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  1. Hopefully one of those new buildings in the rendering is the Hooker Brewery, I can't think of a better spot for them now...
  2. Actually 2 years is probably about right, the legal notice was just stating that they are beginning the scoping part of an EIE. A draft EIE should be available in the fall of 09. You can get more info and attend one of the public scoping meetings here.
  3. The state should just pull-out. Build the 15 million dollar garage closer to already existing entertainment district,where it is needed... Take that 20 million and use it to improve that area. Hold off on this project until the timing is better, make it a temporary park, farmers market, something until the conditions warrant... I don't want a state funded dollar store...
  4. Well one thing, they just got more money for a parking garage... [url=http://www.ct.gov/ecd/cwp/view.asp?Q=420198&A=1104]Governor Rell Announces $5.5 Million for Hartford
  5. Front Street Takes A Housing Cut article from the Courant. I though this was some kind of a joke... Can Larry G take over, at least we would have nice empty buildings...
  6. Exactly what I was thinking... Too bad the Tiffany's is opening up at West Farms. Would have loved to see that at either Hartford 21 or Front street...
  7. Not quite true, Hartford hasn't lost that much population (especially downtown), probably around 10 to 12 thousand since 1980. Once Sage Allen and G. Fox closed the rest of the retail went with them (first to West Hartford then Manchester and beyond). Now every suburb competes with its neighbor. Hartford needs to be unique to attract shoppers again, maybe trendy, or more upscale. There are plenty of people the work in Hartford to support more retail. It has nothing to do with population, Glastonbury with a population of a little over 30K has retail Hartford dreams of. Granted the income is much higher, most of them probably work in Hartford. I think it's giving people a reason to venture out of their buildings, but retailers don't want to be the first to venture into a new area, especially one that has struggled in the past, they much rather open up somewhere safe, and I can't really blame them... Hartford used to be the shopping mecca, hopefully with mass transit being developed and projects like the science center, convention center front street and a new arena Hartford has the tools to compete again...
  8. They can do it without taxes going up. Get some private financing (Larry G., Travlers, The Hartford, UTC, Aetna), some state funding, Hartford has to put in some cash, have an arena surcharge on all tickets, naming rights. With the right mix it wouldn't be that tough to swallow. People will look at Hartford and say there are other issues the money would be better spent; mass transit, schools, police. Well those areas are improving and there is money behind those initiatives. The police department has hired new officers, there is a new public safety compound being built, there is the New Britain Busway and New Haven-Springfield Commuter rail both fully funded and getting closer to construction. Schools are being built and renovated. The new superintendent is making sweeping changes. We'll have a new national park, an entertainment district next to the newly opened science center. An arena kinda completes the deal. If Hartford can get that you won't recognize it ten years from now.
  9. It's demand for the commercial space.... I checked into the residential and there is nothing available...
  10. Maybe they should just hire their leasing company.. That goes for Northland as well... Samuels & Associates Samuels & Associates ( www.samuelsre.com) headquartered in Boston, MA is a regional leader in real estate development, leasing and asset & property management. With a history of success in retail shopping centers, Samuels & Associates
  11. Promises, Promises Greenwich developer Bradley Nitkin is the third developer to take a crack at Front Street. This time, the city says it will really happen. Article from the Hartford Advocate A month and a half til' October, let's see if it really happens...
  12. I wish we could get this guy interested in Hartford... What a home run project, nice mixed use development on the shore near mass transit and a brownfield redevelopment. Antares plan comes into view STAMFORD - Zoning Board members last night got their first official look at a plan to turn 82 acres of former industrial land in the South End into four new neighborhoods, with 4,000 homes. View the full Stamford Advocate article here Renderings Developer's Website
  13. There are some similarities between this rendering, hopefully the finish is more like this one...
  14. Nitkins properties don't really intrigue me, he didn't develop Somerset Square, merely purchased it (Although it is a Robert A. M. Stern design). I still hold out hope though...
  15. I think it could survive in Hartford, the only problem is Blue Back, they seem to be getting the higher end chains...
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