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    I'm sure you know. If you need to email me then do so at [email protected]<br />
  1. I was actually at the airport a couple nights ago and saw signs of this construction. It was too dark to get a pic, but there's definitely steel sticking up from the lot. You know, the type to reinforce concrete. I had been meaning to post about it.
  2. YAY!!!!! I was afraid that the opportunity to turn this into an urban area was slipping away.
  3. If you do, send an invite to www.myspace.com/rochaman
  4. I'm personally boycotting CVS until they publicly confront this issue (at very least) and hope that everyone else who hasn't stated their intent to do so will join me in it. I am tremendously disappointed with their lack of presence in all of this, it is a spineless display of public avoidance. What else are they willing to let be destroyed in their name?
  5. Actually, according to the article's math, it'd really be between 1,500 and 1,820 users a day if you counted Boston, Providence, and Warwick riders. That's not really even factoring outsiders going INTO Pawtucket to visit depending on how it's downtown turns out in the future. A lot can happen between now and 2030.
  6. I'm not happy about this but I can't go. Is there going to be any sort of second meeting between this one and Providence Tomorrow? Actually, on second thought, what time do you think you'll be there till?
  7. If that ended up happening, I think Providence-Warwick could become the central transportation hub of the northeast. Imagine the options at that point.
  8. I'll be there no matter when you guys arrange this. This is the meeting I've been waiting for the since we started meetings so I wouldn't miss it for the world. Does anybody in this forum have any prior experience with this sort of process? It'd obviously be of great assistance but I think that we're collectively capable of creating a plan to execute this. Yay! I'm so excited!
  9. This is so desperately needed, I really don't think this can get done soon enough.
  10. Smith Hill does need retail but I'd prefer something that isn't cheasy, like Tim Hortons, to be honest.
  11. You mean on the bottom where our names are? If you drag over to them, it tells you what that person's doing. Actually, only I'm allowed to see what people are typing while they're typing. I'm good like that. :shifty: Really.
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