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  1. grandmabetty78

    The Plaza

    Who build this project? Construction firm. Hmmm.....?
  2. grandmabetty78

    83 Monroe Center - City Flats Hotel

    Maybe something like the 'Exchange' in East Lansing? Yes, I can see that.....issue of course, would be the liquor license.
  3. grandmabetty78

    83 Monroe Center - City Flats Hotel

    No offense to Mr. Dowling, but, I've seen one too many an architect try to take on the construction of projects like this, and fail....miserably. This is a historic building renovation of sorts, (I have a personal history with this building) so, this will be a pretty indepth project for whomever tackles it. Many a code to abide by. Personally, I would hire a professional contractor who has completed similar projects to do a project as extensive as this. Wasn't Dowling a residential architect anyway? Hmmm........wouldn't want to see this project start...and stop...again because somebody got in over their head. It's sad because I feel that some owners don't understand that the bottom line when choosing a contractor, especially in a case like this, should never be only about price.....
  4. grandmabetty78

    83 Monroe Center - City Flats Hotel

    I happen to know for a fact that Shurlow is waiting on a few estimates from an un-known, yet local construction company....NOT Rockford Construction, thank god. She plans on getting started on this soon but overall plans for the building are still preliminary. The gutting ~ seen in snapshot ~ took place quite awhile ago and the building is scary inside to say the least....hope she picks the right team for the job. This would be a GREAT location for any retailer (hint, hint) And condo's / apts as well would be very attractive, I would think, in that area. Any other idea's anyone?
  5. grandmabetty78

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    The rendering looks great! Does anyone know if MSU is in fact working with an architect?
  6. grandmabetty78

    Former JA Building Renovation

    Anybody know if Winkelman has plans to begin construction, aka. get the party started, on this project any time soon? Hmmm.........and, does the building have interested tenants yet?
  7. grandmabetty78

    83 Monroe Center - City Flats Hotel

    Does anybody have any updates on the progress of starting construction work on this project? I'd love to see this project get moving!! Thought it was going to start awhile ago? Whats up...