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  1. Rocky Top Dining Hall A new dining facility will be constructed at the former Humes Hall site as part of the West Campus Redevelopment project. The new 73,256 square foot dining facility will have seating capacity for 1,160. The structure will feature an 8-Platform Fresh Food Company Dining Facility with a full service Chick-Fil-A. Construction for this project was completed in Spring 2021, and the dining hall was opened on August 16, 2021.
  2. The Energy and Environmental Science Research Building (EESRB) The EESRB will be a newly constructed research facility totaling approximately 157,000 gross square feet over four stories. This edifice will house teaching laboratories, research and public service labs, offices and new classrooms for the UT Institute of Agriculture (UTIA). https://fs.utk.edu/underconstruction/10773-2/ Click here to view the live construction cameras. Project Status: Under Construction Total Budget: $95 Million Start of Project: Spring 2021 Expected Completion: Fall 2023
  3. Largest Buc-ees breaks ground in Sevierville, TN. From News Fox17 (Nashville) https://fox17.com/news/local/construction-on-worlds-largest-buc-ees-located-in-tennessee-begins-this-week Not everything is bigger in Texas: The Volunteer State's newest Buc-ee's Family Travel Center is expected to become the world's largest convenience store, surpassing it's location in New Braunfels. The store is going up in Sevier County and is slated to be a 74,000-square-foot development, according to WBIR. A groundbreaking ceremony is slated for Friday. It's slated for Seviervil
  4. Don't recall from renderings, but this thing is bound to look cheapo. That green material has been up and exposed since I visited last April. It seems they don't know w.t.f. they need to do next. So they're just slathering stucco (beige or gray) on it in different areas.
  5. Prime should get its crane in a few weeks too. Still have the 2 at one22one. And isn’t there a small one a block south of Charlotte around 15th? Saw it from interstate last time I was up there.
  6. Memphis is a fun place to party but it’s a sad place to live. It has suffered from decades of poor civic and corporate leadership. The potential was there but I fear it is now shrinking. If you’re not growing you’re dying. There were a handful of hopeful projects proposed before COVID but they didn’t make it. Now it appears we’re heading into recession.
  7. That’s too bad but that design would not stay on the shelf for too much longer. Someone was bound to snag it.
  8. So what does MDHA approving the concept plan do for getting this through planning? I'm guessing MDHA is responsible for development along KVB, but does this improve the chances it gets approved by Metro planning with no modifications?
  9. I agree. I like the current one with the mountains sillhouette.
  10. Vote for Tennessee's next license plate https://www.tn.gov/governor/rate-the-plates I voted for #3
  11. Great pics despite the weather. Ugh! Sorry for the weather. I think this is typically the driest time of the year, but the storms from the gulf and Atlantic have had their way with Tennessee this year. I remember my sophomore year at Vandy was rainy every day till school ended. Awful flooding in TN this year. Some years are just like that. The flip side is we rarely have water shortages like occur in other surrounding states (Looking at you, Georgia). Interestingly, there's a significant difference in rainfall between even Chattanooga (less) and Nashville (more) in any year. That
  12. In passing, it's very reminiscent of the Hawaii state capitol building. I think this one is more attractive.
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