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  1. I like. And about super tall buildings downtown, we're not a major city... however, a tall building could be built if Capital One would leave Goochland and built a tower, consolidating the campus into one place... but one can dream...
  2. Apartments proposed for Fulton Hill. http://chpn.net/news/2015/02/12/200-apartments-proposed-for-fulton_40390/
  3. /www.richmond.com/news/local/henrico/article_53f21edd-a95b-5a19-a787-9395f25fe450.html I'm not certain what could be developed around RIR. Who really wants to live there? The traffic is terrible during the races and the noise is unbearable. The neighborhoods around it are poor and the people don't have easy means to escape. Wealthier folks wouldn't want to live there. Then inside RIR, how else could the site be used?
  4. http://www.styleweekly.com/ScrumBlog/archives/2015/01/13/red-flag We dodged a bullet. I was for us winning this and was sad we didn't, but... now... take that Charlotte!
  5. I'm certain that several plans left that one open block as green space or a park. I could have sworn we suggested that in 2007 as well...
  6. I can't post links... it doesn't work for me... so... http://chpn.net/news/2014/02/04/the-james-river-bend-aka-pear-street_31771 Apparently I can type it out... what about this?
  7. Merry Christmas my UP friends!
  8. RVA, I have always favored a ballpark on the old Reynolds site in Manchester. The national Slavery Museum should be in Richmond at the Lumpkins site. And Shockoe Bottom should build apartments and condos above shops constructed in Colonial, Italianate, and Federal styles. The Kroger and Hyatt can still be built across Broad. The Boulevard site, under the last plan was good... so I kinda agree...
  9. Deleted... found what I was looking for...
  10. Replace one of the oldest farmer's markets in the country with a winding promenade? I object to only that at the moment.
  11. http://www.timesdispatch.com/business/former-ramada-to-be-demolished-hotel-items-go-to-help/article_43e256d6-8038-56b7-86ec-575abfad6fb6.html We had our Christmas party there and it was wonderful! Now they have it in a barn which stinks... even though it was my favorite historic building as a kid...
  12. I hope I'm not late on this. http://www.timesdispatch.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/rrha-board-selects-developer-for-east-end-projects/article_69188df2-0cd6-5350-a343-ea7519395925.html I've drawn up my plans for Creighton Court previously for Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk's workshop. I redrew the map and also did Fairfield... because I want Woodville back.
  13. I hope I'm not reposting. http://www.timesdispatch.com/business/local/companies/hdl-expanding-in-biotechnology-research-park/article_608091d0-ac0e-50a5-bf2e-1278f65dfec1.html
  14. It's not bad looking a building. I drove by today, still wondering what it was... sorry I missed the answer here previously. It's better than a vacant lot.
  15. http://fanofthefan.com/2013/03/new-apartments-retail-restaurant-planned-for-grace-street/ Shafer and Grace apartments for 2014.
  16. Cadeho

    Our friend Burt

    Dear Burt, I am glad to have met you almost a decade ago starting at RCW. We butted heads a few times, but I am glad we could still respect each other and be friends. We had tried for a while to meet and when we did, I had a thoroughly good time, so good we lost track of time! I was not expecting that sense of humor, amazing! You definitely can't get the full measure of a person online. Thank you for your generousity as well. You taught us a lot about Richmond and its history. I swear, Burt, you knew everything and was on top of it all! We couldn't beat you to any story! You knew more being in New York than we did here at home. I am so glad your love for Richmond never faded even though you were away. This city was in your heart and you are in ours. We'll never forget you! You're a class act all the way! Your friend, Cameron
  17. Yes, buildings outlive their lifespans for their function at times. That doesn't mean demolish them. That's like demolishing CIrcuit City stores and headquarters because they closed. We complain that Richmond has no spectacular or iconic buildings yet when one is threatened, you forget about it. You know good and well that we will never see any new skyscrapers in Richmond that does not have a flat top and a plain design. Imagine if we tore down the Central National Bank building because it's been vacant for a decade. We treat other buildings that way, why didn't we do that for that? I am sure you would have been happy with the loss of that building too if we replaced it with something shorter and less historic or interesting.
  18. Think about it. We will lose character and a great vista to a gateway into downtown. At least pay homage to it if they just MUST demolish it.
  19. Anything older than 50 years old is eligible for HISTORIC preservation. The West Hospital is one of two Art Deco skyscrapers. Its style itself would be one of the criteria for preservation. Washington didn't have to sleep there, Lincoln didn't have to walk to it, nor did Poe have to write one of his poems on the spot for it to be historic. Richmond has and continues to destroy carelessly much of its history and cherrypick is examples of what is historic which typically do not show or tell the whole story, ignoring architecture and stories that will forever be lost. Take The Fan for example. A lot of good preservation was done but it's only 100-120 years old. Richmond is much older and we have fewer and fewer examples and fabric left to show Richmond's architectural evolution. We've lost the ENTIRE original Oregon Hill. We've lost Fulton and Rocketts. We've lost Navy Hill. We've lost French Garden Hill. We've lost Council Chamber Hill. We've lost most of the original Jackson Ward (DuVal's Addition). We've lost Harvie/Syndey/Randolph. We've lost Buchanan. We've lost Bowling Green. We've lost most of Woodville. We've lost too many examples of Federal, Greek Revival, Second Empire and other styles of architecture representing the bulk of the 1800s We've lost Pratt's Castle and other oddities. We've lost our colonial context completely... don't even acknowledge it or replicate any of it. We've lost most of the examples of small, working class homes from the 1800s and early 1900s. We've lost many grand churches such as First Presbyterian and Broad Street Methodist with their mighty spires. We've lost the Kanawha Canal! This is why Richmonders are so ignorant of what gold they trod. People keep pushing the next idiotic thing in the name of progress which actually degrades us as we lose our historic soul. Remember we demolished the Murphy... for what? We demolished the GC Murphy block for a parking lot. We demolished half a block for some building that may never be built on Main St, forever leaving an ugly hole in the streetscape. Would you rather we never kept the pavers on Monument? Would you rather we have demolished First Baptist Church and Old City Hall? I am sure the Valentine Museum stands in the way of VCU as well, maybe they should push them out like they almost did the White House of the Confederacy. We like to boast about how much we are a historic city, but we'd rather pave over most of it. We do not want to be souless Charlottle. Sure, we have books showing what SOME of these places looked like, but a picture would never take the place of the actual building. You can't experience it. You can't notice the details of the interior or sides not shown. I would love to see what my neighborhood looked like prior to the time I came along, but all I have are pictures, stories, maps, and aerial pictures from the 50s that show what a nice community it was. Is not better than then? More than half the original neighborhood destroyed by public housing, vacant fields where houses used to be, abandoned houses, more rental property than owned, and absolutely no pride. This was supposed to be progress. This was supposed to better the neighbhorhood. This same story has played out too often in the older sections of the city. What is our story? What's left to paint a complete picture? It's not like all of the areas were documented. Instead now we have places west of the Belt Line old enough for historic designation that will tell the incomplete story, maybe even take its place. Our history must be respected and preserved as best as we can due to the fact those who came before were reckless with it. I am certain Mary Wingfield Scott would rally to save the West Hospital if she were around. VCU has plenty of land and other opportunities for what it needs and wants.
  20. Losing any historic structure for any reason other than beyond repair is never ok under any circumstance. The West Hospital is not beyond repair and VCU has a lot of areas that they own where they can expand. This building does not need to belong to the them or the hospital. I swear if I were to ever come into money, I'm buying it from them.
  21. The loss of the West Hospital would be unforgivable. It commanded the skyline for decades and I remember the lights that used to spin at the top as a little boy. It is a unique structure in our skyline and from the 14th Street and Mayo Bridge vantage point, it caps the top of the hill. We wanted an iconic building for the triangle lot at 9th and Canal and we're losing that prospect. Now we're losing an existing one that peaks a gateway into downtown only to be replaced with another one of VCU's ho-hum buildings which most likely would be a scare and offer nothing new to the skyline. At these times, VCU needs to be a little more innovative and find a suitable use for the building. It does not have to function as a hospital.
  22. Hunker down Burt! Also, if you can take some pictures, please remind us Richmonders what snow looks like... we're negelected down here...
  23. Yes they need to get rid of Staples Mill altogether. How many other cities have two stations? I'd need to look into that.
  24. WBV is a mockery to New Urbanism and Richmond itself.
  25. You have to be fast around here. And what do you guys expect? Richmond's never going to build 20-30+ and never anything other than a box with no lighting schemes.
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