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  1. Looks like the houses along Coit for this project are finally coming down!!
  2. Ok. T thank you! I was thinking the same thing! They didn’t even take down the blinds! I wonder what else was salvageable. We can’t just go bury it, we’re running out of holes in the ground.
  3. ...same thing here, since the public meeting has taken place, i'll share a few pics from the presentation.
  4. ok, since the public meeting has already taken place, imma call this safe to share. the pavement split inside will have a grated exposure with the existing rails left in place. it was said the grates would be a trash gathering place, hard to clean and not accessible really to wheelchairs, etc. the inner walls would have historical info on the tunnel, rail and press building. there is a booth/bar for then the space gets "activated" it will have interior lighting and sound (think ohare tunnel, lol) and will be able to be rented out.
  5. We always need more tacos! I really like the location of this. Feels like an under used downtown street that this could bring some life to. Certainly will get good arena foot traffic right out of the parking ramp, lol. https://grbj.com/news/food-service-agriculture/barrio-tacos-hosting-grand-opening/?_hsmi=216619546&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--m8Ig07Z4gWYi_hBacnN8peb9Mv-Sao0jl5s7aQCT9EQNvhj4RPcIRw0Q2ia-r3emO6tSR8kKhpZksFOc2QYYZWgw39Q
  6. Less Travelled on Cherry is open and looking Good.
  7. Last Mile is opening a storefront at 1006 Hall. https://sprudge.com/build-outs-of-coffee-last-mile-cafe-in-grand-rapids-mi-187818.html Good for them!
  8. Little more info on the two tennants https://grbj.com/news/real-estate/healthbar-deksia-open-joint-headquarters/ i hadn't heard the term "biophillic" before so had to google it: https://www.ambius.com/blog/biophilic-design-trends-guide-2020/ -- i think it means they have a lot of plants inside the building??
  9. Dropping a link to this survey opportunity from Kent County as they seek input on how to spend $176 million of federal dollars. The idea I submitted was for more parks and green space and connectivity thereof..... https://grbj.com/news/government/county-seeks-community-input-on-federal-funding/?_hsmi=214556933&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--EJm5S9B2w6KYPX2arQnuBGER4vZ62Sv36QxuXbHYvk7MM7uwyvGY6kU4jRsEUdYJaTxWEKGRI3N88XIEX0ysCmwD_oA Submit ideas here: https://kentcountyarpa.com/
  10. https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/the-sovengard-s-relocation-plan-stalls-amid-parking-neighborhood-concerns - let's just hope this is a minor speed hump and the church parking comes through.
  11. Saw this on LinkedIn this morning. It's Plainfield Twp so I started a new thread apart from Creston Neighborhood. The reimagining starts at the Twp boundary so my least favorite part of Plainfield (Denny's to Fred's Pizza) is out of scope sadly. Reimagine Plainfield (plainfieldmi.org) for the exec summary--- PlainfieldTownship_Final 2021 05 05.pdf (revize.com) for the details. I feel like they should incorporate the "North Kent" name in here somewhere :-) It's a long read but it looks pretty good. Going to read more over the weekend.
  12. I managed to get myself on the River Hill Network steering group and boy am I impressed with what they are planning! Even as a resident on the bluff who could have a high propensity to NIMBY the whole idea...myself and even my reticent wife, really like it. There is a public meeting coming on June 7 that will show preliminary plans for the bluff work which includes tunnel renovation:
  13. Just a shout out here to Blue Dog Tavern for doing a great job of offering NA beer that's not odouls. West Side Social had one Athletic Brewing offering when i was there last, so nice to see it coming along! Side Note: I tried to order NA beer online from Athletic Brewing and apparently they can't ship to Michigan. Turns out you can't ship "beer" into Michigan. Unfortunately, the MLCC 436.1105-8 defines beer as: ...which is technically true for NA beer. Seems like it could/should be updated to say "...containing more than 0.5% ABV" .
  14. Earth is moving on this project now....
  15. ...Mean to post this a while back but the "tunnel" was getting some work done. Maybe I'll head back to day and see what the progress is now that the sidewalk has been opened.
  16. ...oh, and HealthBar took this old printing building on Coldbrook....and made it yellow?!?
  17. Cook building on the corner is coming down imminently. City was there last week doing something something sewer and power. Emails went to staff about it and the impact on Lafayette traffic. I'm avoiding that, already borked, intersection for the near future. It really needs a reconfiguration. At 630am and pm, staff coming and going is a bit of a mess.
  18. Some updates from the Belknap Hill area..... CopperRock looks to be doing more units across the street from the new ones they just put in at the end of Fairview. The part that butts up to the actual resevoir. My place, Belknap Bluffs, sent a notice that they're going to build out the rest of the units in the front of our space. They reduced the number of units by four i think. so I think 6 more units up front where the green space is currently. Union Suites seems to making substantive progress...i think? ...and the weird apartments who had their roof blown off? still not open.
  19. Ferris Coffee taking over café inside Bridge Street Market https://www.grmag.com/food-drink/ferris-coffee-taking-over-cafe-inside-bridge-street-market/ Hopefully third time's the charm! Probably good to have it be a corporate partner who can eat some operational losses to be offset by just branding it Ferris. Must have been hard for the other two cafe startups.
  20. I don't know much about them, but the first thing that comes to my mind is a revocable living trust: https://farmlandaccess.org/trusts/#revocable -- could be a great way to preserve it across generations! I mean, i guess so long as the kids don't muck it ??
  21. what a great way to invigorate an underutilized park!
  22. In the Wealthy St. thread, the statement of "that's the last of the warehouse space in GR" got me thinking about the industrial building on the 1300 block of north Monroe (in red). I feel like I heard from one of the Devries brothers (while planning an event at the water plant) -- that they had plans to turn it into housing. Has anyone hear any concrete plans or heard any better rumors? The parcel is registered to a FRANKLIN NORTH MONROE LLC so not sure it's even a Devries property Also, i got out for a ride on Sunny Sunday and noticed the Tillman's restaurant is gone! Parcel is listed to a STEVEN BALK of Olive Shores, so prob related to Hansen Balk across the street. Crossing my fingers for this underutilized area to be developed. Especially as I think some of that grand river greenway money will finally connect the river trail that currently stops at Leonard, to the rest of Riverside park trail and the white pine. It looks like they started clearing trees out already for the Riveredge trail. Its supposed to go under Leonard to connect. That'll be great!
  23. Interesting news at the 25/35 Michigan Spectrum Health/HDVCH Food Court. The Smashburger has finally been replaced by....Le Kebob! https://goo.gl/maps/zhfYaesFhAFcF3fM6 The hours are pretty good, 10am to 8pm Mon-Sat, 10-7 on Sundays....and as long as the food is the same quality as there other locations, this is going to be a win for the employees of Medical Mile. Just learned this today so probably going to check it out this week. I hope they have one of those wood fired ovens for the fresh bread.....
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