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  1. I'll tell you why. UPS has a multi billion dollar investment in Louisville, it is more central, and Louisville is headquarters for UPS air division. UPS just finished a billion dollar expansion in Louisville and added thousands of jobs, and they have recently announced they will add an additinal 5,000 jobs this year. In the meantime, the logistics and distrbution businesses in Louisville are booming. I-65 interchanges, especially in south suburban Bullit County, are filling with warehouse and distribution parks that love the easy access to the UPS hub. A great example is a new Best Buy tech support facilty which is hiring 500 people at $80,000+ a year to fix Best Buy computers and then ship them back to their owners the same day via UPS. This is just one example of the distribution boom that UPS has caused here.
  2. One question...is Can Can a chain? Seemed very corporate although it was good. But as I thought about, there are several locally owned restaurants in Louisville that seem kind of "chainish."
  3. Hey CAN CAN was great. My gf and I enjoyed it...it was exactly what I wanted and very much like places we where we eat in Louisville. We went back to the hotel for a bit, then hit Lucky Lounge and Europa. They were ok...but then we went to Element, and I really liked that. More my style and crowd. Richmond nightlife was decent...not quite the concentrated crowds I have seen other places, but I really like the feel of Lucky and Element. Good and IMO cheap drinks too.
  4. lol. No, I am just stopping on my way to Norfolk....but I did meet people from that convention in my hotel!! Anyways, I have had a great day, and it looks like we are going to Can Can around 8. So I'll let you guys know, but thanks for all the advice! I may try element tonight to check out Richmond nightlife. Any other last minute advice? Richmond seems to be doing a bit better since I was last here (which was only once). You guys did all the dirty work by naming the good restaurants. I use that information when I explore cities so I drove around the different districts where the restaurants were bc a neighborhood with eclectic eats is always a cool hood. Seems like some nice stuff, and it also seems some of the rougher areas are cleaning up (I know you guys have had some crime problems). Downtown is looking pretty good...I noticed some new condos, etc. I will go out tonight to see how many people are out--that is my true test of how a downtown is doing Oh, and how about this newfound winter! Brrrr.
  5. How is residential/retail in downtown these days? Do you guys (or ya'll for you SC people!) have any problems keeping and retaining young professionals? How is the lounge/nightlife scene? Is there one main area to go out? Just curious....
  6. Yeah, well you guys do have some food tips here. But I was going to be stopping in Richmond soon and wanted to know about trendy new local joints. I am a chain hater, so Maggiano's and Cheescake Factory wont impress me (I havent even been to the ones in Louisville). I am a self proclaimed foodie, and I remember being pleasantly surprised with Richmond, as it reminded me a lot of Louisville. So I just wondered if there were some new "must have" eateries in the upscale casual genre. I prefer Italian or French bistro type places. Somewhere with a nice, modern atmosphere in the $15-$25 per plate range. $25+ per plate is fine too if you can guarantee a to die for experience. I would also like to know about good and cheap ethnic places, especially ones that deliver--I will stay at the downtown Marriot. Some favorites are beef shawarma and falafel, and any good Persian places serving lunch special shish kabobs. Any other interesting genres would be appreciated too ( I have tried the likes of Senegalese, Ethiopian and Jamaican here in Louisville so I am not scared of anything). Finally, I would like recs on a nice lounge where I can go with the gf after dinner. Some place with a good martini and perhaps house music. Are there any Hookah lounges? That would work too. Thanks
  7. I am from Louisville. Only been to Greenville once on my way to Charleston. Up here if you said you were from Greenville, SC most would think of a small town (if they had heard of it). It is somewhat of a small town, but it is very vibrant. It seemed nice and quaint with stores in downtown and appeared to be a low crime kind of town (these are all first impression things so I have no idea). Judging from the interstate, it seemed to be growing nicely, but that never impresses me. I was impressed with the city center which in a way reminded me of a "less yuppy" charleston. I know there is not as much history in Greenville, but still it was a nice town. I guess I was expecting a Bowling Green, KY but it was so much more. Greenville isnt quite a Lexington, KY; Columbia reminds me of Lexington. But here in KY I have yet to find a small city like Greenville. Dont let too many people find out or the people will come and ruin it there!
  8. hey guys I lov Richmond. Nice cultured town. Louisville is a huge eating out city: www.louisvillehotbytes.com Does Richmond have a large website that dedicates extensive coverage of local dining (outside the paper and periodicals)? If so, does it have a forum where you can talk Richmond local eats? I would like to see it if you have one.
  9. ' Guys Im surprised at Greenville. Get your names out more!! I think SC is ready to boom even more.
  10. Hey guys, hows the Cordish development coming there?
  11. ppassafi

    Museum Plaza

    Sure we should have a forum meet up. Theres a ton happening downtown, and not many people know it yet.
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