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  1. I don't know, but we'll need a side bet on metro making bad decisions to screw it up.
  2. Sometimes it’s difficult to translate thoughts into posts in this environment, but that’s pretty close to what I meant. Each sector has a certain amount of patrol officers on any given shift (A,B,C). There are also special commands such as additional officers on lower broad on the weekends, but even then it gets very very busy with drunk and disorderly calls. The alcohol related incidents downtown stretch both PD and FD resources really thin. Outside of the tourist areas is a whole other ballgame with increasing crime and drug overdoses.
  3. MPD has very limited resources. Every time they arrest (someone it takes an officer off the streets for two hours. The pending calls then start backing up, and people wonder why it takes so long for an officer to respond when their car is broken into. Nashville needs to start keeping actual violent criminals behind bars.
  4. All the way from Downtown. Just fling the bachelorettes and dude bros from the rooftop of Jason Aldeans. Safer than riding a Bird scooter down I40.
  5. So who gets to live in the new castle penthouse? I would like to tour it.
  6. Very few locals it seems like. Some come down from KY and such.
  7. This is what we deal with every weekend at Metro Nashville 9-1-1. It's crazy but you get numb to it.
  8. Amazon Prime Air passing over Metro Nashville Emergency Communications Center
  9. Very convenient access to 13/31 to test drive a Ferrari.
  10. I don't do such things anymore, but I have done the pedal tavern years ago. It was a lot of fun. You are with your friends, stop at different bars, and mostly going downhill or level. Plus the feeling of doing all this out in the open is liberating.
  11. They (metro? media?) have been chomping at the bit for this to finally happen to regulate these drunk wagons in some form or fashion
  12. Phil Valentine said the same thing before fighting for his life with COVID. And I'm a conservative. This anti-vax rhetoric is why we lose elections.
  13. Lit up at night really makes Nashville look world class
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