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  1. That sounds like something a theme park developer would say!
  2. Something about this 1989 skyline. The skyscrapers look like titans among the numerous smaller buildings below. The old guard.
  3. Yes. The airport is building a state of the art international arrivals facility to accommodate and attract new international flights. It opens in 2023.
  4. There's a bunch of older apartments in Green Hills and the Midtown area for a little north of $1,000 / month. Otherwise, tell her to get on Craigslist and search for female roommates near Vandy / Belmont etc
  5. Thanks for your updates on the Cool Springs area,. I'm thinking about moving into the new Harper apartments. I think Dunkin' and Chipotle are putting in restaurants right in front of them also.
  6. Agreed. These public forums are about as useless as endless meetings in the corporate world. Less talk, more action.
  7. You wouldn't believe the number of people who live downtown literally at towers with bars and restaurants at the base and ask for MNPD to respond to loud music.
  8. Event and sports team incubators is what I like to think the old and future Municipal Auditorium provides.
  9. Gross? I didn't get that impression when I was devouring their prime filet. It did get loud in there during happy hour with the sound bouncing around all the walls.
  10. I googled this out of curiosity, because their 45 degree angle imagery is really cool. I can't find anything other than news articles from 2012 talking about the deployment of airplanes used to gather this imagery.
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