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  1. @rookzie didn't you grow up in this area? What are your thoughts on this proposal?
  2. I wonder why 8th Avenue does not have the unsightly power lines running alongside it until you get to around Melrose, or where the new Publix is.
  3. That western facade could be a lot worse in both material and design. The segmented angles give it some visual character, and IMHO the separate windows will look much better than if there's no space/spandrels between them. I don't see how they can get away without putting the huge elvator shaft where it is because the site is so thin. I think the angle from 8th Avenue looking northward will be very dramatic, especially with the height being nearly twice that of the Westin with the added benefit of blocking the woefully tacky Westin from a couple angles.
  4. Sort of a mullet of buildings, except this one is party in the front and business in the back. So who would be willing to give up some height here if TG could secure the site behind it and expand the footprint?
  5. Renderings of the RCD B and C, courtesy of the Hastings Architecture website. David M. Schwarz is the chief architect. https://www.hastingsarchitecture.com/project/vanderbilt-university-residential-college-b/ https://www.hastingsarchitecture.com/project/vanderbilt-university-residential-college-c/
  6. I'm an alum and didn't realize Memorial doesn't have AC! Course, I don't think I ever went inside during the warm months, but there were concerts there... maybe still.
  7. Bravo! Knoxville really needs to bring its amenities into the core. The ballpark out at Strawberry Plains is simply ludicrous.
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