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  1. Seems like this project is fading away... Any rumors out there?
  2. Wow, this rendering makes me really sad... lol. -Would've been nice... Does anyone know who owns the large surface lot between Ionia and Division? (just NE of the Lyon/Ottawa site)
  3. JP9

    John Ball Zoo

    Does anyone know how long they expect it to take until they complete all of the expansions they hope to do?
  4. Are they widening the highway down in the bottom right hand corner?
  5. so which drawing is the final design for this building? I have seen a few but the one atop looks like an older version...
  6. I think they expand for the sake of not being over crowded. I was recently at the Eric Claptoon concert and it was insane just to walk 30ft to the restroom. It took about 10 minutes just because the concorse was poorly thoughtout with a line for the concessions right next to the restrooms...
  7. and i thought everyone was saying 14 stories... the rendering shows 11...
  8. JP9

    John Ball Zoo

    what were the new attractions this year?
  9. wow i like that picture ^ if there was a tower at Lyon and Ottawa like there was supposed to be it would be 10x better even.
  10. I agree that we need More Mass Transit, but what exaclty is LRT or BRT?
  11. has anyone herd anything lately about the status of the Zoo expansion? Just wondering....
  12. does anyone know what's going on with Buchanan's proposal for N. Monroe?
  13. JP9

    John Ball Zoo

    It certainly does have an interesting location, but that is what makes us different from other places...
  14. JP9

    John Ball Zoo

    Wow, I hope they do this. I really enjoy our zoo, but why does it say "2005" vision...
  15. Does anyone know exaclty where Jack Buchanan's mix use/ condo/ high rise is going? I can't really tell by the picture that was released...
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