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  1. I didn't find much discussion on the Laker Line so i'll add a few things. There was an October meeting that has a proposed plan: http://www.lakerline.org/about/reports/october14_meetingnotes/ . It looks like service to Allendale and connection to Central Stations were both nixed from the plan....seems shortsighted but I get it. I didn't see any mention of having a non-student park and ride lot at GVSU, but I think that will be necessary for locals to take advantage of the service without having a campus parking sticker. There will be larger buses and mixed dedicated lanes which will be good for commuters. It will be interesting to see the details of how they plan to put a station on LMD + Covell...that's a busy and cramped intersection. With the plan for a new commuter lot on Maynard/LMD I hope the old Westdale building and lot on Covell/LMD are converted to something, or at least the building torn down. It's an eyesore, especially in the summer when overgrown with weeds. I predict they'll need to move faster than starting construction in 2017 is GVSU keeps growing like it has been over the last several years.
  2. Anyone know what's going on in what looks to be an old gas station on the corner of Bridge and Garfield? I drive by everyday and they have finished demoing the interior, some changes to exterior and pallets of building materials have arrived inside now.
  3. I can't seem to find any info on the construction that is occurring near the southeast end of airport. Almost looks like another off ramp, then maybe an access road? Any info?
  4. I was wondering the same thing. The line is pretty efficient as it is but the permanent shelters and light priority would make sense. Any dedicated lanes through the Standale artery would make getting through Standale much worse than it is now (it's bad at "rush" hour). I hope they buy the lot at Bridge/Covell/LMD and do something official (like a park and ride lot) on that corner instead of the old Westdale building. We had a campus connector going into Allendale when the service started but it didn't take off, primarily because the township has an wall on student housing (doesn't cross M45 to the north, Filmore to the south, and 56th to the west--a recent expansion beyond the previous line 52nd) so there weren't any riders. I would welcome the service since my family and I will often park at GVSU and take the bus downtown for whatever we need. The kids love it. I just wish it ran more frequently in the summer hours to take me to festival, etc. etc.
  5. New GVSU Science Lab Building will meet demand for STEM and health students: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2013/04/gvsu_hosts_groundbreaking_for.html Plans: http://www.gvsu.edu/cms3/assets/C7309FE5-9B89-AF61-40AC7B73C751E875/final_ps__sd_submission_to_state_for_web.pdf Looks like they are going to eat up a couple dozen parking spaces to get this in front of the rec center. Meanwhile, #NewGVRec is trying to gain momentum on twitter. The students deserve better really. As an alumni paying for a "membership" the health club experience is pretty lacking. At 6am it's not so bad, but any other time...no way.
  6. Are we calling the Downtown Market DOMA? Is it too late to vote that we don't call it that?? To me DOMA is the Defense of Marriage Act, not a nice association.
  7. I believe Founders has taken measures against the noise and put panels on the ceiling. IIRC, It used to be much worse. Sunday afternoon is a great time to go, I just wish they opened at 11am . it's surprisingly family friendly on Sunday afternoon.
  8. "The survey reveals that the metropolitan area with the most optimistic forecast of all for hiring this summer is Grand Rapids-Wyoming, Mich." http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43442072/ns/business-forbes_com/ Nice!!
  9. Story on the BBC about the Diana exhibit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-12216295
  10. My guess is that Twitter happened and supplanted the forums as the place to share information. Twitter is great for sharing.
  11. Slightly offtopic With ArtPrize around the corner, I'm sure the traffic around here will pick-up (it's been slower for a while, seems to me). I 'm thinking some of the traffic here spilled over to a certain microblogging site. If that's the case, I would love to follow fellow planeteers, especially during ArtPrize. Please PM me your userid or follow me @mteddroski. Thanks.
  12. Another article on the housing front: http://www.businessinsider.com/20-cities-where-the-recovery-never-happened-2010-3#17-grand-rapids-mi-4
  13. How will it not make one bit of difference relative to the problems currently encountered on that stretch of road? Please explain.
  14. I'm thinking an edit to the Varieties section is in order :-)
  15. Koeze as good as gold. A write up on Koeze's Cream Nut peanut butter. I can't say that I've ever had it, looks good though I also did not realize that Grand Rapids is the exclusive provenance of the "Wet Burrito". Who knew?!
  16. I wasn't there but there heard others say he was "unassuming" and "humble", both good qualities but there is something to be said for a little bit of flair too
  17. If you didn't catch the segment on NPR Morning Edition this morning, here is the online link. Mr. Keller from Cascade Engineering was prominently featured. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.p...oryId=103926750 Morning Edition, May 8, 2009
  18. This would still require a park and ride lot, and if the last stop is 60th/Division, there really isn't a good way of getting to there from M6/131. I suppose you could hit 54th/Division, but per http://www.rapidsilverline.org/how-will-it-work/how-to-ride there isn't any plan for any parking infrastructure at this at this time. There go my dreams of an M6 cross town.
  19. Yeah, not so sure about the silver line. Wouldn't seem to be enough demand for it, but you'd think ITP would have run the numbers already. I would love to see that money go towards, say an M6 cross-town going from M6/Wilson to the 49/Davenport/Broadmoor....put a couple of park and ride lots at each end, then extend the 8-RivertownGrandville, 16-Wyoming-MetroHealth and 2-Kalamazoo routes to cross M6. The bus could get off at 68th/131, head East on 68th, cross over the 1-Division and 4-Eastern routes, then get back on at M6/Kzoo. I would ride that bus.
  20. I believe the plans for the multi story waterfall were scrapped due to the noise which would be created by the water cascading from the reflection pools from one level to the next. Not sure though, there was talk about a techno waterfall replacement....something more controlled. I'd like to see some pics of the floor of the lobby if you can....supposed to be a large banyan tree mural on the floor.
  21. Thanks goodness there is some reasonable explanation for this. Sometimes I wonder why we do things like this. It seems like such a trivial thing to replace lights which appear to be just fine as I speed by them at 70+ MPH. I had a similar feeling a couple of years ago when (AFAIK) Michigan replaced all of it's roadside highway signs with the wooden break-away legs. One of those things that seems trivial and expensive, but there is probably a good reason for it.
  22. I actually like it a lot. I wish the one on LMD/Wilson was that style. The fake "trying to look like a hometown store" style has always bothered me (a la greenville meijer, cascade meijer).
  23. Mediterranian Island on 44th and Kzoo has a pretty good deli. Well, at least they make pretty good sfeeha and fatayer for only $2 a piece, both of which are my favorite. They make them a bit different that my grandma ever did, but they are very similar tasting. The sfeeha are made with what appears to be pastry dough and are wound in concnetric circles, whereas my Grandma (Syrian) always taught me to use the triangular shape parcels for sfeeha and fatayer. A great quick lunch alternative to fast food. To keep on track with this thread: Allendale Restaurant would feature barbecue ALLENDALE TOWNSHIP -- The Township Board has set a hearing on a mixed-use development that includes a restaurant specializing in smoked meats cooked over open flames.
  24. Cousins Tasty Chicken - Leonard/Fuller. ( i think they are still there)
  25. Last Chance Saloon on Burton has the best burgers in town. They consistantly get left out of the townies et al. A works burger (minus onion) and barbecue chips.
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