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  1. I am very excited. Having been to the Austin Reggae Fest at Auditorium Shoes....and watching the opening of this video of daft punk in Grant Park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udvYSd2TIkg i for one am super excited to have a downtown, outdoor music and festival venue. so many more opportunities. Founders festivals could migrate over there for sure. I think i'll start my own reggae festival now so maybe i won't have to travel to Austin, TX to catch reggae acts. one would hope that we'd apply our COVID outdoor approach to a concert venue to allow it to be used year round.
  2. This was on the banking webpage of LMCU: News | Lake Michigan Credit Union (lmcu.org), there a little video there. sign mock up looks ok.
  3. That corner should see lots more activity now: Metro Health Beltline Offers Expanded Services and Technology | Metro Health University of Michigan Health
  4. Nothing too exciting but the ramp is making progress. They installed elevators last week so must be close to getting done/ready to top it off.
  5. oops, wrong thread. that was for the suburban thread. editing
  6. I'll just add my voice here that my goodness, does this project look amazing downtown. The Acrisure building fits so well into the s curve area. driving through there feels almost...metropolitan. God I want this pandemic to be over so I can get back to enjoying being about town!!
  7. Walker Master Plan has been updated and posted. https://ciwalkermi.civicweb.net/filepro/documents/66963 My daughter worked on this while she worked for McKenna in 2020BC (before covid). :-) Proud of that kid. Maybe someone with experience can answer this, but why is this plan so hard to read? I call myself an armchair urban planner and this was hard to consume. Maybe my brain is too used to powerpoints but I feel like i would need to print this out to read it.
  8. always heard the rumor was that SH had right of first refusal on all the suites and many of them are/were empty. SH is probably 75% of the tenants currently.?
  9. I continue to be amazed at the innovation coming out of this pandemic. (couldn't find the farther afield thread) https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2020/12/moving-container-pods-turned-into-makeshift-private-dining-rooms-at-kalamazoo-restaurants.html I had to travel recently for medical reasons and seeing things like bathrooms with a countdown clock on them saying "last cleaned at 2pm, 13 minutes until next cleaning". I really like knowing how freshly cleaned the bathroom was/is.
  10. I got scooters almost right. Otherwise a bust. Terrible list in retrospect...more of a dream list than predictions. The January 2020 predictions are sad to read to see how much progress was shorted by COVID-19. On the upside, I was vaccinated this morning, so hoping the public campaign isn't too far behind!!!!!
  11. I always thought renovations like this were not allowed to happen in Heritage Hill? I checked their website and this house in on the corner of Madison and Pleasant--pleasant being the southernmost boundary of the historic district. I vaguely remember a friend in college whose dad lived on Wealthy and had to fight to replace the brick arch on his back gate. Beautiful renovation though!
  12. They've torn out the wall to the car wash to open the space up some more. Kent County parcel mapper has it listed as being owned by "TC 755 LLC" . A little googling and that's the name for Leo Schlesinger Holdings, who according to this article is the owner of Tacos El Cunado. So, more tacos?? Also, the Al Tamminga Garage has fencing around it and a CopperRock sign out front. Any ideas what would go in there? According to FB, the son took over the business and moved it to 1550 Rupert, so nice to see they are staying in business. It was definitely a relic from Michigan St past.
  13. ahem, it's bridge blue. :-) It's red and green for christmas right now
  14. This is exactly what should happen. The Save our Stages initiative would do that and could use our help. https://www.rapidgrowthmedia.com/features/081020saveourstages.aspx https://www.nivassoc.org/take-action
  15. I think brand loyalty mostly removes the possibility of ill fitting clothes. I could be an outlier, but i know which companies run small and who runs big, somewhat after trial and error...but i've got it down now. polos for example. Walmart, costco or Macys polos = downsize due to vanity sizing, Banana Republic polos = upsize, express polos =mostly true to size....unless you are accustomed to vanity sizing lol.
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