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  1. It's worth remembering that the LOCAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS pulled the plug on Spectrum Health's plans to move to the entirety of this campus to land they owned on the East Beltline. It wasn't even supposed to be here so there weren't really plans to do any of this. Sure they owned a lot here and there, but then they had to go purchasing. They had to buy Brassworks. They had to buy Eastern kills. There is/was a plan for the existing/forecasted demand, and now they are trying to fill that demand within the direction of the board and the confines of North Monroe. I agree the plans don't look that far off from the original. I like to think the the Switchback park plan will happen. Plans I've seen have Division re-routing onto Ionia and the park extending down to what is now Division. Seems unlikely that it wouldn't get developed in that scenario. Seems more likely Switchback will happen with it being a connector to the Medical Mile and a quality of life thing for the residents housing et al.. Another thing to consider is that the parking structures could be Condo co-ops with MSU. That's certainly the case with 25/35 Michigan so there's precedent. MJLO nails it.... ...and this, this is apples and oranges. GVSU is shuttling young people between two fixed points serviced by a bus with a good portion of its constituents not owning cars/not allowed cars. Spectrum Health is like 3000 starting points daily, for people aged all the way up to 65+, all going to one destination. The reason it won't work is because the suburban employees will NOT ride the bus. Period. Full stop. They will go work somewhere else where they can drive and park. And you can't incentivize them to park in Walker, or Plainfield Two or Grandville or wherever and ride the city bus in because they refuse to ride the bus with the poors. Not for lack of trying tho, because they DID run a shuttle from that lot on Plymouth, but it DIDN'T work for the aforementioned reasons. They took a beating on that shuttle service. These parking structures are the result of that, plus the board's decision.
  2. Still can't figure out if he's using the upstairs or if that will be the storage place.
  3. It pretty cool how they encased the legacy generators in the corner there and are b building on top of it.
  4. I'm hearing something about a west African restaurant?? anyone have info on this? Pretty sure that'd be a first for the area? I can't get Jollof rice or fufu anywhere AFAIK!
  5. y'all might enjoy this loooong read: https://tylervigen.com/the-mystery-of-the-bloomfield-bridge?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  6. Some updates from my little corner of Belknap Lookout. The last of the Belknap Bluffs are just about done. Not sure about finish date or prices. The first of the units on Coit is pretty much done. Hope they start soon on the other one, it looks great I think. Nice to have more housing in the neighborhood....hopefully soon the hood can support a coffeeshop. Why TF is the city paving any street and not putting in speed humps as a matter of course!? They basically paved a new quarter-mile drag strip on Fairview. Not a stop sign on the whole block....the block leading to the most popular park in GR (probably) Sunset park. SMH
  7. Parcel mapper has it owned by Houston Moyer or Moyer Development, who happens to be co-owner of Bostwick Bakery....so fingers crossed....a bakery!?!? Would do WELL there I think. It's the old Millers Ice Cream shop as much as I remember from growing up around there.
  8. that corner is moving along. it's going to look great.
  9. I did this same thing. Bunch of nerds!! Me? Speedbumps everywhere. Every street where people live has a minimum of two speedhumps. What could that possibly cost? ...and then I would re-architect North Monroe to close it from Trowbridge to Coldbrook and redevelop the entire waterfront as pedestrian, forcing all traffic to Ottawa. Sixth street bridge would be one way (West) only as a funneled exit to 131N/Scribner. Division is combined into Ottawa and made 25mph w/ tons of roundabouts and speed bumps. Then I would pay someone to transplant large, already grown evergreen trees to create a sound barrier canopy around every section of highway rolling through town. I would also install 20ft walls on the highway overpasses throughout the city. Maybe cap 96 as it goes west from fuller to the river.
  10. I noticed in the new story that he is on the first floor with the pool and the old cafeteria, and so it is entirely possible the second floor which has very high ceilings think of a gymnasium ceiling, it could still be used as a storage facility.
  11. I’ve always thought it would be amazing to have some really tall or even moderately tall buildings in high locations. Sweet street park Creston HS east leonard elementary mount mercy the Salvation Army site on alpine Covell dog park ….I realize a lot of these are already nice spaces and parks and places, but just sharing them as easily recognizable high points in the city that would have amazing views that aren’t “downtown “
  12. Ewwww, how does this place have that kind of money and also, ewww
  13. I sat through a presentation at DGRI about the Amphitheater and the site plan changes were largely due to the sound and the sound study that they did and the traffic from 131 absorbing the sound and the green valley buildings across the way generally being empty in the evenings, and absorbing the sound. The parking really is nominal and they did a good job of estimating 18,000 parking spots available throughout a 15 minute walk of the amphitheater in the Room is strictly for staff and trucks. It’s my understanding. The sites to the north and the south are not owned by or option by the convention authority and will be private sales by the city to other investors and developers so those aren’t even part of this project. They are selling the air rights over those 116 spots and you could potentially have a Developer building additional parking on top of that for the tower they build with those air rights but they were also rightly aware of and concerned about the giant chokepoint on market Street. This will cause for residence of businesses and they are working with mdot on a plan to close the market Street exit during events. Here’s a flyer to an open house that is both in person and virtual this coming Monday. You all should attend!
  14. I took this from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and it was pretty nice. Inexpensive and efficient.
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