13. Yeah that CVS is giong to be like a hot mess when compared to the Walgreens
  14. I guess this is where this should be posted... In searching the net yesterday and came accoss SouthernLivingVacations.com and it listed two growing neighborhoods in the Columbia area, Wren Creek and Woodcreek Farms. I just thought it was nice to see something about Columbia listed with the other southern states. Also on the site I saw advertisement/details for EdVenture. I think that this is great publicity for our area, which will hopefully bring in more tourism , and maybe more relocations to the area.
  15. I think I remember seeing a sign that stated Coach and maybe BeBe will open on April 16th or something like that.
  16. Yeah that would be nice..."Kick push, kick push, kick push, kick push...COAST!" And I am quite fond of Gym Class Heros..."Take a look at myyyy girlfriend .....Lada-da-da!
  17. I think its that our city is so beautiful and its growing so much that people get entranced by all thats going on ... as a result they take their eyes off the road, or just loose focus and their you have it, another accident!
  18. I was reading about that development somewhere yesterday. I can't remember if it was Southern Living or somewhere else...I'll see If I can find where it was. It looks to be interesting there is quite a bit of development in that area and the other areas along I-20 going west from the River. While this isn't the city are, to my knowledge, I feel that it will prove promissing for the entire area.
  19. Thats great to hear. It would be nice if that could impliment the old kennys auto sign in to the work ...maybe thats just because I love the name Kenny ...for some reason or another. Now I am fond of Yesterday's and its decrative exterior, but I think they should have tried to make a deal with the Kenny's auto developer. The entire block could have been filled with a 6 floor building (i wish it were more like 10 floors), and they could have just requested the bottom two floors of that building in their area to make the place even better. Imagine Yesterday's, bigger, with a bett
  20. South Carolina ranks 6th for most dangerous states for 2007! Most Dangerous States of 2007
  21. Name: TheCarolinaKing Age: 25 Occupation: Clinical Research Manager Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina (aka Da Metro)! High School:W. J. Keenan H.S. Born: Columbia, South Carolina (aka Da Metro)! Hobbies: Music, Architecture, Cars, Science... Other Cities I've lived in: Tallahassee for College (FAMU) , Charleston (Few Months of School)
  22. Best Pizza: Carrabbas Best Subs: Publix Best Chinese: China Hut 1 (Two Notch and Fontaine) Best Greek: Sammie Delli in 5 points (Best Gyro) Best Steakhouse: Long Horn Best Italian: Diannes on Devine...and Carrabbas Best Mexican: Eric's San Jose (Garners Ferry, by old Woodhill Mall Area) Best Wing Joint: Wild Wings!!! Best Burgers: 5 Guys Best Salads: California Dreaming Best Burrito: eh...don't like those Best Quesadilla: Moes Best Seafood: Captin's Galley (Fairfield Hwy, Fairfield) Best Ice Cream: Marble Slab (Bithday Cake with Sprinkles in a white chocolate and
  23. Does anyone have any prices on those condos?
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