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  1. Thanks for so many great pics. Nashville is quite photogenic.
  2. LOL, Geek. Never really noticed how much that little "cupola" resembled an outhouse.
  3. Publix wants to build a new store at 2223 Eighth Avenue South, which would make it the closest of the chain's stores to Nashville's core. It is at the site of the former building of Frank Neal's Insurance agency. The 40,000 s.f. store will have 3-stories; two for parking and one containing the store. BPW:
  4. Good eye. I think the height of this one is going to surprise everyone here.
  5. That must be a tremendous feat... to add four floors atop a tower that's already occupied with a functioning medical center.
  6. What? 14-15th floor? Already gives nearly as much presence on the street as the hotel across the street. Wow! that one was a huge MISS! (noticed that I didn't mention it by name? LOL)
  7. With Embassy Suites and the SAP twins at the end of Demonbreun, that will be a bona fide canyon.
  8. I expect I'll get flack for this, but I think the whole thing is underwhelming... from its less-than-noteworthy height, to its unremarkable design, to the fact that the sloped ramps of the parking garage can be seen when lit at night, to the color of the glass that gets lost easily amid surrounding buildings, and to the faint ("tepid") lighting effects on the outside. I noticed in the skyline shot someone posted from the Adventure museum that it simply gets lost in the view. I find this one to be disappointing in light of what it could/should have been.
  9. The Tennessean has a short video of some of the largest projects underway in Williamson.
  10. Scratch that!! I was referring to the 5&Broadway anchor restaurant. I do NOT know what is going into this building. Sorry!
  11. It's a Tom Morales concept that has not yet been announced.
  12. I don't recall seeing this rendering before. Don't know if it was posted here. So here's (possibly) another one... via
  13. Anywhere else, yes! But along Broadway, that would dampen the effect of the bright neon lights. I really think it'd be a mistake to "pretty up" Lower Broadway too much.
  14. I don't know the reasons, but having seating areas just sounds too much like a theme park to me. What I've observed about "Lower Broad" is the most fascinating thing (to me anyway) is the flow of every "walk of life" as it passes the window beside you. Perhaps seating areas outside those areas are just a "bridge too far" in departing from the street's rough image, still very much alive just a few short years ago.
  15. And it will disrupt (add to) the ubiquitous shot of the skyline (i.e. ATT tower) from the pedestrian bridge.