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  1. From Sky5 HD copter, this morning.
  2. I cannot think of a better location for a new large mixed use (residential) development like this. There are already townhomes going up just on the edge of this property. But I hope they put in an alternate through-way for north-south traffic (basically parallel to Broad). I think they could connect Chestnut to Broad at various spots, as well as bring it to an end at the base of Cumming Hwy. As Chattanooga approaches 200,000 in population, I'd really like to see this happen. At present that whole area is desolate and looks bad to everyone travelling from Nashville or Birmingham.
  3. Smokey Robinson says... "I second that emotion."
  4. Sunda Asian will go in the space Cantina Laredo occupied, from The Tennessean..
  5. Definitely a Parkway Towers vibe.
  6. I think the Marriott tri-brand across KVB from the Omni seems to be taking a very long time. Where are they on that one?
  7. Oh my! That siding on the new Hines 222 Tower! Frightening! Looks like a high rise mobile home... but I don't mean to insult mobile homes.
  8. According to NP, the Predators and Montgomery County, and Austin Peay, are in early discussions on partnering for a new multi-event arena with seating of 25,000. No location identified. Boclair writes: "Austin Peay State University is also part of the talks for the proposed venue, which, according to studies, would feature a regulation hockey rink and seating capacity of up to 25,000. The ice surface could be converted to a basketball floor, convention or event space as needed. The site also could house one or two secondary rinks, more than a dozen executive suits, plus meeting and club rooms." Behind paywall:
  9. REI and Publix are coming to East Hamilton area at the Waterside complex... Stores will open in summer 2018 at $100 million complex Publix store would be area's sixth 300 Apartments being built
  10. I'd like to see the Wikipedia picture of the skyline replaced with a clearer, brighter, and slightly closer shot of the last one above. The second one with Midtown would work too.
  11. There's still hope! Maybe Nashville will get one in "CityPaTown".
  12. Thanks Rookzie. It's a bit surprising to me that Green Hills was that sparsely developed as "recently" as 1960 (those houses in the background are new). What is still fairly rural in the photo is really not far from downtown. You can get a sense that Nashville did not really have a built core like larger cities at the time, that she has caught up to since then. Just one more indicator of how much Nashville has grown since then, albeit mostly through suburban sprawl.
  13. Filter and Fog... "River City" taken yesterday by the NC5 "Sky 5" crew
  14. Mmmmph! That north side of Commerce is just crying for street-front retail with parking/residential above.
  15. I thought a couple seemed high too. I should have said these are not mine; and of course, they're not official. While I rounded to the nearest hundred, they're from a friend, actually a friend of my father's, who is a retired Math professor at Georgia Tech & Sewanee. He's also a trained actuary who only consults businesses these days on market demographic details. He has consulted several governors, and nailed the past two (2000 and 2010) census results. Some of his spreadsheets are hundreds of pages in length. He gives everything in ranges (I understand to allow for economic changes), but that's probably standard. He also said he assumed an increasing growth rate for these numbers above; something he says the US Census projections miss every time. A very humble guy, after doing these for 40 years he still qualifies his numbers by saying, "now these are just estimates", almost every other breath. Sort of annoying. I want to tell him he should be more confident. Anyway, I put them here to look back and see how close he was on these.