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  1. Any way to find out what's going in the old Famous Dave's site at 7086 Bakers Bridge Rd in Cool Springs?
  2. Now we just need to get something going for the Knights Inn at 99 Spring St.
  3. Some photos of my walk around the Ovation development. Franklin has activated all the new stoplights that would be very helpful if there was actually traffic in this area. Note the "Mcewen skyline"
  4. I sure would like to see more photos of Church St Center. Especially inside. I miss that place.
  5. When C&B closed, I saw a tall blonde lady in heels with a tiny dog just standing there outside the Aertson. I think she was hungry, but I didn't know what to do. I guess I was thinking someone else would come along and save the day. I hope God forgives me for my inaction.
  6. You have to tear down trees in order to bring in trees.
  7. I've seen this building my entire life, but my brain has never locked on to it at all. Yeah, it's ugly, but it seems to serve a vital purpose at least for now. I don't want a big ass mural on the side of it. The occasional image projection relevant to whatever event is going on would be cooler.
  8. I've been a member of these forums and a fan of skyscrapers and urban growth a lot longer than I've been a Metro employee. We definitely need to continue to offer whatever incentives necessary to lure these companies here. That's just how things work in major metropolitan areas. They provide jobs and keep our economy running, etc. But at the same time, we are asked to do more and more to keep our government running and I'm talking about essential services like police, fire medical. We should be paying more than surrounding counties. We give up our lunch breaks to have enough staff to answer 911 calls sometimes. We are a growing city, and those who keep it running are often lost in this discussion.
  9. Will this help or hurt the movie theater component of Nashville Yards?
  10. What are they building at the Southeast corner of 3rd Ave S & Broadway?
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