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  1. Everyone please spread word that it's very important to fill in your Census information ONLINE!!
  2. Could free up some housing downtown if this keeps going much longer.
  3. I was totally wrong about the location of this one... as I thought it was on the half block immediately to the east of 12th and Porter, the next block south of this block in the photo. Now this site makes more sense, as it's considerably larger. That blue fence around the site is the construction fencing?
  4. I will never ever enter another skyscraper again! All those people living in a tower... my heart goes out to you all. Now I'm looking for a one story rancher out in um, Soddy Daisy... that's about the flattest land around here.
  5. Sending out a notice like that shouldn't change any behavior they should have already been doing. Just reinforces the need to keep social distance... antiseptic wipes after touching elevator buttons, light switches, door handles, etc.... no face touching... and keeping those hands washed. And divulging the person's identity without permission would be a HIPAA violation.
  6. That 694K has been the pop since 2017. Davidson is pathetically lax in keeping estimates up-to-date.
  7. Sorry for the duplicate post, but put under Bits and Pieces too. Nashville Gets One Two Punch (First Tornadoes Now Coronavirus) From the WSJ this week. I think it's open to all, but not sure as I have subscription. https://www.wsj.com/articles/nashville-gets-one-two-punch-first-tornadoes-now-coronavirus-11584961200?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=2
  8. Nashville Gets One Two Punch (First Tornadoes Now Coronavirus) From the WSJ this week. I think it's open to all, but not sure as I have subscription. https://www.wsj.com/articles/nashville-gets-one-two-punch-first-tornadoes-now-coronavirus-11584961200?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=2
  9. I think better weather will help... here in Chattanooga it's been so gloomy, day in and day out. I think the last time we saw sun was Friday... then Tuesday before that. We can't even get out and go for a jog around the neighborhood.
  10. Good point. COVID 19 mortality in the USA is also dropping, albeit gradually. At 1.2%, it's still a vast improvement over other countries. Worldwide, it's at around 4.3%, reflective of the earlier slow responses in China and elsewhere. That number should continue to drop as providers move more quickly with some promising treatments. As with other epidemics, the most vulnerable die first. Early in the pandemic, many of those people were not protected from infection (like in Washington state). Protective measures and isolation are being done everywhere now. So the mortality may even go below 1%, but @Mr_Bondis correct that a simple mortality rate across a whole population is not very useful, and may in fact cause undue panic. It is also believed by the CDC that many people recovered from the disease but were never tested; so they were never recorded as a 'recovered' patient. So far South Korea is the best large scale sampling of mortality and best model for testing, and now 'releasing' groups back into society. Their mortality rate has been reported at around .7%. However, they were even late in responding. They had kept their flights to/from China open as recently as February. So how will this end? No one knows, but lots of people are offering possibilities. Sounds like Mr. Bond's company is being sensible with their next steps. As noted above, mortality varies across groups according to vulnerability. So when the mass self-quarantine and ordered shutdowns end (I've heard from several public health experts it will be 2X incubation time; so 4 weeks), they're considering a gradual releasing of groups, starting with least vulnerable. One sad example is my elderly aunt who lives in a retirement community. She expects that she will probably be confined to her building until June at the very soonest. BTW: We take her groceries every 5 days. The staff wipe down every single container we leave in the lobby and they throw away the bags. BTW: The herd immunity is a good example of what can happen with the 'curve flattening'... giving those people who can develop immunity more time to do so. And I've heard (once again I'm no medical scientist) from several sources, including Lancet that the heat of summer weather will go a long way to killing the virus as it exists right now.
  11. Agreed, but I think Giarratana's stacked tower changed the near-term market for residential units at that location. I suppose the original proposal accounted for the hundreds of units coming from the NY and AEG projects, and with only the Hyatt Regency and MGM Grand in the mix, they see an opportunity for midrange hotel rooms. Their location would also benefit from being between the Gulch and LoBro. As was pointed out above, it appears they don't have financing lined up. IDK, but maybe it's still easier to get financing for hotels than apartments. The market for both has been great in Nashville the previous two years... one being the Niido (Olmstead) on Fifth Avenue, which sold for an astounding amount ($50 M ???) as they made a quick turn toward the rental market. Oops! Grand Hyatt... shame on me.
  12. From WW at the NashvillePost... Early 2022 finish eyed for Antioch project https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21123802/early-2022-finish-eyed-for-antioch-project With a roughly $45 million price tag, Vintage Century Farms is rising within the 4000 block of Cane Ridge Parkway in the development west of Interstate 24 from which its name derives. Renderings courtesy of TDK
  13. Thank you, folks, for the great pics and updates during this very slow (and here in Chatty, gloomy) time. Looking at the Vandy cam, I think it appears the next area for the college dorms is being cleared. That would be the corner of West End and 24th... so that portion of the complex should be underway soon enough. http://webcams.vanderbilt.edu/carmichael/
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