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  1. So in other words, they didn't operate to Marriott standards and lost their flag.
  2. Do you still have to go thru the body scanner and get groped by the agent?
  3. Could double as riot control if needed
  4. What is a state funding board grant? Does that mean Tennesseans are paying to build one of his buildings?
  5. Photo taken yesterday morning at 4:28 a.m. from metro emergency communications near Belmont. This is the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket which had taken off from Cape Canaveral seven minutes beforehand. It was over the Atlantic Ocean at the time this photo was taken.
  6. This empty field part of the old Ovation project in Franklin seems to have 24/7 security. Interesting since there’s nothing there yet except for some dirt movers.
  7. Any way to find out what's going in the old Famous Dave's site at 7086 Bakers Bridge Rd in Cool Springs?
  8. Now we just need to get something going for the Knights Inn at 99 Spring St.
  9. Some photos of my walk around the Ovation development. Franklin has activated all the new stoplights that would be very helpful if there was actually traffic in this area. Note the "Mcewen skyline"
  10. I sure would like to see more photos of Church St Center. Especially inside. I miss that place.
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