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  1. What is the height limit at that site? Would a hotel work there? What services would 5 Points need?
  2. I thought that was the one in the photo. Yep... I miss the Town and Country that used to be there. It wasn't the greatest food, but the whole atmosphere was classic mid-20th century... booths, car canopy, huge neon sign on the roof. That was a f'ing crime. And that was after the Jacksonian demolition. Pardon me if I'm not supportive about Walgreens being allowed anywhere where there are fine old buildings.
  3. Keeping fingers crossed that it's a shorter version of 401 North Wabash in Chicago, sans Trump across the front. The lots shapes and sizes are almost identical.
  4. Does anyone have any updates on the projects around Music Row? Of course, photos would be great, but very curious to know if things like the redo of the U/A tower and the apartment building next door have started... and the office building at the Corner of Chet Atkins and 18th(?). I've seen the recent updates for the M-residence and the Crescent apartments at Division. I'm aware that much is underway there, but I don't know specifically.
  5. Nice! A view we don't see much... from the Polaris.
  6. Honestly, I thought Presidents' Day would be a fun day out with my kids, but they're doing homework! Nerds! Look closely...
  7. You may have seen these already on the Photo du Jour thread. To keep things neat and tidy, I'm posting them here too. From the David M. Schwartz website... Webcam for project...
  8. Toppled for this... Sorry for the additional editing, folks, but I want to see if the formatting can take this one (from the David Schwartz website)... It can! Here's the website with more renderings...
  9. Bye-bye Vandy Hall and The Barn!
  10. Too bad it won't block the Westin... poor thang! She's looking pretty skanky after a night of partying.
  11. Cherokee Boulevard Surge.. $64 Million in new projects recently done, underway, or planned. From TFP:
  12. "Commercial" recording studio? Hmmmmm... but I do like that mural.
  13. Depends on the lot size, but 20-25 stories (?). And whether or not it's single tenant or multi. I've read that companies like approximately 23-25K sq.ft. per floor these days. So if it's just Asurion, that would be approximately 12-13 floors plus about 7-10 stories of parking.
  14. Since Raglander works at Asurion, maybe it's Ingram Industries, Ryman or Gibson. Or one of the law firms. Just pure speculation. Could also be one of the larger healthcare firms, like Ardent, but doubtful as they like lower profile suburban settings.
  15. Castrillo's?! [crossing legs]