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  1. The Fly and Flashy gets me the attention that allows me to have something to get away with. And if you know what you are doing you don'tahve to worry about getting caught!
  2. Ahh HUSH, the closest thing to a Nice Big City Lounge that Columbia has to offer. It's great. I was actually there last night, one of my friends was doing a vocal set. They allow performers to come in on Tuesday to do their thing. The atmosphere is great and I love the interior color choice! The crowd is usually the professional type, and I'm always surprised at how great the people look. Its truely a great alternative to the loud and SMOKEY bars and clubs that Columbia currently offers. Its no where near as smokey as the Blue Martini. I suggest you put on y
  3. Shopping in Columbia, the basics ...Shopping in Charlotte, higher grade basics ...Shopping in Atlanta, Stuff (not necessarilly expensive) that are popular through out the nation. ..Shopping in Florida, (my personal favorite) the fly and flashy!
  4. i just metioned that view of the skyline from farrow rd over pass of I20 somewhere yesterday. its a beauty, i was saying how a new tallest with a bright top would be a great addition...one like (BoA in Atl/CLT)
  5. I think they can sustain the area, but in my opinion they are virtually invisisble. And honestly the Whitney is not in the area I was considering. I meant more specifically the actual streets and blocks of 5points. Maybe where that chinese restaurant is on harden st...I can see it now, a nice 10 story hotel with restaurants and bars and such on the outer bottom floor. Hey its late, let me dream!
  6. I completely agree on the antiquated change thing. There has go to better way. I too love Georgetown and the shops there. I however imagined lady street being that type of area. there is another area of dc, i cant remember what it is called, but it was full of great restaurants, bars, a few stores, and clubs. They could use a nice hotel in the area ...(I know about that Claussin place) but I meant a national chain.
  7. I guess I'll have to stop by and give it a try ...okay I'm getting hungry now!
  8. What's ironic is I saw the signage for the new sushi spot in the vista today for the first time. is the restaurant owned by the same people and ran by the same management team?
  9. Hey people, I was wondering what is the best sushi restaurants here in Columbia? I usually know most of the great places, but I realize most of my sushi experiences have been out of town. My current favorite is Tsunami in Charleston, and I try to go when I can (nothing like traveling for great food, try the dragon rolls)! But whats the best place here. And by best I mean atmosphere and food! I wish there was a Tsunami here.
  10. I mean in Tallahassee one of the malls has a BCF and it is alive, even though it isnt considered the best mall of the two in that city. But Maybe the fact that they feel the need to have another is a testaments to our growth (numbers only). I dont plan in frequenting the establishment though!
  11. I hope the name is just the name of the project, an that they dont plan on pushing it as a name for the long term. Like it was said the area doesnt need a name. If a name developes let it be one that the visitors deem it to be. If anything the word Vista should be somewhere in there. Lady St. is longer than the few blocks in the Vista, therefor if named should be differentiated!
  12. I like the idea of an opera house/performing arts place onmail. but something architecturally eye catching.
  13. A 120 floor tower with my name on it...LOL! But seriously, a tower higher that 30 floors! with retail and a restaurant on the first 3 floors, and of course a parking garage!
  14. DS that is exactly what I was getting at. The small boutique stores like puma, kenneth cole,...would create the increase in traffic that is needed. The smaller stores will have ample space to fit in and it will instill confidence in visitors to not only shop at the chain stores, but also the locally owned stores sprinkled in between them. I also agree that the vista could use more upscale dining choices. I love Dianne's, but I am fearful that those who don't have any contacts in Columbia may miss out on it because of its location. Restaraunts in the vista are in direct sight and in wa
  15. Well as a born and raised and current Columbian I am for the change.
  16. exactly kraze! there are enough khakis, polos, tie die spots. i dont think that the stores that are already here need to be eliminated, but like 803 said, it really sucks having to drive to atl and clt to get clothes for people like me. young, trendy, labeled!
  17. I think this is some of the close mindedness that has kept Columbia and SC behind in past times. There are numerous locally owned places and plenty of locations for those people to continue their business. What Columbia really lacks is a place where tourist and locals (and open your eyes there are people with money in SC!) can do some contemporary shopping. How many stores with khakis and polos do we need. How many art galleries with various pantings of palmetto trees and games cocks does this town need. I love the locally owned places, but the are not filling up the city. There
  18. A Brooks Brothers would be nice. I think a few "hip" stores are necessary to cater to the tourist and the young population that make up the majority of Columbia. Imagine someone visiting Columbia and realizing that there are actually clubs and bars to go to and they need some contemporary clothes to go out in. Stores like puma, H&M, kenneth cole, nine west, aldo, armani exchange bring in more money becuase the age group that spends the most money is the young population. Also this would be the only place between charlotte and charleston where you can get those contemporary items.
  19. I'm interested to see what stores actually make it to the coridor. I hope some nice popular type store make it there. I know those that cater to the big masses might prefer the more highly populated suburban areas, but something like puma, steve madden, kenneth cole...some of those good ole cheesy name brands.....ooh or some really nice custom tailor type spots. I love granger and owens (i think i spelled that wrong but i hope you know what i was going for)!
  20. Right, back to topic...JCPenny...WWhheewww!
  21. Yeah I agree, but Columbia Mall had a JCrew a long time ago. I wish it would come back. I really love that store.
  22. Ugh ....I personally am anticipating the opening of the COACH store! And yes there are things for men!
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