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  1. I couldn't be more disappointed at Founders not releasing its NA beer. I had it at Founders fest in...2019? It was great! I even have the perfect name for it! All Day NA Day (all day..any day..). Cmon Founders, pull it together already!
  2. Profile of Shift Coffee+Culture from Roast magazine: Shift Coffee + Culture is Geared Towards Inclusivity in Grand RapidsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine I like what they did with the place! Feels much more welcoming.
  3. The orthopedic ASC (ambulatory surgery centers) and Cardiac ASC have been in the plans for a while. You will see Blodgett and Butterworth becoming much, much, more ICU centric. Methods and protocols are getting better such that long term stays are no longer necessary. The new ASC's will (i believe) offer 23hr stays to avoid inpatient charging/reimbursement...of course, only for those procedures that it fits with. For example, I had double carpal tunnel surgery and that is now an office based procedure that takes like 30 minutes and they send you home with a script for just TWO opiods (norco or whatever). It previously had to be done is a sterile surgical suite/ASC setting. We are getting better at some things in healthcare all things considered. We just announced (but have been working for a while on) converting the 8th floor of Meijer Heart Center to 24 new ICU beds...it was previously conference rooms and medical condos. I *think* this one will also be using modular rooms to speed construction (https://www.businessinsider.com/eir-healthcare-has-created-first-modular-hospital-room-in-world-2018-9). Same goes for the 11th floor of the children's hospital which was previously administration (though I think maybe that might be for a pediatric behavioral health...yes, it is) Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital will be converting existing space for a 12-bed pediatric medical-psychiatric unit to accommodate pediatric patients who have behavioral health comorbidities along with other medical needs. Thank you to the State of Michigan for funding $5 million toward the development of this unit.
  4. Do we have a thread to dream about railway connections for West Michigan? I've been shopping for flights to Florida to escape winter for a minute.... and am learning about the Brightline project that is running in Miami, but is being built out to connect to cocoa, then Orlando all the way to St Pete. Conceptually, it's amazing and I am shocked it's happening tbh. Cheap flight to Orlando and then hit either/both coasts by train? Yes please. And apparently it's not a civil project?! I'm not sure I'd have a problem with the Devos' trying to privatize rail in Michigan, instead of, say education or healthcare. The Brightline construction videos are good fun to watch, if that's your thing. https://youtu.be/7PS-xatL_A0
  5. It was scary trying to cross West River at the 131 ramp when on the White Pine trail and trying to detour to Elk Brewing. If it were adjacent to the trail like Rockford, maybe it would have done a lil better? Maybe. Beer was/is just average which makes it great for a neighborhood watering hole, but not a destination.
  6. Not sure I've seen this on here yet, but GRATA (lol, The Rapid) is rolling out Rapid Connect. I think this is great. Given the low ridership I see on huge busses, it can't be efficient. This is a step in the right direction. Details here: https://therapid.cmail19.com/t/ViewEmail/i/94D170D92DC794482540EF23F30FEDED/021F4DD3AE59ECC56707B176AE29F890?alternativeLink=False Now, if we could do something about those HUGE firetrucks that are called out to every little medical "emergency".....maybe we buy some Emergency Bikes to respond instead? :-). Like these: https://electrek.co/2020/11/26/watch-this-cargo-electric-bicycle-ambulance-in-action-slicing-through-traffic/ ???? (half joking/half serious)
  7. The former Rowsters (Rowers?) on Fulton is turning over to another coffee shop: Entrepreneur to open West Side coffee house - Grand Rapids Magazine (grmag.com) Maybe I should try to lease the Rowsters they tried to put in the Gateway at Belknap?! Inventory - NAI Wisinski of West Michigan - Grand Rapids, MI - Commercial Real Estate Services (naiwwm.com)
  8. A coworker is moving out of their office in Cook. Building is coming down in March. It will be ambulatory space, primarily cardiovascular and I think cancer. Yes to some outpatient services moving from 25/35. There's not a lot of admin there really. The hospital administration that is there will probably move to the North Office Building to the current system office, and system leadership will go to CTI I'm guessing. The CTI building is still on. There's a crane on the ground that looks like it is about to go up.
  9. Another Terra Bagel location going into the former Ferris location on Ionia.....they also serve coffee. https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/terra-bagels-expanding-with-new-location-in-downtown-grand-rapids And a new coffee shop proposed on the veterans park on Sheldon: https://grbj.com/news/nonprofits/nonprofit-nears-500k-goal-for-veterans-focused-coffee-shop/?utm_campaign=Newsletter - GRBJ Daily&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=182058899&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--H2heY0m-yQNsYDPyB3b54WEYKQzM2lPtoXasHgeaTQ-_QAyOXQ9jp9rxcXCfBiNzri3J8pEqZZuYLcZcbIlG85ThJsA&utm_content=182058899&utm_source=hs_email
  10. https://grbj.com/news/government/city-seeks-applicants-for-affordable-housing-board/?utm_campaign=Newsletter - GRBJ Daily&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=180410372&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8h7oDWwjhLkIdkT75Srz55JLlUgauStaFN0-1Gcqx1nmYeQS9iWKaoTtEs7C84L5TD3qP8dALzJZP8d-IHmin-dKapsQ&utm_content=180410372&utm_source=hs_email City seeks applicants for affordable housing board
  11. I hope not, I'm pretty sure the SH master plan calls for its demolition, which is why the parking structure behind it is unfaced. I recall that this building was the Cook 5 & Dime at one time. I remember going there and getting Brachs Pick a Mix. You can actually still hear the creaky wood floors inside the building, which I presume are original flooring from then. I might be imagining that tho :-)
  12. Wow, I am impressed. More of this please! As someone who needs an accessible room, this is really great to see. I hope the emergency exit in the accessible room is ground level, lol.
  13. I was in Detroit this past weekend for the Detroit Marathon and was excited to see the "Market" concept from Meijer being extended to Detroit. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/10/01/detroit-mayor-tours-meijer-rivertown-market/5934834001/ I know it's not the first expansion outside of GR, but it sure was a welcome site to downtown Detroit as far as getting groceries was concerned....seemed like a food desert otherwise. It was packed!
  14. If the trend of wide open throttle motorcycles, straight pipe harleys, modded late-model civics/audis/bmws and fake growling after-market loudness on boomer mustangs, chargers and camaros continues....it will mean less people wanting to live downtown because of the noise, so yes it could impact their/my way of life. Now that EB 96 is open at the bridge, all of these jags are yee-hawing up the EB96 hill and making an excessive amount of noise. It bounces off all of the buildings and echoes all throughout the valley/neighrborhoods. which you could say is because the highways run right through the heart of downtown. it's excruciating and it's about every 1-2 minutes by my (admittedly) obsessive counting...I know, I know "if it's too loud, you're too old"...blah blah blah. Regular highway noise blends into the background, in a low roar.....but this crap cuts through and it sounds like I'm at a monster truck show *all the time*. They know the sound echos off of the Spectrum Health buildings and they LOVE it. My office overlooks the Michigan and Coit intersection and they can't resist vroom-vrooming at the stoplights and then gunning it to echo their manly loudness off the hospital buildings.....so it really is less of a highway problem, and more of an asshole problem i guess. sorry, slightly ranty, slightly off topic.
  15. whew, i am so glad to finally see students on the Laker Line BRT. I've been watching it out my office window throughout the last year and it has been empty almost 100% of the time. It just drove by at 400pm and it was FULL. :-)
  16. Has the AGP always been this same shape/dimensions? (yes, i think i know the answer to that)....but....i think maybe the new glass makes it noticeably deeper than it is wide when looking at it from almost any direction. I think all these years I've thought it was more..... square?? On the parcel mapper it looks to be more L shaped than square. It just looks thinner, like it's lost some weight, lol.
  17. https://grbj.com/news/beverages/grand-rapids-first-death-cafe-offers-a-safe-space-for-grim-conversations/ Anything that brings more access to Vietnamese-style coffee has got to be a good thing. And in light of current events, we should all be talking more openly about our mortality and doing some advanced care planning (advanced directives et al). I'll plug Spectrum Health's Advanced Care Planning tool here as well i guess: https://www.spectrumhealth.org/patient-care/services-and-treatment-detail-pages/advance-care-planning -- we provide free access to an online tool that walks you through everything you need to do, and provides the ability for online witness attestation (the hardest part IMHO) -- the link to request the tool is at the bottom of the page.
  18. This looks ambitious, but will go over really well I think. keep it up Muskegon!. https://grbj.com/news/architecture/adelaide-pointe-development-takes-shape/.
  19. I thought about putting this thread in the Green Grand Rapids section, but it hasn't seen activity in a good long while so no need to have to check two places. Let's talk GR Parks here. I'll start with an idea.... Last night, I went to hammock down at Canal Park, between Linear and Leonard St. bridge and I'll be darned if all of the trees are much further apart than the 13-16 ft spacing recommended for hammocking. This isn't the first time i've had this problem. At Riverside it's a problem...and there is a lack of options for trees for two people to be able to hammock together. I could do one tree, but my wife would have to be some ways away. so i got to thinking.... What if I/we/someone crowdfunded/obtained grant funding to create more options to hammock in all of the city parks? Here's my idea...and it's not new. It's been done before: A Hammock Hotel by a Girl Scout Troop in Arkansas Riverside in Columbus Georgia By a lake in CA complete with permanently affixed hammocks A somewhat industrial looking, cookie cutter, but turnkey...example in Austin Tx I haven't checked it out yet, but there is apparently a Hammock Grove at 48 Gold Ave NW and it would appear we have an outdoor gear library as well already, though it strikes me as not particularly convenient. Start with Riverside park and place logs/poles, secondary to large/mature trees to create better options to hammock. Since riverside is so large, you could create a couple of spots with 3+ options to hammock, but generally, limit them to single or double installations. This presence of these intentional hammock logs (trees? poles?) would discourage using young trees too. How much would that cost really if a girl scout troop can pull it off? Expand the pole installation to other city parks and give the surrounding communities access to nature/leisure they might not otherwise have access to. Maybe DTE donates the logs from their electrical poles (do we still call them telephone poles?). In neighborhoods where residents might not be hammock owners, install the industrial hammocks from the Austin TX example above. That might take some more money apart from just putting logs in the ground...but still, access to nature is important for everyone. It could be a fun little grassroots civic project, right? Assuming this sounds like a good idea, what exactly would next steps look like? I was thinking of doing my own little survey of the parks. photographing trees. photoshopping a log and hammock on them for future state renderings, lol then tallying up costs for three phases: Riverside Proof of concept (log installs only), expansion to City wide log-only installs in parks, and then install of the industrial/turn-key hammocks in parks where it makes more sense. Then, hand it off to the city parks people with a check or something.
  20. Curious to know what this group thinks.....would it ever make sense to close off Bridge St to traffic? Like between Mt Vernon and Seward? Couldn't you divert the traffic into a giant half circle around from Seward to Second to Mt Vernon and just make that a 2 way throughway? I know right now the congestion is higher than normal (maybe?) due to the expressway closure, but it's gotta be a bummer trying to eat outside with all those cars out front. Especially when someone heading East on Bridge decides they want to left turn from Bridge onto Broadway..ugh. It feels like the time is right for some good ole street reclamation.
  21. This news from the NOBL newsletter, I've ALWAYS wanted to get in that building so will definitely be there. UP Meetup anyone??? Coldbrook Creek Corner The Coldbrook pumping station sits at 1101 Monroe Ave. NW, just south of Leonard St., near the site where Coldbrook Creek flows into the Grand River. This historic pump was active from the late 1870’s until just recently. Currently, it may find new life as part of the River For All project which hopes to establish that area as a primary access site for all to enjoy the riverfront. The Coldbrook Creek Community will be hosting a tour of the facility as part of its membership meeting on Monday, September 20, from 6p-7:30p. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Coldbrook Creek originates in the wetlands around Reeds Lake in EGR and from there flows into the Grand River in downtown GR. The mission of the Coldbrook Creek Community is to promote education, protect the environment and provide enjoyment of this watershed. To become involved or for more information please visit www.lgrow.org/coldbrook-creek, or search for us on Facebook.
  22. Hey hey hey, looks like we have something happening on the River!! https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2021/07/new-grand-rapids-festival-to-feature-dragon-boat-races.html Let's get on the water people!
  23. It appears they've closed off Quary between Mitten and Long Road. That's a great idea and i hope it's made permanent. Wouldn't that be a good traffic calming thing year round for that side of the street?
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