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  1. Will American Airlines return to Nashville as a Hub?

    Not enough corporate O&D travel at the time. Plus, they set up a second SE hub in Raleigh at the same time, which resulted in overlap. They had intended to have RDU as predominantly an E-W hub and BNA as a N-W hub, both as gateways. AA made several big-time curious decisions like the SE hubs during Robert Crandall's tenure as CEO. It was a time of a much "turbulence" in the airline industry. As a dominant player even then, they must have had the luxury of doing some chess moves vis-a-vis the competition. What's for sure is without AA agreeing to make BNA a hub, MNAA wouldn't have been able to build such a nice (big, at the time) new airport for a market the size of Nashville. Over nearly a decade (and even lingering today) AA bumped up BNA's profile greatly.
  2. Mayor Berry - her legacy

    She needs to resign. This is distracting now at a time when it's costing the city valuable leadership on many high profile issues. And I'm someone who knows David Briley, and I'm not impressed in the least.
  3. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Those are good. Did you take those? Looks like you used a drone.
  4. Stunning.. almost none of that was there 10 years ago.
  5. West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    Just read the article. Right on the developer. Right on the name. Right on the location.
  6. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    The Bridgestone was not yet started and that changed so much on B'way.
  7. JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors - topped out

    LOL... Lips! Maybe a shot of colagen will make them look fresh and luscious.
  8. Then I guess they're starting the Embassy and Curio... duh?
  9. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Saw a Toyota commercial about 1-2 years ago that was for their national campaign. Camry was driving through downtown. First noticed that strange 2-tone brick building at the top of 8th and Union Street. Car was going around that curved ramp. May be available on YT.
  10. It has been described as a "residential tower" in VU pubs. I seem to recall some academic space included in one of the write-ups but can't be sure.
  11. I clicked on this and saw that photo and had to pause a moment before realizing it's Midtown, not downtown.
  12. Saw population estimates recently showing Nashville with greater population than Detroit.
  13. Thought I'd start a new thread because I'm terrible at posting pictures. I didn't want to mess up an existing thread with my mistakes. And it's so time consuming. But I did a little car tour of town yesterday and didn't realize I took 200 pics. I'll try to post some later when I can find any I might have missed. Lots of houses being built in Southside on both sides of Main. Here are a few of the ones under 7mb which is the limit for me to attach here. I'm sure there's a better way. Sorry the last pic is of one of the new dorm buildings at UTC. None of the pics I took of that one turned out well. I don't know the names of a lot of these. Many of the buildings under construction have at least 2 photos. From my car, it was not easy to get good angles. This is in the reverse order of my tour, starting at North Shore and ending at Southside near Chattanooga Market and Findley Stadium on Chestnut. Will try to label them after I figure out what I'm doing.
  14. My guess it it's going to the highest bidder. Great billboard space. Perhaps one of the record labels.
  15. Believe the sign. Experience tells me not to take the word of a reporter, especially when it comes to numbers/figures related to a construction project. William Williams and a handful of others notwithstanding, rarely do they get all the facts straight. I've often seen billion dollar projects described as "million dollar". And floor counts for buildings proposed in Nashville are often misreported.