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  1. An apartment complex in this area has already been torn down, Whitaker Park, I think, on Pine Street... to make way for $700,000 + homes (The Oaks at Fallon Park)... so I'd say the neighborhood is pretty much in transition.
  2. a few weeks ago... closest is cameron village now.
  3. someone mentioned old navy, i believe...
  4. this does look like a really cool project. can it really be completed in 2008? that'll be here before you know it...
  5. god i knew you'd be all excited about that haha
  6. well, considering there are 3 huge malls within a 20 minute drive of downtown Raleigh, I still say that plunking a mall in the middle of downtown is not the brightest idea I have heard in a long time. I have never been to Macarthur Mall or whatever it is called... actually, I have never even been to Norfolk, so maybe I am just missing out. I doubt it though. I have, on the other hand, been to Providence Place on several occasions, and spent a lot of time in Providence in general. I had a sibling at Providence College, and when I visit my family in New England, I fly in to Providence nearly every time. It is a wonderful city that has truly been revitalized. I think Raleigh could learn a lot by looking to Providence. That does not mean a mall will be the answer to Raleigh's woes... I think the bigger problem with Raleigh is having a city council that listens to 90 year old women from Smithfield when deciding what to do downtown. That is just brilliant... let's build a downtown that caters to people who will be dead in 5 years! god... anyway, I think it would be great if Raleigh spruced up city market (and it will take more than some gas lanterns people) and the Moore Square area in general, and turned that whole area into a shopping district that could be on par with North Hills. Like everything in Raleigh, there is so much potential in that area, yet it just sits there... it is nice enough, but could be so much more. OK, time for work...
  7. just my two cents... I think the idea of a mall downtown is ridiculous.
  8. ^that was so bad it was actually funny
  9. ^^ lol i thought the same thing, then i opened the article and was like the downtown location, wtf? i missed that they were talking about philadelphia...
  10. awww how nice. thanks for posting this.
  11. I think they are making the pope house a museum... anyway, the Boston aquarium is not very large at all, it is more tall than wide. i don't think it would even need a whole block. i am not good at judging the size of things though. also, the Boston aquarium is not really that great... but it sure does attract a lot of people.
  12. that is funny, the guy who wants to build tunnels. he looks like he just crawled out from uner a rock, so maybe that's where he got the idea.
  13. ^^this is probably TMI but last night on my way home from a friends, my 'check engine light' came on in my car, so I spent the morning at the shop, and was unable to 1)sleep in or 2) attend the meeting. this is the third weekend in a row taken up with car troubles... someone please run a red light and total this thing for me... anyway, please post something about the meeting if you ended up going. it would have been cool to meet another UP person... oh well. ; )
  14. i want to, but i am notorious for hitting snooze until I miss whatever I had set my alarm for on the weekends. last weekend i had to get up early to drive to brevard... so it would be REALLY nice to sleep in. we'll see... also, I am not looking forward to being harrassed by a bunch of NIMBY's at 8 am.
  15. i think Hillsborough Street is an important part of Raleigh's revitalization, and this meeting is a great way to contribute any thoughts you may have regarding the proposed roundabouts and such. i plan on attending, but it is pretty early on a saturday morning, so we'll see... http://www.newsobserver.com/102/story/410582.html as a side note, meetings regarding Hillsborough are usually thick with University Park residents who are determined to keep the street from becoming too lively. I don't want it packed full of rowdy bars or anything, but to me, these people need to move to the suburbs if they want a totally quiet place to live. just my opinion of course...
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