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  1. Its goind to take more than a building to become like Atlanta. Mid Town Atlanta is bigger than Nashville, No disrespect to Nashville. I love Nashville, I've been here most of my life but Nashville has a long way to go before it will reach the statis of Atlanta.
  2. Ok, I've seen the older box looking version but from a different angle. I thought that was the older version with the additional 10 stories at the base, thinking they went back to the older design. Why is it that the Tennessean used the older renderings in Yesterdays paper and did'nt use the latest renderings like they did last week?
  3. Man i hope that is'nt the "New Look" Signature Tower because if it is, I dont think that would be a good fit for the skyline of Nashville. Its to d..m bland. Nashville need some lights to bring it out at night and without the spire or whatever you call it at the top, that would take away some of the height. If you have,nt seen the picture, look in todays tennessean, the business section @ the bottom of the page and tell me what you think!!!
  4. If the MDHA approves the SC, this will make the SC THE 21st TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD!!! and the 5th tallest in the U.S. To have something like that in Nashville is amazing. It will be taller than the Chrysler tower by 1ft. I wonder if TG planned it that way?
  5. Welcome Titanhog, Glad you can join us!!! I'm a rookie myself
  6. Great looking buildings. Very unique in structure. I specially like the one that looks like a scale (a ruler) with measurements going down the side
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