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  1. Wait! What? Did PSC decide to sell their scrapyard to Metro? I missed that!
  2. REI Concrete is very very busy these days. They seem to be the contractor on the vast majority of large projects there.
  3. It'd be great to see more pics with additional details. With help from your your 'cards' I was able to figure out the placement of the Live at Nashville Yards (LANY). From the earlier drawings, I thought LANY was the lower-rise 'podium' of the hotel. With more recent pics, I realized that the auditorium is in a separate building (about 6-7 stories) and abutting Church Street, directly across from Giarratana's proposed stacked-box residential tower and the YMCA. The earlier pics did not show much detail and vaguely include two mid-rise towers along 9th, apparently for a future phase. The middle pic clarifies LANY will go lengthwise along Church. As for the angle of the last picture , I think it's from the corner of 10th and Church, but not sure as there are no landmarks shown. I surmise the podium of the MGM hotel will contain parking and banquet/reception space b/c the tower portion is rather thin. Also, from Google maps, I see that the half-block 'street' between 9th Ave. and 10th Ave. has a name, JM Frost Plaza. It appears to be the street between the MGM and LANY. One aspect of this portion of the project is unclear to me, and that's how Frost Plaza will connect to 9th. The portion at 10th will be elevated, but I seem to recall that 9th is higher ground. It may also be a pedestrian area with some flexible use as a motor court.
  4. Wow! That is meticulous... either that's a legit demo to preserve some historic architectural artifacts... or some dudes decided they needed to get a lot of 'free bricks' for their new outdoor living area. Maybe that's how Ron missed the demo permit (there was none!)
  5. That's a bummer. I know Fedex is a good corporate citizen for Memphis, but they could step up their game by taking space in a new skyscraper downtown. And I'd hope they're pulling back on this project b/c they think 8-stories is too puny for a prominent corporate profile. They really could do a lot to help downtown reach its next level if they commit to space in a new tower. It might even help with recruiting corporate talent.
  6. I had not noticed until now that the footprint of this one is very much (idential) to that of the Buckingham (Aertson) project at Broadway and 21st Avenue.
  7. Really... I know nothing. Oracle has been so silent of late. I have no association with Oracle. All I've learned has been from here. Granted, I love to dream about it, but nothing more than that.
  8. Like others here, I've only heard that Oracle wants to go to River North but nothing is firm. And I believe one of the earlier posts on this one today stated that there was NO tenant signed for this one. If so then this would likely start with the residential, as the rumor ( a very solid one) has it that Amazon will be doubling their initial number of jobs downtown.
  9. Oy... I'd hope it has more style that that one. That's about as plain as they get. I've heard that Amazon also does a lot of plain. FWIW, I don't expect this project to hit 40 stories... as that's the Nashville way.
  10. Apparently, sewer applications are a leading indicator. I just get back to the astonishing amount of money spent to acquire this site. That's not a land-banker.
  11. Oy! Those are u-g-l-y!! Did the builder just leave the chutes used to pour cement? Or do those things double as evac slides in case of fire? Now pardon me, I think my eyes are bleeding...
  12. So my question regarding docs like this... is this a case of 'ask for all you can get' and then build what you think the market will bear? One million s.f. of office is enormous and then all the residential units... that's a huge project. Would love it if someone emailed that jackson person at ragan and smith and asked very specific questions like 'how tall?' ... 'how much money?' etc.
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