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  1. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    A lot of them are leaving that state b/c they are fiscally responsible. There are three families who recently moved to my neighborhood and they're all conservative Catholic families. They enjoyed living in the big city, but realized it was a terrible place to raise children. The state is a fiscal mess, cost of living is high, and the quality of schools has declined since they were students in the same school systems. All of them are upper income professional families, and they're in TN to stay. I really like Chicago. Just took my boys there last spring. It's just sad to hear the people who were raised there lament its decline. It's not in a spiral yet! But they better turn things around fast. Maybe if they get the Amazon HQ, that will be a shot in the arm.
  2. I just don't see Denver and Even DFW being "East Coast". Nashville is a stretch, but IMHO Atlanta has more negatives than Nashville. From other blogs, I understand the favorite is suburban DC. likely to be VA.
  3. Nashville College & University Expansion

    From Post: $850K permit pulled for foundation work for VU Nursing school expansion... Looks like this will abut the Heard Library
  4. Thanks. Thought I saw the equipment there early via the Newschannel 5 webcam. It's in my rotating screensaver <======== Dork
  5. Did the groundbreaking happen today?
  6. Charlotte Park/Sylvan Park/Bellevue/West Nash./Nations

    Because he's selling "city" townhouses on elevated ground, lending a view. Marketing 101. I hope that name doesn't stick. I like McKissack Park.
  7. More Accolades for Nashville

    I was a bit ambivalent posting those links, as I tend to give little credence to those magazine lists. I seriously doubt anyone on any of those editorial staffs has been to the vast majority of the places they put on their lists. I really don't know much about Lebanon, nor Smyrna for that matter, even though I drive through on I-24 about 2-4 times per year. However, I think that really points to the radar that Nashville now finds itself on at most of those publications. This list is obviously comprised mostly of suburban cities. Time/Fortune is telling their readers that 4 "best cities" are suburbs of Nashville. Contrast that with how many other large Southern cities had as many (or ranked) as highly. So I didn't look at the list so much as an accurate depiction of whether Franklin is better than Concord NC, or even Lebanon for that matter. The fact that so many Nashville area towns were included on a national list is just one more confirmation that the whole metro area is recognized by such pop culture mags as an attractive area.
  8. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Looks so urban. The only thing it needs now is a crappy looking suburban style office building and a bland apartment building that can be used as a drive-in movie screen.
  9. More Accolades for Nashville

    Time/Money mags list the 100 Best Places to live in the USA. Franklin #4 Brentwood #21 Smyrna #31 Lebanon #34
  10. America's Ugliest Confederate Statue

    Leyland Cypress trees!
  11. Concept reminds me of Waterside... yes, suburban. I know this... I am dead-set against subsidizing anything for this development... especially for another ballpark.
  12. JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors - U/C

    Just looked in on the WKRN cam from ASC. With the forthcoming crown of 3 (tall floors), put above the current top floor (with the balcony), I can't help being convinced that this one will be over 400'. I realize it's on a hill and can't be compared to B'stone. But looking at the Westin next door, I'd expect the JWM to be at least 80' taller. So who verified the 385' height for this one? And how accurate is the 320' for Westin? I do believe that one.
  13. Looks like this one's ready to rise. Funding has been secured from Bank of the Ozarks. From NBJ via NP....
  14. More Accolades for Nashville

    At least they used an uncommon photo of Nashville... oh wait! Nevermind.
  15. I know! I know! There's no shortage of comments about this building. Overall it's a really big miss. But that street level looks quite promising. So as long as you don't look up, it's fine. (About to say something rarely said here) At least it's not taller.