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  1. It's the spine of a key, dense part of town. It's also going through a tremendous revival presently.
  2. They are extending HHP. That is an office-mixed use park where CHS has already started buildling a large office building.
  3. You mean UT-Nashville?
  4. It's an old dairy processing plant. I seem to recall that it was Sealtest's when I was at Vandy. Says it's now "Country Delight Farms" according to Google.
  5. Good question, but I believe that is a slightly raised median. I recall many "wide" highways that had become urban streets around Atlanta that had those remaining medians well into the 1980s. Highway 41 at the Chattahoochee had them until very recently.
  6. William has info about the demolition of the long-vacant 11-story Imperial House, built in the early 1960s next to the present day location of St. Thomas. Another mid-century building bites the dust.
  7. I read a comment on the NC5-HD facebook page that he is a resident of the area around that structure. Wouldn't be surprised to see a news feature on him from the Tennessean (or locals) when the mural is complete.
  8. And now for the "she's got a really good personality" comment.... This building should activate First and Second Avenues quite a bit.
  9. Why do I suddenly want to buy a membership to City Fit? I don't even know what that is. But I want to be a member.
  10. Flattering, I guess. Except that Nashville is positioned with Columbus (which state... OH? GA? MS? NJ? NC? NE? WI?).
  11. I don't care what anyone says, that's a 20-story building.
  12. I am not so much lazy (as I swim 3-4 miles and hike at least 15 miles per week), but it annoys the stuffing out of me that drive-thrus get precedent over walk-ins just about all the dang time. Plus, I'm often on the phone in the car at lunchtime, and I know how annoying that can be to people standing in line around me. So it's just simpler to stay in my car and get served faster.
  13. Someone should tweet them with that spectacular photo from NC5-HD yesterday. Tell them they need to update. That's just lazy.
  14. William has info on the "Marketplace" on Charlotte Avenue. The reinvention of the Charlotte Avenue building last home to L&L Restaurant Equipment is slated for a May 2018 completion, with the owner having released new images for the adaptive reuse project. On-site work on the massive food court and marketplace space began in March.
  15. I've said it before and again now... West End is an embarrassment from the Gulch to 31st (20 blocks!) with a brief interruption at Vandy.