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  1. strmchsr77

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    You are right Nick! I read Fitness One for some reason instead of Planet Fitness. Thanks for that.
  2. strmchsr77

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    A new hotel concept may be coming to West Fayetteville soon. Avid Hotels (part of the IHG company) is looking to build a 5 story hotel just off the I-49 and Wedington exit. This will be the first in the state and possibly one of very few in the United States, as they currently only have one in Oklahoma City. They look similar to a Tru by Hilton with very modern features and open lobby. There have been rumors of a hotel in this location since Cross Church and Fitness One opened 8-9 months ago. Another area off of of Wedington and Salem just East of the Walmart Neighborhood Market is trying to make a change in zoning to allow hotels. So don't be surprised if another hotel is announced in this area in the coming months. Article from the Fayetteville Flyer.
  3. strmchsr77

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    The former Zaxby's restaurant on N. College will soon be the home of a new to the area breakfast/lunch chain called First Watch. Nearest locations are in Tulsa and Springfield, MO. Here is a link to the website: First Watch Also CJ's Butcher Boy will be adding a Fayetteville location at 3484 W. Wedington. This is a chain out of Russellville and they already have many locations in Central Arkansas (Dave's) and a couple in the River Valley (Patrick's). Here is the story from The Fayetteville Flyer: CJ's Butcher Boy
  4. strmchsr77

    NWA Growth

    Below are the new population estimates for July 1, 2017. So you can guess about where they sit as of May 2018. Fayetteville should take over as Arkansas' second largest city sometime in 2019/2020 assuming the numbers continue to be close to what they are today. 2017 Population, Growth Bentonville: 49,298 Added 2,281 (4.9%) Conway: 65,782 Added 928 (1.4%) Fayetteville: 85,257 Added 1,930 (2.3%) Fort Smith: 88,037 Added 362 (0.4%) Jonesboro: 75,866 Added 1,183 (1.6%) Little Rock: 198,606 Added 299 (0.2%) North Little Rock: 65,911 Fell 155 (-0.2%) Rogers: 66,430 Added 1,419 (2.2%) Springdale: 79,599 Added 1,180 (1.5%)
  5. strmchsr77

    University of Arkansas Projects

    The University has a page set up where you can watch all the current construction projects. You can also time lapse them. Here is the link to anyone that is interested: Construction Cameras
  6. Looks like the Arkansas Dept of Transportation has decided against the first two proposals for the I-49/MLK intersection. They presented a new option using a SPUI which is a single point urban interchange. Sounds like it will be a bit more complex than this one with multiple roundabouts further south. Here is an animated example of one:
  7. strmchsr77

    Sixth Street/MLK - Farmington Area

    According to the Fayetteville Flyer, Dunkin Donuts on MLK has closed and Slim Chickens will be moving into that building. This will be the 5th location in City for the Fayetteville based chain. Also looks like a 2nd Dairy Queen will be moving into the old Hardee's building on MLK. Construction has started on the first location on the City's east side near Mission and Crossover.
  8. strmchsr77

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    For you Fayetteville people, like myself, the City has put together an interactive map of upcoming planning projects. It shows rezoning requests, annexations, and all of those sort of items. You can click on them and get more detail of what will be coming though the Planning Commission, Subdivision committees etc. Fayetteville Planning Projects
  9. strmchsr77

    Your NWA Wishlist

    Certainly not a true IMAX but I am still glad to have it. I love the idea of the UARK Theater but parking is always a hassle down there so not sure if that will work. I have not been to one of Malco's bowling lanes but I would like to see that here as well.
  10. strmchsr77

    Your NWA Wishlist

    Just came across one of my "Wish List" items for Fayetteville/NW Arkansas. Malco Razorback 16 Theater is appears to be sneaking in an IMAX theater with the current renovations. The IMAX is supposed to be completed for the new Star Wars movie this December. They are also updating the theater with luxury recliners, and a bar and grill area. Recently the AMC Fiesta Square 16 Theater renovated with new seating and a bar. Still waiting on the independent theater on Dickson to get moving... Here is a link to the article about the new IMAX from Malco's Facebook: IMAX
  11. strmchsr77

    Infill projects in downtown Fayetteville

    Yes and you can be assured that those idiots will be there to protest any taller buildings in the city. I just don't get these people. They just don't have any concept of land cost and needed density for projects to be cost effective. A 6-8 story building would work great there and the value of their property would continue to climb.
  12. strmchsr77

    Infill projects in downtown Fayetteville

    The lot across the street from the Collier's on Dickson Street has sold again. This time it brought $4.4 Million. No immediate plans for the site but the investors are planning some sort of future mixed use building. The land is zoned main street/center so they will be limited to around 84' in height if I remember correctly. Whatever they end up doing will have to make every inch count at that price.
  13. strmchsr77

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    The old Ruby Tuesday building in Fayetteville has been recently purchased but they have not specified what will be going in there. Also the former Ryan's/BBQ place in Uptown Fayetteville sold a couple months ago but I have not heard what they are going to be doing with it either. It looks like it is currently being remodeled. Has anyone heard?
  14. strmchsr77

    NWA Growth

    Looks like they only missed Fayetteville's population by about 30,000. LOL
  15. strmchsr77

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    Back to restaurants and the usual monthly update from Fayetteville Flyer. This is one of my favorite things they do actually. Good news is that there is more stuff opening this time than closing. Here is a link to the new restaurants for anyone that missed it: Fayetteville Flyer Restaurant Updates All movie theaters in Fayetteville will be offering more food and adult beverage options soon. We are only a decade behind but I still think it's smart. I still wish AMC or Malco would of just built another theater off of Wedington and I-49 for example, They could of added an IMAX easily. Even with the updates coming to the Fiesta Square theater, I will still prefer the Razorback 16 and I will certainly try the new Independent theater on Dickson. Theaters are still experiencing declines in ticket sales so it's probably best they are not sinking millions into a new build. As far as a Razorback expansion with bowling and IMAX, I guess it could be possible in that area near Academy.