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  1. It finally sold after all these years. I always heard Gaylord and others begged them to sell.
  2. No airline has picked up a nonstop Nashville to Paris yet. The opening of the new international terminal will be a big selling point for additional routes to Europe and beyond!
  3. Would you want to work a job where you are hated and vilified everywhere no matter how well you do your job?
  4. It's been nice having an almost car free picturesque area to walk, jog, etc over the past half decade.
  5. Legacy Cool Springs on the right is chugging along. The apartments on the left, The Harper is mostly done but has had residents for months now. New retail in front is almost all done.
  6. Does airport PD still patrol the obs lot after dark? They used to run me off for no reason other than the stupid sign.
  7. Your jokes are living on a prayer. BTW where are the secret tunnels that should have been unearthed by now? I thought old buildings like these have prohibition tunnels and other secrets.
  8. I don't know if Facebook has changed, or the airport has changed their facebook page, but no matter what I do, I rarely see it in my news feed anymore. I used to always enjoy commenting and bantering. Thanks for posting them here.
  9. That sounds like something a theme park developer would say!
  10. Something about this 1989 skyline. The skyscrapers look like titans among the numerous smaller buildings below. The old guard.
  11. Yes. The airport is building a state of the art international arrivals facility to accommodate and attract new international flights. It opens in 2023.
  12. You're exactly right. I'm 9-1-1 dispatcher, and the bars down there have really turned into such a bad element. I even took the call from the lady who got hit from the stray bullet on an upper floor of the apartments across the street. That's a call I will never forget. Tear it all down and start over.
  13. There's a bunch of older apartments in Green Hills and the Midtown area for a little north of $1,000 / month. Otherwise, tell her to get on Craigslist and search for female roommates near Vandy / Belmont etc
  14. Thanks for your updates on the Cool Springs area,. I'm thinking about moving into the new Harper apartments. I think Dunkin' and Chipotle are putting in restaurants right in front of them also.
  15. Agreed. These public forums are about as useless as endless meetings in the corporate world. Less talk, more action.
  16. You wouldn't believe the number of people who live downtown literally at towers with bars and restaurants at the base and ask for MNPD to respond to loud music.
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