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  1. I like. And about super tall buildings downtown, we're not a major city... however, a tall building could be built if Capital One would leave Goochland and built a tower, consolidating the campus into one place... but one can dream...
  2. Cadeho

    Richmond Developments

    Apartments proposed for Fulton Hill.
  3. Cadeho

    Richmond Sports

    / I'm not certain what could be developed around RIR. Who really wants to live there? The traffic is terrible during the races and the noise is unbearable. The neighborhoods around it are poor and the people don't have easy means to escape. Wealthier folks wouldn't want to live there. Then inside RIR, how else could the site be used?
  4. Cadeho

    Richmond Sports We dodged a bullet. I was for us winning this and was sad we didn't, but... now... take that Charlotte!
  5. Cadeho

    Richmond Developments

    I'm certain that several plans left that one open block as green space or a park. I could have sworn we suggested that in 2007 as well...
  6. Cadeho

    Proposed: Echo Harbour

    Those whiney residents would band together to find a way to demolish. I am offended. this particular version of the plan is the best yet after the compromises. Who gets everything their way? Obviously you're not and it is not right to force anything on anyone no matter how much you want it. There will always be a give and take in a city, especially one such as Richmond with its history. Perhaps you do not love Richmond as much as you profess or you would respect its history and learn how to compromise. There are rules and processes when it comes to building anything. You can't plop a 30 story building in a block in the St. John's district. You will not be able to bulldoze the Fan to build big box stores. Respect your fellow Richmonders. Agree to disagree. Work with them to compromise just as the developers did. I think this would be green lit. There will be people against it... people are against all projects. There are things you would be as well given the right circumstances and its effects on you. What people failed to understand is the view is not just the bend. You think all those Richmonders from the past didn't marvel at the whole view? They obviously thought something of it or there would be no park. It'd be a continuation of Main Street as maps have shown with houses riding the hill. They found it special enough to establish two parks which merged into one. Each of our hills had that spot on it that offered PANORAMIC vistas. Gambles Hill Park offered and still does offer although it is private land now, great unobstructed views of the city. Shockoe Hill had Capitol Square before it was walled off by skyscrapers. Union Hill has Jefferson Hill Park which isn't obstructed. Imagine if Cedar Broad was as tall as the Federal Reserve. The skyline view from there would be lost. Taylor's Hill Park offers a limited view. Chimborazo Hill's main view is of Fulton. Powhatan Hill Park on Fulton Hill has a nice westward view. Other cities would kill for what we have and people are so willing to destroy and squander the few treasures we have left. And whatever equivalent those cities have, don't think people oppose certain projects to protect whatever asset they hold dear. On more than one occasion, I have been at Libby Hill Park and spoke with people from out of town. They do come to the park and admire the view as well. Their hosts or someone else nearby may bring up the plan for Echo Harbour and I have heard not one of them say it was a good idea. I've brought my friend from NY and her friend from FL there while showing them the city. I told them of the project and both said it would be a shame. Where both of them lived, one from Long Island and the other from Tampa, the topography does not offer such a view. Why travel to the mountains for a view when we have a nice one overlooking the city? I will never believe in progress for the sake of progress. I have my BA in historic preservation and I strongly believe we can't ignore or destroy parts of the city because of build baby build! You can't save everything, the first thing we're taught, but this is endangered and not too far gone to save. Another reason is of my neighborhood. It would have been a historic district, being one of the first African American suburbs in Richmond if it had not been destroyed by "progress" which actually killed the community and made it one of the poorest census tracts in the state. How about how running the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike through Jackson Ward? What wasn't destroyed by Gilpin was destroyed by the highway which could have followed a path through the valley. The neighborhood was ripped into two and went into decline. It's taken about 60 years for things to turn around. Everything you do has consequences including cities and how they build. But more importantly, don't insult people who have opposing views. There are multiple reasons for any opposition than you may think. Don't paint it with one brush. That is why it is important to speak and work with them to find a common ground and compromise.
  7. Cadeho

    Richmond Developments

    I can't post links... it doesn't work for me... so... Apparently I can type it out... what about this?
  8. Cadeho

    Proposed: Echo Harbour

    A park doesn't always have to be an attraction for people, but rather an open space. What we have works. We don't need to be a New York City. I like Richmond as it is... the bigger we get, the more problems we'd have and the fact is our city government is poor enough as it is running the city at the size it is now. Besides that, the compromise pays off. It is an office building now, at least from what I've seen, instead of a condo... so it wouldn't be selling off a public view. I like the way it looks and how it has been shortened so that the panoramic view's horizon is not broken. I would miss being able to see the river below the hill before the bend... after all, the view is more than the bend. I pull for this more than any other incarnation.
  9. Cadeho

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Merry Christmas my UP friends!
  10. Cadeho

    Shockoe Bottom Ballpark (Proposed)

    RVA, I have always favored a ballpark on the old Reynolds site in Manchester. The national Slavery Museum should be in Richmond at the Lumpkins site. And Shockoe Bottom should build apartments and condos above shops constructed in Colonial, Italianate, and Federal styles. The Kroger and Hyatt can still be built across Broad. The Boulevard site, under the last plan was good... so I kinda agree...
  11. Cadeho

    Shockoe Bottom Ballpark (Proposed)

    Deleted... found what I was looking for...
  12. Cadeho

    Shockoe Bottom Ballpark (Proposed)

    Replace one of the oldest farmer's markets in the country with a winding promenade? I object to only that at the moment.
  13. Cadeho

    Richmond's Suburban Developments We had our Christmas party there and it was wonderful! Now they have it in a barn which stinks... even though it was my favorite historic building as a kid...
  14. Cadeho

    Richmond Developments

    I hope I'm not late on this. I've drawn up my plans for Creighton Court previously for Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk's workshop. I redrew the map and also did Fairfield... because I want Woodville back.
  15. Cadeho

    Richmond Developments

    I hope I'm not reposting.