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  1. Sixth Street/MLK - Farmington Area

    According to the Fayetteville Flyer, Dunkin Donuts on MLK has closed and Slim Chickens will be moving into that building. This will be the 5th location in City for the Fayetteville based chain. Also looks like a 2nd Dairy Queen will be moving into the old Hardee's building on MLK. Construction has started on the first location on the City's east side near Mission and Crossover.
  2. Fayetteville, Arkansas

    For you Fayetteville people, like myself, the City has put together an interactive map of upcoming planning projects. It shows rezoning requests, annexations, and all of those sort of items. You can click on them and get more detail of what will be coming though the Planning Commission, Subdivision committees etc. Fayetteville Planning Projects
  3. Your NWA Wishlist

    Certainly not a true IMAX but I am still glad to have it. I love the idea of the UARK Theater but parking is always a hassle down there so not sure if that will work. I have not been to one of Malco's bowling lanes but I would like to see that here as well.
  4. Your NWA Wishlist

    Just came across one of my "Wish List" items for Fayetteville/NW Arkansas. Malco Razorback 16 Theater is appears to be sneaking in an IMAX theater with the current renovations. The IMAX is supposed to be completed for the new Star Wars movie this December. They are also updating the theater with luxury recliners, and a bar and grill area. Recently the AMC Fiesta Square 16 Theater renovated with new seating and a bar. Still waiting on the independent theater on Dickson to get moving... Here is a link to the article about the new IMAX from Malco's Facebook: IMAX
  5. Infill projects in downtown Fayetteville

    Yes and you can be assured that those idiots will be there to protest any taller buildings in the city. I just don't get these people. They just don't have any concept of land cost and needed density for projects to be cost effective. A 6-8 story building would work great there and the value of their property would continue to climb.
  6. Infill projects in downtown Fayetteville

    The lot across the street from the Collier's on Dickson Street has sold again. This time it brought $4.4 Million. No immediate plans for the site but the investors are planning some sort of future mixed use building. The land is zoned main street/center so they will be limited to around 84' in height if I remember correctly. Whatever they end up doing will have to make every inch count at that price.
  7. Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    The old Ruby Tuesday building in Fayetteville has been recently purchased but they have not specified what will be going in there. Also the former Ryan's/BBQ place in Uptown Fayetteville sold a couple months ago but I have not heard what they are going to be doing with it either. It looks like it is currently being remodeled. Has anyone heard?
  8. NWA Growth

    Looks like they only missed Fayetteville's population by about 30,000. LOL
  9. Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    Back to restaurants and the usual monthly update from Fayetteville Flyer. This is one of my favorite things they do actually. Good news is that there is more stuff opening this time than closing. Here is a link to the new restaurants for anyone that missed it: Fayetteville Flyer Restaurant Updates All movie theaters in Fayetteville will be offering more food and adult beverage options soon. We are only a decade behind but I still think it's smart. I still wish AMC or Malco would of just built another theater off of Wedington and I-49 for example, They could of added an IMAX easily. Even with the updates coming to the Fiesta Square theater, I will still prefer the Razorback 16 and I will certainly try the new Independent theater on Dickson. Theaters are still experiencing declines in ticket sales so it's probably best they are not sinking millions into a new build. As far as a Razorback expansion with bowling and IMAX, I guess it could be possible in that area near Academy.
  10. Midtown Fayetteville

    Pretty much the same as the rest of their Starbucks anchored developments. I guess if they concept works then go with it.
  11. University of Arkansas Projects

    Yep, we owned 3 of those houses, no more free parking for basketball
  12. College Avenue Developments

    I know that the old Arvest went under contract quickly. Rumor is a coffee shop of some sort but I have not heard anything about the AQ or World Gym as of yet.
  13. Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    The new Buffalo Wild Wings opened on the SE corner of Joyce and Steele today. I was one of the lucky ones that got free wings for a year after waiting an hour outside.
  14. Infill projects in downtown Fayetteville

    I would certainly prefer brick, this looks way too plain...maybe add some color?
  15. Infill projects in downtown Fayetteville

    This is exactly what Fayetteville needs and has needed for 20 years! I just hope that parking does not hurt business.