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  1. i live right behind it and i dont go there much, it's like the shopping of the damned.
  2. we went again Saturday night around 8:30 and there was only one other table of people. but again the food was fantastic. I believe they would do very well in a more visible location.
  3. Went to Bon Thai off Woodruff road Saturday for lunch. The service lacked a little but the food more than made up for it. It's definitely worth checking out, we will be making it a regular on out places to hit.
  4. There can be only one. edit: damn, StrangeCock beat me to it.
  5. that sign design makes me want to punch myself in the face. Papyrus font, really? Also, purple generally lights terribly at night. I hope this design is not idicative of the overall effort but into the restaurant, because there was none put into this.
  6. As a graphic designer for a local Sign Company, and someone that has been in signs for about 10 years now, i'll put my two cents in here. #1 It is really hard to talk a business owner out of a bad idea, believe me I've tried, especially if they came up with the idea or logo themselves. #2 A lot of business owners starting out forget to put a budget for a sign into their plans, its usually the last thing they think of and they want it at the last minute and have nothing in their budget left for it. #3 you would be surprised at some of the terrible ideas "artists and designers" come up with and then leave it to folks like me to figure out how in the world to make it work, design agencies can cause quite a mess on the sign front. and on the Blair Jewelers and Sunrise Spa...those are both terribly uninspired designs and about St. Clair doing good work, most if not all of their manufacturing is subbed out to wholesalers.
  7. that's kind of odd considering there is one across the street at Greenridge.
  8. hey, i never said i had good taste in music but it looks like that may be something we have in common...
  9. I was at that show, but i was more than a few years ago...it was 9 years ago...Going when they come on Oct 17 too. i dont think i would have put it so nicely but i can agree.
  10. You are correct, there are fliers on the window stating that The Orient is rennovating and for the time being their full menu is available at Sushi Murasaki.
  11. ugh.....thats looks terrible and i say this not just as a Guadalajara customer but also a sign designer. It looks cheap, not as cheap as Cantinfla's but still not good at all.
  12. from the looks of this, its just sad...i could do this in my living room. Really, a pull down screen and projector they probably bought at best buy, what's next some metal folding chairs and a hotplate cooking jiffy pop? I expect this to fail and fail quickly, they even said the stuff they will be showing you can see on video or cable. Now if someone were to open a proper theater with 2 or 3 screens and show classic films as well as new release indy films, that could work. but this...no, just no. at least they wont be losing a whole lot of money in this.
  13. the wife and i were at Guadalajara in Mauldin last night and they had a banner that said "Coming Soon to Downtown Greenville" in the corner...anybody know where it will be going?
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