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  1. The first thing the city should do is eliminate the left turn from north bound Glenwood into the parking deck by pf. changs. Force drivers to go to Creedmoor. The parking deck can not handle enough inbound traffic, and causes major backups. The Creedmoor Rd entrance is much better designed to handle the traffic. This should be minimal cost, and would remove that traffic light.
  2. Nice looking building. I hope that fountain in the courtyard (it looks like a courtyard) is viewable from the street.
  3. How about it follows the NSRR line (if thats the right name). The line on the west side of Capital. Hell, since none of us make a difference, how about we go underground right after the Peace St bridge diving underground and follow right under McDowell St. Take a turn under Nash Square (Which is would provide for a station closer to actual DownTown) and follow W. Martin St. towards the Boylan Wye. Returning to the surface somewhere around Central Prison. I believe subways cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $400Million a mile (who knows, this is probably way off). but we would then have ~1.25 miles of underground track. make this wide enough for Light rail to North Raleigh-Cary and I think it makes sense. Not only do we keep connectivity, we get people where they actually want to go. Is $500Million too much, yea. but what is the impact of dropping people 1/2 mile from DT? What is the cost of closing 6 or more intersections/cross streets? Could we get the price down by using traditional methods? Cut and cover? I bet we could. Economy is in the crapper, nows the time to build!
  4. The last thing Raleigh needs is LESS connectivity. What ever the cost to bury this, it is worth it.
  5. Sorry, I don't agree. Terminal A is embarrassing and should be torn down. Since that is years away, the Airport Authority would be smart to block as much of the terminal from the road as possible.
  6. With vacancy at less than 5%, I would think this area could accept the current schedule, and probably more. Obviously Raleigh could never accept all 4 of those building (plus the others) coming online at once....without some major tenants coming in from somewhere else!
  7. ^^^ Those are pretty exciting. Hopefully they are able to make the twins designed in a way that they are a bit less boxy. None the less, this is fantastic.
  8. ^^ orulz, I like the concept. I don't like that Raleigh is married to using Freight corridors. NCRR has not proven to be a good friend to Mass transit. It is good for the DMU connection to Durham/CH, but for Raleigh, I would like to see something electric.
  9. How about Wake/Raleigh gets some LRT in new alignment from Garner maybe up US70, or a parallel road to Crabtree? with possible extensions further up Creedmoor or Glenwood in the future? Rail excites people. Busses do not.
  10. Why does CH and Durham get clean Light Rail, while Wake County's portion is stuck with DMUs? And how am I going to catch the bus that cruises down 540 towards RTP? This plan should have addressed changing large shopping areas into dense villages and connecting them via rail.
  11. I have no problem with leveling Kidd Hill. What do you, Spatula, want to see in N. Raleigh? If a highrise at crabtree isn't a place to start, lets hear some ideas.
  12. Yes. I misread Jeff's entry.
  13. The last thing the city should do is remove connectivity. Slow the traffic in this area by other means, but I would hate to see access to Capital removed.
  14. It doesn't seem that price matters too much to RDU. Any change to Terminal A should start with it getting torn down.
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