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  1. Power generation...and i want to say some sort or water treatment/reclamation but i could be misremembering. The diesel generators for backup power were/are/will be located there, so what you see is lots of venting on the ground floor. I don't know how many spots in total, but I can tell you there are at least 300 accessible parking spaces at the Medical Center alone. I asked because I was hoping to replace all of the "Handicapped" signs with the updated design and wording (Reserved) now that Michigan has finally passed legislation updating the old signs: https://www.woodtv.com/news/michigan/how-michigans-accessibility-signs-are-changing/ - the ADA says that one in six spots needs to be accessible so you could reasonably assume in excess of 2000, though that feels low considering the GVSU/SH ramp was 1220 spaces by itself. Parking. It's the number 1 dissatisfier among staff. No lie. With the last Barclay ramp online, shuttling is now done:
  2. This was from the April GR Township meeting: ...assuming you meant East Beltline and 3 mile
  3. Found this one: " We are excited to announce a new eight-level ramp with nearly 1,000 parking spaces will be built on the same site and will open in the summer of 2024. The capacity of the current ramp is 495 spaces."
  4. @GRDadof3 - can you change this thread title to GR and Kent Co parks? No biggie if not... Posting a survey for Kent County, if you are a resident please consider completing it. posting in this thread because the survey asked for best feature of Kent Co,,,,to which i replied: the parks https://surveys.zencity.io/kent-county/7Olb26?source=sd
  5. I was on next door looking for someone to take abandoned baby raccoons (no luck) when i came across a thread about this project with an anecdote from a great nephew of the Baas family that owned the land. Thread includes the usual next door takes. https://nextdoor.com/p/gG6WgBcGWK49/c/803993084?init_source=search&query=Spectrum farm
  6. Drawings I’ve seen definitely show a skywalk to the gvsu building as we are co tenants in a parking condo with them there. On the backside. The most likely scenario with the track is that area becomes a modern emergency medicine building. The ED is old and has run out of space. It’s no longer feasible or practical to renovate that part of the building. i know the dozens of people who used the track loved it, but i don’t think it will ever be back. Sorry
  7. Does anyone smarter than me know why they have to do this?!?!! it looks so nice and natural when it is filled out and now it’s going to be mown short and die because its the hottest time off the year and it will end up looking 1000 times worse you want it to be natural landscaping then let it be, right?!
  8. Still very tight lipped about the name. I’ve heard October or December. No hints one way or another. internally, we have now three care delivery divisions that operate separately, west Michigan, Lakeland and now Beaumont. They will integrate epic platforms but are geographically distant enough to have separate leadership. Because we’ll standardize on epic all of the workflows will be similar but their own leader ship will remain id imagine. love that steel. They better not do anything to those trees on the street.
  9. Maybe someone saw my prediction in the thread and they are putting a Starbucks Reserve on that corner?!
  10. I recall it is going to be replaced with a power and heat co-generation plant/facility. Not sure if there will be parking too, maybe? something something water related too. we use a lot of water for cooling in the MRI/CT space. something about our environmental goals...but this plant is meant to further them and also provide some redundancy to municipal something something. can't quite remember all the details. and the Cook building is no more. Crane going up end of July, early August for all you nerds out there. Top out in Oct 2023 I think...opens spring 2024.
  11. Do people still buy celebrity endorsed coffees? Fleetwood Mac co-founder launches coffee company sales in Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids Magazine (grmag.com) - ewww. In better news: Soldadera Coffee tallies growth milestones - Grand Rapids Business Journal (grbj.com)
  12. As i was driving down Leonard, my wife asked: Why is Leonard traffic always so bad (from 131 to about Freewheeler)? ..and i can't say I understand it. Is is the prevalence of residential and cross streets? or West Side residential density overall? Core businesses? Main artery to Walker suburbs like Lake Mich Dr.? I really don't get it. We've taken to coming in the back way to Mitten (Ann --> Turner --> Quarry) when traveling by bike because it's too dangerous/congested.
  13. Looks like the houses along Coit for this project are finally coming down!!
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