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  1. The state never gets estimates even close. Just looking back at 1990, the metro (including all present counties) was apx. 1.1M and apx 1.6 in 2010... growing by almost 500K over 20 years. State data always just forecasts the same growth, without accounting for rate. Rate is a more realistic tool for forecasting, and usually shows a "sweet spot" acceleration during the 2-3 million range. If using the same rate (45% growth), then the picture changes considerably, to very realistically 3M by 2040. If you allow for a slight acceleration to .47-50 (more realistic) then you'll exceed 3M in 20 years. This is a great example of the "science" of forecasting growth and building infrastructure to support it. Tennessee is notoriously bad about its metro area forecasts. I work with them on occasion and always find questionable data. But we use it anyway (with asterisks) because they're considered the authority on that sort of thing.
  2. MLBrumby

    Sports Thread

    In chatty, you just assume that all are bandwagoners...and they're all the hell over the place.
  3. MLBrumby

    Repurposed/revitalized historical buildings in Nashville

    hmmmmmm.....just spitballin' here, but how old are Jeff bezos' children?
  4. MLBrumby

    Sports Thread

    I was at that game too... with my wife and another couple in section U, about 4 rows from the metal fencing that separates the concourse from the seating areas... and some drunken $#!+%[email protected]& started banging on the fence from late in the first quarter till early in the fourth... and then passed out.
  5. I have heard of Dayton Pike. But not the others. I'm not native to Chatty though.
  6. Short for "turnpike"... which was a private toll road which used a turnstile with a stick (or pike) back in the early days of Nashville (and elsewhere). I assume the official names in many areas of the county were not changed after they became public roads. Or people there just never stopped calling them "pikes". Here in Chattanooga, I can't think of any street or highway that is still (or ever) called "pike". The one I think epitomizes a unique Nashville name is Granny White Pike.
  7. MLBrumby

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Interesting for sure. I'd add another component, the housing boom in Manhattan has been fueled by people who never even live (or plan to live) there. I understand the vast majority of these buyers are international billionaires & millionaires looking for sanctuary for their wealth. Rising prices beget more buildings that replicate the cycle. The figurative bubble will burst. As a bellweather to the rest of American cities, the sooner the better.
  8. Wow! The 1970s called and they want their apartment complex back. No apparent attempt to make it even appear like it was built in his century. So is this really a new project or a rehab? The sat photo looks as though it's already there or been under construction long enough to show up.
  9. I seem to recall that was one of the stated goals of MDHA when several recent 'height limited' towers were announced in their jurisdiction. The best known limits they have may be along KVB, where a building could rise "up to 30 stories". While I agree with the presumed argument they're making for more density, frankly I find any limits along KVB to be absurd.
  10. Broadstone Stockyard Flats, developed by Alliance This is the apartment project planned for the old Stockyard property. Alliance Residential Co. has paid $13.6 million for the property at 901 Second Ave. N. The roughly 3.8-acre site is steps from First Tennessee Park, where the Nashville Sounds play minor-league baseball. It's also the former home of the Stock-Yard Restaurant, which shut down in 2015 after a 36-year run in business.
  11. MLBrumby

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Yes... another one of my points. I believe they need to allow some (1.5-2%) limited debt funding through the state's borrowing capacity for urgent road projects. I believe this would amount to 300-350M per year (I did the math in a previous post). Maintenance is already covered through the annual budget and overall TDOT does an adequate job with that, but there are too many long-needed projects like the I-24 situation. Plus, the time length to get a project conceived, approved, planned and completed is excruciatingly long, more than 4 years for a 50-yard long box (culvert) 2-lane bridge over a creek. And don't get me started on the deer that populate the shoulder of I-24 at the foot of Monteagle Mountain. Safety first! Then expansion to meet demand! On a related note: When was the Improve Act passed.... early last year? And what has been started among that list of projects? OK... rant complete (for now).
  12. Yes... me too! No reason to think s/he has any information the rest of us don't have.
  13. Sorry... but your avatar is a bit blurry. And by some coincidence it has a passing resemblance to the photo of the mural of Flo that was posted under the Nashville Art thread a few days ago. Admittedly, the painting made Flo look very masculine.
  14. MLBrumby

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    How slow they are to respond to growth. I-24 between Chattanooga and M'boro has not changed in the 30 years since I started travelling along that route and it's taking twice (or more) the volume of traffic it took then. The I-75/I-24 interchange at the TN/GA stateline has been a screaming need for a decade now. It's an extremely dangerous interchange... and yet, TDOT still has not turned dirt on that project. We in Chatty are not a priority for the statehouse, and we get that... but it's simply embarrassing when driving up I-75 from Atlanta when you cross the state line. I just described above today's 'adventure' for my wife. I now expect to have to stop/slow down at least once for 1-8 miles each time I drive that route. Expansion and safety enhancements are long overdue. I have also posted on this board how slow they are in recognizing a need for road upgrades and doing construction. Just Sunday night on the local news, I saw a report about a bridge on a state route (Standifer Gap Road) in East Hamilton County. The road has been closed for 2 years and TDOT is saying it will be another 2+ years to rebuild it!