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  1. Cheekwood launches $30M fundraising to renovate and furnish mansion and raise endowment in line with "next level" of cities with similar gardens/museum facilities. Focus will be on outdoor (gardens, sculpture, seasonal) attractions. From the Tennessean... Capitalization, $20 million Working capital: $1 million to $2 million to pay down credit Restoration: $4 million Capital reserve fund: $5 million Endowment: $10 million
  2. Why do I remember a building somewhere around there that used to have interlocking shapes of the letter "I" as part of its design across the front facade of the building. Was told once that the building was designed that way b/c it was originally the offices for IBM. Is this that building.. and perhaps it was remodeled sometime in the past 20 years? Or did I just dream that up?
  3. Oh no! That rollercoaster was damaged in a flood!
  4. Oh wow! A double blow... you no longer have a skyline view (bad enough), but now you're forced to look at that damn zebra-stripe-piano-keys-cheesy-trailer-park siding.
  5. Wow! Mrs. Ingram donated about $350 million in Ingram Micro stock about fifteen years ago.
  6. That's what I was curious to know. Love flying in/out of BNA, but haven't in some time.
  7. On the heels of the SoBro Hyatt House, construction of the Hyatt House West End will begin in June. (15 Stories with 201 rooms, u/g parking and 3 levels above ground). From William Williams at NP:
  8. On the heels of the SoBro Hyatt House, construction of the Hyatt House West End will begin in June. (15 Stories with 201 rooms, u/g parking and 3 levels above ground). From William Williams at NP:
  9. Not especially attractive, but not repulsive either. And most importantly, adding density to a rapidly changing section of downtown. The master plan for the Choo Choo is actually very nice. I'll try to get some of that info for posting here.
  10. Can't say why, but I suspect this one will be 30-40 feet taller... I just base that on greater floor count, including a taller top floor and lobby and sub-lobby levels. If the rendering is true, the 25 floors starts right above the lobby. So total floor count from the south side would approximate more a 28 story building.
  11. Additional renderings from the Tennessean online. Pop ups have damn near made it impossible to do these sorts of copy/posts for me. From the article: "Demolition and excavation costing roughly $10.6 million will begin by the end of next month. The excavation work to create a public parking garage will include digging down 26 feet from the lowest level of the old convention hall, which was rendered obsolete by opening of the Music City Center... Among new information revealed Tuesday, the 26-story, 385,000 office tower at Fifth + Broadway will be named after its address at 501 Commerce." If you want to avoid all the popups and go directly to the developer's website...
  12. The signage could not possibly be as hideous as the facade. Maybe even improve the appearance of this one.
  13. Revised plan for the Mainland site where Centerstone used to be on Jefferson Street... Nearly a year ago, Mainland Cos. planned mostly condos for the former Centerstone site plus a few townhomes. Now the developer plans 21 townhomes and roughly 40 percent fewer units overall. Mainland hopes to start grading the new construction portion of the 2-acre site within 90 days. The overall project is expected to include a 1,000 square foot retail space at the corner of Sixth and Madison.
  14. From the Channel 5 Sky 5/HD chopper crew...
  15. Nice run-down. Looks like you remembered the hotel name at 3rd/p'body... Tapestry. Also, I believe the Curio and Embassy Suites will be 19-20 and 28-30 stories respectively. And I believe the renderings show the JWM at 37 stories. It should be a considerably "head" taller than the Westin. Then the latest on the Joseph showed a hotel of 22 stories. Have you heard any rumors about the Second Avenue Partners twin-towers starting?