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  1. Gosh with all of these condo's going in, we're going to actually need to get a grocery store downtown (That doesn't mean another co-op ).
  2. Absolutely breathtaking!
  3. The first national building has been my favorite building in A2 for a long time. Good work. I'll try to get my pictures up as soon as I find out where I put them!
  4. Wolverine: First of all, great idea! Next, do you mind if I put up some of my A2 photos on this? I've got some good ones.
  5. wow those are looking great!
  6. The Penobscot building is definatley the building I think of when I think "skyscraper." Beautiful picture! Where did you take it from?
  7. Oh my goodness... I don't know what to say... This is all coming at me so fast...
  8. You're not talking about the broderick are you?
  9. Whoops more then any city in the U.S. My bad... still that's pretty incredible.
  10. More churches then any city in the world wow..... I never knew that. Now we need to get more synagogues operating in Detroit so we can be more diverse. Do you know that there are only two operating synagogues In all of Detroit?! Basically the only major cities that have less are the one's in texas.
  11. Well with what we can tell from the plans for detroit buildings most of the owners (or people who deserve to own it) have hopes of turning their vacant buildings into lofts. I think it's great to hear things like this and a good way to bring people back into the city. Hopefully these plans will go through soon. By the way, what's it like in the New Center area? I've been there a few times, but I usually don't stay very long and end up just checking out the Fisher Building. Is there any hope for New Center expanding and becoming another big buissiness district? Or is it basically set how i
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