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  1. I left a comment that they could have a separated local exit lane from Hall to Market to make all the on/off interchanges that wouldn’t effect the rest of the thru traffic. Removing some exits and ramps will just make congestion on side streets worse, and confusing.
  2. Those 5 or 6 houses on Fairbanks between the stairs and Fairview might object to the lowering of the road.
  3. Does anyone know what project is being built just south of this apartment complex on Eastern? Is it the apartment project that was proposed a few years ago or is it something new? Looks like foundations are being placed all over the site.
  4. Aren't they just going to be in the same position a few years down the road when that part of the river becomes a desirable area? They need to move the city public works to a non-riverside location.
  5. I'm amazed how many recent projects don't have any kind of basement. Mostly residential I guess.
  6. Seems like this would've been the perfect opportunity to align Fuller Ave. Excited to see activity in this area!
  7. Not sure if this has been posted yet but it looks like they are moving dirt around on Seward, between California and Veto. This lot has been empty for a looooong time, because of controversy if I remember correctly.
  8. The scale of the install at MLK park on Fuller is pretty impressive. I was less impressed with the installs downtown because they just felt like one of the Artprize entries, so I expected more around the corner.
  9. The old truck depot that Founders moved to looks so tiny on that large site. Medical Mile looks empty too! Great pic!
  10. I'm shocked they aren't tearing down that clunky parking ramp and building a more efficient and taller one. Maybe that's Phase II?
  11. I wish they'd do the same thing with College and Union.
  12. I was at the Gardens last week and saw the big hole in the ground where the entrance use to be. Looks like whatever is going in there will have a pretty deep basement. They must have taken a lot of dirt from that area.
  13. There will not be a pharmacy at Bridge Street Market.
  14. I think it would be great if we had lines connecting some of the Lake Towns to GR. Grand Haven, Muskegon, Holland, Saugatuck.
  15. Perfect spot for a Chik-fil-A.
  16. So where is this destruction going to be on Saturday? Didn't realize scare tactics would be part of the Venue's advertising.
  17. You can stop the Coffee Shop at the new Meijer on Bridge Street!
  18. I was passing the building on the southeast corner of Wealthy and Fuller last night and noticed that it looked like the roof was caving in on the shorter section of the building. I wasn't able to take a picture but it doesn't look pretty. Something is going on with these buildings on Wealthy...
  19. It would allow the Convention Center to court bigger shows which would then help fill in the hotel rooms.
  20. I like 4 the best. Keeps the boulevard. 4a doesn't make any sense to me. Parking between a drive lane and a bike lane makes it dangerous for anyone getting out of their car on either side.
  21. What about a tech company locating their offices here because of the Switch project? Booking.com already has a big presence here, maybe they have corporate offices that would want to move here and combine with their call center. Boeing moved their HQ to Chicago based on economic issues, right? Maybe a company in a high cost city like San Francisco would venture to a more affordable city like GR. It would create great synergy with the new movie theater complex but I'm kind of hoping it is more in the center city area to create more activity around there.
  22. I plan on going to this theater for as many movies as I can instead of driving 15 minutes to all of the current theaters. For people that live near downtown this will be a great resource. It'll also be great, as GRDadof3 mentioned, for people to do before or after events downtown. Convention goers can catch a movie before going out to dinner and drinks at night. Until we have a nice retail selection downtown there is a limit to what you can do during the day, beyond drinking...
  23. I noticed on my way home yesterday that there is a large addition being built onto the building along 131 between Franklin and Hall. I know Founders was planning on locating storage there but I didn't realize it would be a multi story addition. Sorry no picture.
  24. I hope they extend the line down Michigan Ave. This seems like the best time to do it since so many apartments will be added soon.
  25. Sorry for the crudeness of the sketch but I wanted to see where all of these new apartments/condos were going to be located around downtown. I was surprised the NW quadrant had the most.
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