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  1. It's been a while since I've posted, but I'll add some recent photos of downtown. Some of the pics were taken on the fly, thus some window glare. The new TownHall restaurant on the refurbished Dargan/Evans corner is a huge improvement over the pink monstrosity it replaced Evans Street. Fiasco italian restaurant is on the right. New FMU Medical Sciences Bldg on right Cheves St looking west. New McLeod building on right. The McLeod campus now extends up to Kemp St New Judicial Center going up across from the County Complex
  2. Between work, new computers & other reasons it's been over 5 years since I've posted here. I'll try to update more often. Took a few low quality pics from my broken phone camera of work being done on the Evans/Dargan storefronts. They're all pretty much gutted inside.
  3. Some recent shots of the FMU Performing Arts Center under construction. Click to enlarge on the pan shots. ENLARGE ENLARGE ENLARGE Palmetto & Dargan Irby & Palmetto, with the site of the old motel now an empty lot. Walgreens was originally supposed to build a store on the site, but they appartently backed out. ENLARGE Finally, here's a shot from Dargan Street, facing north with FMU-PAC construction ahead on the left.
  4. Great pics (even though they took forever to load on a high speed connection). I made the mistake of viewing them on the mobile version with no image reduction. Love that zoom lens on the camera. Makes me want to upgrade (my camera & my computer).
  5. Here are some pics of the FMU performing arts center under construction. The building site is huge, forming an L-shape around the bank at Irby & Palmetto. I believe the building will face Dargan, with side entrances on Palmetto and Cheves. Dargan St at Cheves looking north. Notice the new Thai restaurant on the right, which actually does decent business in the evening (at least on weekends) The restaurant and antique shop next to it are a big improvement over what was there. There's an art gallery in the old Kimbrells building, which is gr
  6. Reconfiguring the awkward curve on Beltline to ease the upcoming glut of traffic that supercenters bring Finally, typical Irby Street sprawl
  7. The Village at Coit low rent housing development is coming along From Darlington Street, looking west Looking east Looking north Coit Street, looking south. Still not the most desirable part of town. There's a run down Sav-Way across Coit ....and the infamous Hubcap Shack on the corner across the street. Rumor is they're selling more than hubcaps Development on Beltline Drive across from West Florence. The controversial Super Wal-Mart, which was delayed due to lawsuits, is almost completed.
  8. I haven't been here in a while. I thought I'd post some recent pics from around Florence. Here's an artists rendering of a "potential" future Dargan Street Corridor Here's a pan of that corridor today The Florence Downtown Development Corporation is trying to transfer buildings along this strip to the corporation, including 117, 119 and 129 (old Carolina Theatre). It already owns the old Royal Knight building on the corner. Good to see some progress is being made. The pic and info courtesy of the News Journal. The eyesore House of Louie, at the corner of Palmetto &
  9. Man, I've been away for 3 months and only 4 posts in the interim. Where is everybody? Anyway, here are some pics I took this week of some downtown construction sites. First, the land has been cleared for the apartment complex on North Coit (5-6 stories?) Looking north: Looking west: Looking east: 12 story McLeod tower is in the background Looking south: A lot has been cleared across from the McMillan Federal Building on Evans St. Unsure what's going there. Finally, here's the progress on the Little Theatre on Dargan St.
  10. Good find. Here's the article. A truly pathetic waste of potential. As for the portrayal of Florence...no, not good PR for the city. ESPN
  11. I'm glad this road finally got built. It makes getting to I-95 and FMU much quicker. I haven't been on it yet but I will this week. The road is basically running through swampland (it roughly follows the yellow line below), which is why it has taken so long to be built. It will certainly help the area around Freedom Florence to grow. Until now, the road leading to the FF complex has been a dead end to nowhere.
  12. Great pics, especially coming from a cell phone. Sorry I couldn't make it on Saturday. To quote Lloyd Bentsen..... "I know Berkeley, I've spent time in Berkeley, I like Berkeley, and Florence, you're no Berkeley". Seriously, I work in downtown Florence, and it is in fact dismal. It is the neglect of the buildings, as well as the absence of ANYTHING going on after 6PM (anything legal). It is slowly improving along Dargan Street from Palmetto St heading south. But the rest of DT is a disgrace. The street fair atmosphere may have made it resemble Berkeley in the pics, bu
  13. Here's an old picture of downtown Columbia from 1960. ENLARGED PHOTO
  14. I haven't heard what they're going to do with it. I think Roses is staying, but I'm not sure about the surrounding shops. I can't for the life of me figure out how Roses makes enough profit to afford a location at one of the the busiest intersections in town. They must own their building and the land it sits on. My fondest memory of Roses is when you used to have to pay a dime to use their filthy toilets. That was in the late 70's and I don't think they've renovated the inside of the store since then.
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