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  1. the new neighborhood market opens tomorrow in east springdale, looks like they are planning on putting alot of other retail spaces around it as well, the ground work is still going on around the new arvest bank, and i heard some rumors that they will be building more medium and low income housing/ apartments around it all.
  2. Fort Smith is dying. It's maufacturing base is falling apart and will eventualy become non existent. I say Springdale over Fayetteville within 15 years, easy. Highest growth rate, cheapest housing and cost of living, and new high traffic corridors ready for development, plenty of flat land and more readily available for annexation, as well as a planned 412 bypass around the northern part of the city, how could you not say Springdale?
  3. has anyone heard anything new on the Springdale Highschool expansion? i know emma has been closed forever and that they have been doing some ground work, any more info???
  4. Yea I deffinately cant wait for Huntsville/ Butterfield to be done. It'll be sooooo much easier to get from I-540 to the east side, I also heard some one say that the 412 bypass is supposed to intersect with 265 and hug the edge of the industrial park, and that would be awesome.
  5. I love where the Naturals stadium is but I would have loved it even more if they would have built it in Downtown Springdale and try to revamp the surrounding area and try to attract new businesses.
  6. I have'nt heard anything on Springdale lately so I thought I'd update everyone on whats going on in Springdale currently. I recently moved to the east side to Remington Place Apartments and was surprised at how nice these apartments were, being on this side of Springdale. I also noticed that Huntsville AVE/ Butterfield Coach RD is comming together quite nicely being able to take you from exit 73 off I-540 to 71b Thompson, then to Ar 265 Old Missouri, then to 412 east Robinson, then to the new southern corridor Don Tyson Parkway, mostly 5 lane capacity. Another thing that surprised me when i drove around the "hood" some more was the fact that Springdale's Industrial park had alot going up over there off of Huntsville and Emma just east of 265. I'm sure you all know about the new UPS facillity that was just built, and it looks very nice from the street. Springdale is also trying to build a new park over on the east side some where off of Butterfield Coach in the very near future. At the intersection of Butter Field Coach and 412 east Robinson right next to the existing Harps is a Walgreen's and a Neighborhood Market both near completion as well as a planned First National Bank and an Arvest Bank. The only draw back to this side of town is the fact that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING residentialy proposed is low income, it may look like theres some nice brick homes going up but its nothing but duplexes and more apartments, as well as the crime and drug raids that occure all the time, as in I see a raid just about every day in the neighborhood around my apartments or in my apartments. I mysely am 20 and a college student, and extremely broke so this is one of the few places I can live in NWA, but it's fine because I grew up in Springdale and I love it here. Hopefully the New developments over here can help dress up the area, because I know Springdale's Downtown neighborhoods are a lost cause and a haven for criminal activity. I'm curious as to who else lives in Springdale on this forum?
  7. Who all here is going to use a western bypass? Not me...
  8. Even with a western bypass 540 will still be just as terrible and will continue to get worse and worse, it would be smarter to take the expressway in north fayetteville, extend it over 71, go over 265, then head north towards rogers and hit 540 again just north of bentonville, the eastern bypass would ease so much more traffic for those of us that live and work on the east side of the city, how would that not make sense especially if it hit the 412 bypass? It would create two perfect loops along 540 containing all of Springdale and north Fayetteville, and all of Rogers and Lowell.
  9. whats up with mcdonald's new mc cafe? i heard their coffee is killing star bucks bad.
  10. ORT is using more and more of the fullsize busses now adays, and ill be a rider here pretty soon, gas hit 4 dollars in springdale this past weekend and im done!
  11. Any form of unity would help this situation pan out, but if you think the crime is bad enough now, if there aren't any new jobs soon, your gunna see alot more violent gang activity, and im not talking about breakins, and stolen goods, im talking about organization, because what it all boils down to is everyone wants to be able to eat, and if people arent hiring, people cant eat, people cant feed the kids, pay the rent, and so on, and so forth, alot of people around here are too oblivious to the fact that we're not a small community anymore, its not the same growing up here as it was 10 years ago, and its not just the people you hang around, its turned into a means for survival, trust me, not everyone can work for wal mart home office, and you damn sure cant work a regular job for 450 a week, make a car payment, feed the kids, pay rent, pay the bills, and try to set a little aside for gas and groceries, come on, the country as a whole is eating its self, its only a matter of time before the sh*t actualy hits the fan in NWA, we couldnt ride on those big blue coat tails for ever. Sorry for continuing the off topic remarks guys
  12. The club idea is awesome, but all the clubs here have come and gone and they all laked one thing, FUN. It would be nice if they could remodel it and make it a huge club, its in a perfect spot too, and plenty, PLENTY of parking.
  13. Umm I'm pretty sure my favorite steak is at Colton's in Faytown. And at $12 with the fixings, you cant beat that.
  14. My bad dude, i missed that part, but what the hell do they plan on accomplishing by sending half of the 412 interchange traffic south to the two lane johnson interchange? are they just wanting to the south corridor to be a local thru way to the westside thats strictly residential? The bottle neck at the johnson interchange would be absolutely rediculous. Are they not going to have a vote on whether or not to have an interchange there? Have they decided on a 5 lane or boulevard yet? Personaly id like to see a boulevard until it reaches the interstate then turn into a 5 lane by the ballpark.
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