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  1. MLBrumby

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    Anyone have any "inside" on the project Vandy wants to build in the 1900 block of Broadway? I forgot they bought this from Afrakteh, who had zoning for a 25-story mixed use building. The school applied for a demolition permit for the house next door to the building that formerly housed Noshville. From NBJ: A 108-year-old brick building, once home to the tailor for a range of music icons, sits on a city block in Midtown that Vanderbilt University wants to redevelop. So the private university is offering a deal: The building is free to anyone who will relocate it and preserve it.
  2. Mine too. I just like a stepped back design for something that tall. I'd guess this would not fit on the park property alone. Like I said earlier, I think TG will make a play for the adjacent building, which is sandwiched by the park and a small parking lot he controls. Altogether the three parcels would be slightly smaller than the 505 footprint.
  3. I want this thing to start tomorrow. Get it on! And then renovate 100 Main.
  4. Yes! I had not heard about that.
  5. Thanks for the update. Personal rant... I despise American Airlines and will go out of my way to avoid them. Conversely, I love SWA and will fly them anytime I can.
  6. I think Icahn being involved only adds a speedbump to any place Amazon wants to go. My sense is they would not want to be encumbered by any other property owner involved in any potential site.
  7. Yikes!!! The Loews is really ugly! All the appeal of a grounded ocean liner. It could not have been designed any less welcoming from the street.
  8. I realize it's an added expense, but it's also a tremendous asset... not only as an amenity, but also in an increasingly crowded city. Not exactly a fair comparison, but in NYC parking spots go for thousands of dollars per month. Plus, if/when Mr. Giarratana wants to sell the building, will the lack of parking be a liability? Pondering this, I can't help thinking he is being strategic and ultimately wants to buy the adjacent property (I believe he owns the vacant lot just to the north of that). If you were the owner of that solitary building, would you want a 60-story building to go up right next to it? I'm thinking there's more to play out on this one.
  9. MLBrumby

    Repurposed/revitalized historical buildings in Nashville

    What was inside it when it looked like the second photo? Doesn't look anything like now.
  10. MLBrumby

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Someone recently commented that the buildings along the west side (left side in photo) were remodeled/refaced when that street was widened in the 1920s. Obviously, the Southern Bell switching building took out a whole block of those classic (taller) buildings farther up the street. But what happened to the building at the immediate left the same building that housed "Cotton Eye Joe" (now Dierks Bentley's?) bar. The pic above shows arches over the windows similar to the arches on the Broadway side of that building. If you look at it from Broadway, it does look as if it was "cut off" at the 2nd Avenue corner. Interesting.
  11. Your comment reminded me of the Sobro Plan from a few years ago. In less than a couple of years, that stretch of 5th Ave. South to Lafayette will be lined on both sides by large, street-activating buildings. I'd expect the east side, south of the new Tru Hilton will get another residential building very soon. And now 3rd Ave. South is cranking up. Sobro has already started to pop like the Gulch did a few years ago. Not sure, but I suppose the Division Street Connector has fueled this boom.
  12. MLBrumby

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    A dwindling number do... but if you notice, even newspaper boxes are getting fewer and farther between. They still have newspapers at hotels, but don't deliver to your room anymore. You have to seek them out in the lobby. My parents still take the AJC b/c they want to know who has died. I'd guess the Obituaries (and local sports) are the main reasons printed editions are still in demand.
  13. MLBrumby

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    The Tennessean's staff has been shrinking dramatically over recent years. With Gannett running things, their product has been reduced greatly to a small number of pages with greater USA Today content. They moved their printing off site a few years ago.
  14. No. The one in the back of that block of buildings. Gulch Union will have a 28-story hotel; 20-story office building; and a 13-story residential tower.
  15. MLBrumby


    As an alum, I question the need for all the new "Neo Gothic" style dorms all done at the same time, but that's the direction they've chosen. But to football, I've long thought a good parallel program for Vandy would be Texas Christian University. Even their games have the same feel... albeit with more people. Unlike Vandy, they've kept up their athletic facilities with the times and it has paid off in their teams' performances on the fields/courts.