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  1. More on the May Hosiery Mill redevelopment and possible hotel. Rendering shows no hotel. The Planning Commission will vote on the zoning change request on Thursday, June 28. Metro Council approval also will be needed. AJ Capital Partners co-developed the aforementioned Thompson Hotel. The company also has broken ground on the Midtown site to offer boutique Graduate Hotel Nashville on West End Avenue.
  2. MLBrumby

    More Accolades for Nashville

    Interesting. Healthcare is a fertile ground for this technology.
  3. That's all well and good, but Charlotte is NOT Nashville. We know you guys have a tall downtown. That's nice to see from the Interstate. I've lived in both cities. I'm from Atlanta. Of the three, tall buildings have absolutely NO bearing on livability. Nashville is far more interesting as a place to be. But thanks for your comment.
  4. MLBrumby

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Did I recently read there is $205M in the budget for "Rainy Day" fund? Does a budget shortfall not constitute a rainy day? Did I recently read there is $205M in the budget for "Rainy Day" fund? Does a budget shortfall not constitute a rainy day? Also, has anyone looked into the additional staff members Mayor Barry added in her first 4 months? I believe she added 4-5 new staff positions.
  5. I think the design would be much less attractive if the building were taller/bigger. Instead, it's near-human scale makes it more interesting than ugly IMHO. Additionally, it's going to be a club (not sure how that's going to work) and the rooms will be very large and upscale. Overall, my word for this building is "Interesting".
  6. MLBrumby

    Green Hills/Belle Meade Projects

    We're not arguing that it should cost nothing. Notwithstanding voters' rejecting a $5.4 billion price tag for mass transit, the search for a solution to Nashville's traffic will continue. I'm used to far worse traffic myself, but we can agree that Nashville's will not get better if nothing is done. And my friends who live near/in Green Hills would disagree with the notion that traffic is "not bad". The Crestmoor/Glen Echo/Hillsboro realignment will no doubt help. The change in the high school entrance and traffic flow should help a little. But look at what's happening at the same time; the mall expansion and (what?) 300 new hotel rooms and more and more residents in Vertis, and increasing neighborhood density. Have the traffic signals even been synchronized? Pedestrian access is awful. I stand by my comment about the mall. "Pretty nice" is not a top tier shopping center; and ordinary malls are dying everywhere as retail tastes/trends change. My comment refers to obvious work that needs to be done at Green Hills, and not just the current construction mess. Traffic flow around and in the mall is just terrible. Parking may be better now (haven't been inside in about 2 years). Taubman wants to make it (a destination) on-par with SouthPark and eventually with Phipps and NorthPark. But they haven't even announced a new anchor which they've said is forthcoming for the past five years now. That said, I await the conclusion of the 'endless' construction there before giving my final judgement.
  7. Also the number of parking levels appears to have changed. Since it's Nashville, the levels were reduced from 9 to 8. You know... the whole fear of tall buildings thing and all.
  8. From NBJ today: Southwest Value Partners, of San Diego, has signed an agreement with a joint venture led by Clark Construction Group, which is headquartered near Washington, D.C. Clark is partnering with Brentwood-based Bell & Associates Construction — a reunion of the tandem that built the Music City Center convention hall in SoBro. Under the formal deal, Clark Construction will build a 24-story Hyatt Regency, which will be downtown's third-largest hotel, at 591 rooms. The hotel is the initial piece of the Nashville Yards development, sprawling over a 15-acre site from Broadway to the north side of Church Street. The project, which overhauls the former home of LifeWay Christian Resources, is planned to feature roughly 4 million square feet of commercial space including multiple office buildings and an entertainment district overseen by Los Angeles-based Anschutz Entertainment Group (better known as AEG). Demolition continues. 1 million s.f. of concrete will be recycled. Underground utilities will get underway in two weeks and take 7 months. The 9-screen AEG entertainment complex will start next February and be ready to open in 3Q20.
  9. Would you like to start a new Topic Thread to start listing the best 2 dozen streets in Metro Davidson that would have the biggest impact on reducing traffic congestion if connected? I'm not one to start topics without some support. A couple of other folks on this board are much better at starting them. But if there's support for one, then let's go!!
  10. MLBrumby

    The Gulch Projects

    LOL... Nissan Cube! I think those things look like microwave ovens on wheels. I have a corny joke whenever I see one on a road and one of my kids is with me. "Get a bag of microwave popcorn." Sorry... pun was intended. And they come in the gawdawfullest colors too. Keep in mind, the Asurion building is going up on just the next block north (opposite side of B'way viaduct).
  11. MLBrumby

    The Gulch Projects

    See what you mean. Me too! Pics courtesy of NP... Aerial view of east side View of west side along 11th Avenue The building, to be located at the T-intersection of 11th Avenue South and McGavock Street, will be called Eleventh House and offer what is billed as a “private members’ lifestyle club.” A fourth-quarter groundbreaking and summer 2020 finish are eyed.
  12. You guys have put your finger on one solution (a big one) to the gridlock in town... Connecting streets. Problem for decades is that no one wants to live on a "busy" street. So cul-de-sacs proliferated in the 70s-80s-90s... and still in many areas. Of course, I'm not talking about connecting cul-de-sac streets. Just calling for some very critical connections around the county. An elaborate example was the Division Street connector that (as far as I know) was never connected all the way through until that was completed. There are lots of streets all around Nashville that would cost a fraction of the price to connect. I'm aware of several around White Bridge Rd/Charlotte Avenue. You have shown a great example above. Likewise, Antioch has a horrible mish-mash of disconnected streets. And someone needs to anticipate all the growth underway just west of Antioch. It's really absurd how no entity has even mentioned a need for something like a Tri-County Parkway (a boulevard, with divided media) connecting that portion of Davidson... Rutherford and Williamson. In conjunction with connected streets would need to be proper timing of traffic signals.