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  1. Just a shout out here to Blue Dog Tavern for doing a great job of offering NA beer that's not odouls. West Side Social had one Athletic Brewing offering when i was there last, so nice to see it coming along! Side Note: I tried to order NA beer online from Athletic Brewing and apparently they can't ship to Michigan. Turns out you can't ship "beer" into Michigan. Unfortunately, the MLCC 436.1105-8 defines beer as: ...which is technically true for NA beer. Seems like it could/should be updated to say "...containing more than 0.5% ABV" .
  2. Earth is moving on this project now....
  3. ...Mean to post this a while back but the "tunnel" was getting some work done. Maybe I'll head back to day and see what the progress is now that the sidewalk has been opened.
  4. ...oh, and HealthBar took this old printing building on Coldbrook....and made it yellow?!?
  5. Cook building on the corner is coming down imminently. City was there last week doing something something sewer and power. Emails went to staff about it and the impact on Lafayette traffic. I'm avoiding that, already borked, intersection for the near future. It really needs a reconfiguration. At 630am and pm, staff coming and going is a bit of a mess.
  6. Some updates from the Belknap Hill area..... CopperRock looks to be doing more units across the street from the new ones they just put in at the end of Fairview. The part that butts up to the actual resevoir. My place, Belknap Bluffs, sent a notice that they're going to build out the rest of the units in the front of our space. They reduced the number of units by four i think. so I think 6 more units up front where the green space is currently. Union Suites seems to making substantive progress...i think? ...and the weird apartments who had their roof blown off? still not open.
  7. Ferris Coffee taking over café inside Bridge Street Market https://www.grmag.com/food-drink/ferris-coffee-taking-over-cafe-inside-bridge-street-market/ Hopefully third time's the charm! Probably good to have it be a corporate partner who can eat some operational losses to be offset by just branding it Ferris. Must have been hard for the other two cafe startups.
  8. I don't know much about them, but the first thing that comes to my mind is a revocable living trust: https://farmlandaccess.org/trusts/#revocable -- could be a great way to preserve it across generations! I mean, i guess so long as the kids don't muck it ??
  9. what a great way to invigorate an underutilized park!
  10. In the Wealthy St. thread, the statement of "that's the last of the warehouse space in GR" got me thinking about the industrial building on the 1300 block of north Monroe (in red). I feel like I heard from one of the Devries brothers (while planning an event at the water plant) -- that they had plans to turn it into housing. Has anyone hear any concrete plans or heard any better rumors? The parcel is registered to a FRANKLIN NORTH MONROE LLC so not sure it's even a Devries property Also, i got out for a ride on Sunny Sunday and noticed the Tillman's restaurant is gone! Parcel is listed to a STEVEN BALK of Olive Shores, so prob related to Hansen Balk across the street. Crossing my fingers for this underutilized area to be developed. Especially as I think some of that grand river greenway money will finally connect the river trail that currently stops at Leonard, to the rest of Riverside park trail and the white pine. It looks like they started clearing trees out already for the Riveredge trail. Its supposed to go under Leonard to connect. That'll be great!
  11. Interesting news at the 25/35 Michigan Spectrum Health/HDVCH Food Court. The Smashburger has finally been replaced by....Le Kebob! https://goo.gl/maps/zhfYaesFhAFcF3fM6 The hours are pretty good, 10am to 8pm Mon-Sat, 10-7 on Sundays....and as long as the food is the same quality as there other locations, this is going to be a win for the employees of Medical Mile. Just learned this today so probably going to check it out this week. I hope they have one of those wood fired ovens for the fresh bread.....
  12. This is a big part of me staying in West Michigan. My wife is in AZ right now and telling me how warm and beautiful it is and 'can we move there now?' Well sure, for now it's nice, and it's only spring. But they have some real water issues, here is a current (long/independent) read that lays it all out. https://www.circleofblue.org/2022/wef/arizonas-future-water-shock/ TL:DR:
  13. That's beautiful. Looks to be double the number of single-family homes/lots that could have been put there. huzzah!
  14. The crumbling south ramp on Lyon and Barclay is finally coming down:
  15. Y'all hitting the buttons here with doctors and executives not being the cost of healthcare. Take J&J for example, drugs are hugely expensive. The government knows that and tells manufacturers to sells some drugs at a lower cost when those drugs are being prescribed to certain (medicaid, et al) populations via the 340B program. J&J is now saying f*ck you government and poor people, we're going to charge full price: https://www.fiercehealthcare.com/providers/jj-cut-340b-discounts-contract-pharmacies-starting-may-despite-lingering-legal-fight - article noting that J&J is just latest drug co to do so. If you think bigger is badder for healthcare....i challenge you to read this article. It reads like SH's journey to date and it lays out clearly it's intentions with combining with Beaumont. The examples they give of Kaiser, Geisinger and Intermountain as being big systems with marked successes...they all share a trait that SH has that makes SH similarly successful and such an asset to Michigan: They all own/operate their own insurance company...as SH does with Priority Health. Hospital Systems: A Framework for Maximizing Social Benefit – The Health Care Blog ..or in the case of this thread replace commercial prices with wages. (last offtopic from me on this )...even tho i said that last time
  16. This is an intriguing article: https://fullstackeconomics.com/the-strongest-case-for-urban-density-isnt-aesthetics-its-math/ Preaching to the choir here, but still good content. Side Note: I subscribe to this guys newsletter. Do you all subscribe to anyone elses? On Substack, or Medium or whatever??
  17. I'm biased as an employee, but if you're big mad about that, I have news to share with you about public non-profit university football coaches. See also "American Private Healthcare System" and/or "Capitalism". I know SH has in the past also participated in Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) programs in Grand Haven Twp, Grand Rapids Twp and I want to say Rockford as well. See this: https://www.mlive.com/news/muskegon/2016/03/spectrums_grand_haven_facility.html (side note: Holland Hospital has pulled out of this partnership as it begins to cut ties with SH so it can cozy up to the also non-profit University of Michigan Health System.) Moving on...
  18. I can't mod the topic but fully support a Kent County addition to the title :-)
  19. ha! right. My parents moved to Standale for that reason in 1995. Leonard and Kinney. Whoops! Now it looks/feels just like the North End they vacated.....just bigger houses.
  20. I volunteered at the Spectrum Health Irish jig this past weekend and have to admit that I was so surprised and not surprised that EGR just simply thinks it’s a better place to live which it might be but it still feels like a direct jab.
  21. Note sure how to cross post, but if it were possible I'd also post it in https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/115989-development-projects-belknap-lookout-area/ New coffee shop to Belknap area is Tashi's Place on Bradford and Lafayette in that new mutil unit development by the RR tracks. (255 Bradford) https://www.tashisplacegr.com/ https://www.instagram.com/tashisplacegrandrapids/ https://www.facebook.com/Tashis-Place-100677199200393 ..I've always thought the old gas station (in this pictures reflection) would be a great coffee spot for the neighborhood....but I'll take this too!
  22. Not sure there is anything new in this report but Amphitheater is mentioned again: https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2022/02/12-transformational-projects-identified-by-grand-rapids-economic-development-group.html but interesting to read in a single article.
  23. There is a virtual meeting on the Hill + River Network (formerly Switchback park) next week. My primary comment will be that they should totally upend Division, move it to Ionia/Ottawa and install major traffic calming measures. Those MFers with the loud cars and bike looooove going down this stretch of Division whole hog and making a crap ton of noise, that then bounces off the buildings and echoes throughout the valley and surrounding neighborhoods (mine specifically, lol...on the Bluff). In my perfect world, it would look something like this: (pipe dream i know! but it was fun to do over coffee this morning) Wednesday 3/2, 6:30 PM - Help design a better way down Belknap hill In September 2021, DGRI hired the SmithGroup out of Ann Arbor to design a series of projects known as The Hill + River Network. Originally envisioned as the implementation of the Switchback Park (page 280 of GR Forward), The Hill + River Network also includes a variety of other interventions, including enhanced pedestrian crossings at Division Avenue; improved connections on Fairbanks and Newberry Streets; the design and repurposing of the Ionia Avenue right-of-way; and the pedestrianization of the railway tunnel connection under I-196. The hillside project includes the redesign of the existing stairs, a potential accessible/non-motorized connector up the hill (the switchback), and the Hastings connector (which will connect the existing Hastings corridor to the hillside). The SmithGroup has been working on concepts that are informed by the various legacy plans and citizen input that has been collected over the years – including MOBL/NOBL and the Michigan Street Corridor Plan, as well initial conversations with various stakeholders. The project concept development is now at a point where we need to have conversations and feedback from selected focus groups. A meeting with the Belknap Neighborhood is one of these critical touchpoints. This meeting will be an opportunity to hear from the SmithGroup designers and to provide your insights. Microsoft Teams meeting Join on your computer or mobile app https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_NTI4YjA0MjMtZmUxYy00ZjlhLTgxMTktMTUxNDJlN2U3Zjc3%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22aa6673ac-3b79-4ed2-a894-169d7bcd1e96%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22f02d8f19-5969-4a44-b86a-81df1e6df377%22%7d
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