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  1. Before I got to your third point, immediately I thought PSC!! That's a lot longer shot than either of those others. Wasn't there an actual report a few years back that said PSC was looking somewhere in northeast Davidson County on the Cumberland, or did I confuse that with another firm?
  2. It doesn't have a garage to add to the costs. But I'd expect it'll be even a step down from 505. If I were to rent an upscale apartment in the middle of a sunbelt city with no public transportation, I'd for sure insist on having a garage under the building. I've heard Mr. Giarratana plans to negotiate with a nearby garage for residents who want one, but that still means they'll need to step out in the elements. So for those reasons, I believe this will be very very midrange.
  3. It would help if these projects would have unique, distinctive names... like "Stacked Boxes on Church" for this one.... and "Giarratower Residences at the Federal Building that Took Three Decades to Build" for the one across the street.
  4. If that picture could have been taken just slightly to the left, it'd be perfect.
  5. I'd guess the appeal to Mt. Juliet is its proximity to BNA, especially for a company that wants outside of Davidson County. Haven't been to MJ in several years, but I recall there's lots of land around there. Judging from the abundance of cedar trees around there however I'd guess it's very rocky land. Have to think that's a relatively minor consideration to an entity that wants to build 800K suburban style office buildings. Also, the traffic situation up I-65 in Williamson has gotten so bad, I'd expect large companies may want to avoid that altogether. Given the above and proximity to both lakes in the metro area, I expect western Wilson will explode with growth in the next decade, Still hope there's a chance that River North would be the location they choose.
  6. The EPB has been advertising for years that ours is the first city-wide "Gig" and that goes back to before 2011 when we got ours installed. It's almost been a challenged to keep routers that can keep up with everything that my family streams.
  7. Just wondering. Here in Nooga we have fiber optic cable and internet from our Electric Power Board. Countywide... and now extending into Sequatchie and Bradley. It's very nice. It's given Xfinity a reason to try and be competitive. And they're losing the competition.
  8. How bad is this for Nashville? https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/07/24/google-fiber-tv-pulls-out-of-nashville.html
  9. Impressive! Thanks for the pics. Now I know why I wasn't able to see the enormous columns when I drove by back in late June. I had seen them in a photo posted on this forum and wanted to see them up close. They're covered up with the heavy plywood. Good move!
  10. Great pics of Vandy. Really need to go up there and walk around. Imagine that project in triplicate by the time they're finished (2 years?). Wasn't much of a fan of the (apparently) random placement of the stonework in the brick, but the stone around the arch along 25th Avenue looks very nice. Also, up close the herringbone (?) pattern of the light bricks looks much better than I expected, and they're not really so visible from a distance. The multi-story bay windows are great looking and the nooks/archways are really cool. I'd never guess the pic of the patio is facing the old Pike house (barely visible in the back). I think it's the PiPhi house now. Trying to remember what was where that patio and building (Panhellenic center?) stand now, but I think it was a sorority house and a parking lot. My question regards the architects: What's the difference between the Architects of Record (Hastings) and the Design Architects (David M. Schwarz), who also did the Schermerhorn center and the Bronson Ingram college hall? And the fence obscures who the General Contractor is. So what firm?
  11. Great pic! The Graduate hotel and the residential tower adjacent to it are adding so much texture to that view. Of course, the king of texture is Union Station. One22One will make it look like a real urban corridor.
  12. On many days, the Alliance-Bernstein building (is it called 501 Commerce?) is virtually invisible from the south. Blends into 505 Church Street.
  13. The COVID shutdown and riots in larger cities will take a toll on their commercial office space and residential markets. As per the WSJ article I posted yesterday and other news reports, this is already happening in NYC, SF, Chicago and Seattle. Taxes will be shooting up soon. From the NBJ: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/07/23/colliers-covid-office-sublease-analysis.html "San Francisco has more sublease space on the market than they've seen in decades. Rents in New York are projected to plunge 20% to 40%, potentially. We’re not seeing that," added Shane Douglas, who like Sterchi is a partner and executive vice president at Nashville's Colliers affiliate.
  14. Wow! The great unreported story of Nashville development in the past five years has been the boom in Metro Center.
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