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  1. I'm pretty sure this building we will NOT be exiting AFAIK.
  2. I'm going to ask around about why there isn't signage for the Meijer Pharmacy outside of Butterworth. They stay pretty busy with discharge medication fills and staff fills (i pick mine up there). There are also 3-ish spots out front designated as pharmacy take-out parking only...so in and out to the pharmacy should be quick in theory. Sorry, no C-store onsite and no beer. :-)
  3. A restaurant for sure, it would have outdoor and indoor options for year round dining. We've talked a lot about rooftop options in DT GR. Right now its Just New Hotel Mertens AFAIK. (Fressian doesn't count). Otherwise, there isn't anything...is there?
  4. The Heisenberg part at the top appears to be a fitness room. That's a damn shame.
  5. The Monroe and Lynon Ellis lot would be ideal for foot traffic. It will be curious to see the foot traffic patterns of the 1200 Spectrum Health employees.
  6. with the new Center for Transformation and Innovation (CTI) we will be.....working differently. So likely not 1200 butts in seats. We've partnered with Steelcase and will be creating some creative workspaces, and will allow for work flexing, remote working, etc.
  7. It's posted internally, so safe to share! I'm getting 1200 new neighbors.
  8. Emerging word is that we did find some land in the North Monroe corridor. I'm sure more detail will be coming shortly. Very exciting!
  9. Fencing is up and https://inphastos.com/technology/ is on site. They loook to be a prefab construction company ? I don't think it's coming down. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  10. I am seeing some clearing going on on the Belknap Hill. I thought they were going to replace the Newberry Stairs, but it looks like they are building a new set of stairs connecting Division to the top of Belknap park. Would love to see the newberry stairs reclaimed. The park improvements to Lookout park are coming along nicely. I'll share pics later. Here is a pic of the first Belknap hill stairs I found at http://godwin.bobanna.com/GR_1960_and_before.html The Not newberry stairs from the MOBL-NOBL plan.....
  11. Looks like someone already did the leg work on this one. https://grkids.com/grand-rapids-murals/ Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  12. New (to me) one on Ionia on the Richmond stamp building.
  13. grandrollerz


    Legacy Brewer, not craft. Interesting way to avoid the macro Brewer label. I guess it fits. If this means they can their NA beer, I'm all for it. I know mahou pushed them to even make it, but it's a growing segment. I say good for them. Things grow, things change.
  14. Mayor Bliss tweeted that the the bridge will be open Friday the 30th, it's looking good.
  15. https://www.grbj.com/articles/93849-city-losing-pair-of-planners I didn't see this posted here on the forum, so sharing for discussion purposes...if there are any. No mention of succession planning. Anyone here applying :-) ?
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