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  1. grandrollerz

    Rowe Hotel- Olds Manor

    Slightly off topic, but I may have convinced my family to move downtown and we are looking at a unit at Rowe, but very preliminarily. Anyone know anyone who lives there? You all have me very nervous about investing in a condo here with all the "is the post office moving" talk every year in the annual predictions thread. Part of me knows its going to come down, and then something tall will go up. Wife fell in love with a west looking unit with this view (see pic), and I just don't think I can take that risk!!!
  2. grandrollerz

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    Not a lot, but technically there are 2, maybe 3 Meijer pharmacy spots reserved with signage on them in the main SH drive/drop off. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  3. grandrollerz

    Suburban Projects

    Grand Valley Dentistry in Allendale is building a new facility on Richard and LMD East near 60th. Haven't seen plans yet. Selfishly this is great as this would explain how Spectrum Health can be considering an employee park and ride at this location (48th and LMD). Sure, I'd have to take the 37 Shuttle to the 50 at Kirkhoff, but it's almost perfect! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  4. grandrollerz

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    Not sure if this goes here, or in the parking thread? Blodgett is on Wealthy, so maybe? Admins, feel free to move it.... Spectrum Health is taking some heat from EGR residents over the replacement of an aging (and failing, they are literally propping it up) parking structure. Mlive has this report: I thought it looked nice. The fact that this is a replacement effort and only adding 40 spaces, makes me wonder how you can call it "imposing"? Renderings, plans and PC minutes available here:
  5. Acentek out in Allendale just finished it's fiber rollout and I opted for just the 100MB connection for $50 and it's great. I was very happy to turn in all my Comcast junk. 100MB service is reliable so far.
  6. Spectrum might continue to consolidate it's staff to the downtown area like just done at 25 Ottawa (my plans publicized). I hate to say that I agree with an MLive comment, but the track is a community asset and it will be sad to see it go. Running and games of ultimate seem to be the most popular. It would be nice to see an MVP go in the building to supplant some of the fitness that took place there. (Couldn't find a Spectrum Health thread to put this in, admins can move as needed)
  7. grandrollerz

    Spectrum Health relocating 500 employees downtown

    Open House today for some of the Priority Health people who will be moving to floors 5 and 6. Parking questions abounded but not a lot of concrete info shared yet AFAIK. Early Nov move in dates for the PH team so details should be coming soon. The building and layout is shaping up nicely. I hope I get to move there eventually. One pic attached.
  8. grandrollerz

    Spartan Stores history

    I recall Sy's Market by my house being related to Daanes. Yep, they were. Lots of store info in that article.
  9. grandrollerz

    GVSU Downtown Development

    The other big news from the board meeting is they are finally expanding the Rec Center. As an alumni, Allendale resident and Rec Center member I say: about time!
  10. grandrollerz

    Get rid of the S-Curve?

    I've heard this mentioned a couple of times, what is "the Salon"?
  11. grandrollerz

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Current tenant list for Brassworks:
  12. grandrollerz

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Confirmed, SHMG Cs. Also business development vps among others. I'm told we have options on all the leases in the building and we take them on when others leave or expire. Building is nice, no complaints.
  13. grandrollerz

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I didn't find much discussion on the Laker Line so i'll add a few things. There was an October meeting that has a proposed plan: . It looks like service to Allendale and connection to Central Stations were both nixed from the plan....seems shortsighted but I get it. I didn't see any mention of having a non-student park and ride lot at GVSU, but I think that will be necessary for locals to take advantage of the service without having a campus parking sticker. There will be larger buses and mixed dedicated lanes which will be good for commuters. It will be interesting to see the details of how they plan to put a station on LMD + Covell...that's a busy and cramped intersection. With the plan for a new commuter lot on Maynard/LMD I hope the old Westdale building and lot on Covell/LMD are converted to something, or at least the building torn down. It's an eyesore, especially in the summer when overgrown with weeds. I predict they'll need to move faster than starting construction in 2017 is GVSU keeps growing like it has been over the last several years.
  14. I've been on this forum since 2006 and have really enjoyed my time here. I grew up in Grand Rapids and moved to the suburbs somewhat begrudgingly (Allendale). It's amazing how many kids from the burbs (my daughter's friends) have never been to GR, whose parent's won't let them go, and who wouldn't know what do if they did go, e.g. parking, navigating,etc. Anyway, I work in GR and I love GR, and have made a point of spending a lot of family leisure time in GR. I've typically imbued those trips with my childhood reminiscing, my knowledge of the city, and news of the developments and goings-on I've learned from this forum. When we Chicago, we AirBnb in the neighborhoods, get 3 day CTA passes, etc. etc. We talk about Allendale & Ottawa Co parks (we're big runners/hikers), wife worked at Ottawa Co, we talk local planning and local govt politics (yuk),and all that stuff. All that must have struck a chord with her because a little while back she came home excited from an Urban Planning lecture at GVSU that was part of one her HS courses. Then she got excited when I was discussing with her the plans to finally fix the walk-ability of 48th Ave at GVSU: . Then I found GVSU UP pamphlets in her room. :-) And now when talking about going to Chicago for Spring Break, she tells my wife she wants to visit Univ of Illinois-Chicago while there. After some googling and looking around UP forums (this thread in particular), UIC seems like a reputable UP school. So.... It looks like she is doing all the right things, my question to GR UP'rs is: how can I help? Is she on the right track? This is my first kid to go to college (she's a HS junior) and I don't know a lot about college stuff yet (evaluating, visiting, applying, selecting, etc.). Any insights appreciated. Thanks!
  15. grandrollerz

    New projects on the West Side

    Anyone know what's going on in what looks to be an old gas station on the corner of Bridge and Garfield? I drive by everyday and they have finished demoing the interior, some changes to exterior and pallets of building materials have arrived inside now.