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  1. It's a multi-year project. But the NBJ online today has an article that the CEO of MNAA is going ahead and adding infrastructure for international flights, even before the scheduled expansion of the International arrivals terminal. While design and planning continue for a new international building, the Metro Nashville Airport Authority has decided to begin expanding the current facility early this year — opening an additional gate, streamlining the customs process and adding more space for screening bags. Wigington hopes the immediate activity, which wasn't originally anticipated, shows airlines that Nashville is urgently working to land its first nonstop overseas air service since American Airlines closed its hub 22 years ago.
  2. Why? They have a whole NFL-size stadium now.... Oh no! He didn't!
  3. I thought I had posted this. Found this last week about what existed on the land that is now Metro Center. I believe a horse track preceded this, sometime back in the 1800s, but an airport? I found this by accident. And the first city airport (McConnell Field) was located where McCabe golf course is now. It's a pretty cool site. If you're into this sort of stuff, check out the history of the Ft. Worth airports. Amon Carter International (aka Greater Southwest International) was a spectacular airport that was short lived. The history of DFW International is one of government mismanagement and waste. Interesting! Main page....
  4. Right on schedule, the beginning of the $1 billion expansion is just about to start. From NP:
  5. A little more... For those of you having trouble keeping these straight, Tapestry will be "upscale" but a notch down from Curio. And the NP has this behind paywall.
  6. Yes. It's not a national bank... yet.
  7. Might Pinnacle need a new tower in the next few years? Pinnacle bank has just acquired another bank (BNC) out of NC. While their assets are a modest $20 billion, the company's growth trajectory has been remarkable. The acquisition puts the bank in the top 50 in the country, well on the way to its founders' stated goal of becoming “the dominant bank in southeastern commercial banking." Started in 2000, it had less than $5 billion, just five years ago when their downtown HQ tower was built. From the Tennessean...
  8. Oy! I hope they all have those garages underneath them. But fantastic views!
  9. Because of the inevitable... when the owner of the Titans announce that they want a new dome, or else they'll move. Then the denizens of Nashville will need to decide if they will bend to their extortion. I don't make the rules. I've just been a spectator of the game for many years now. Someone asked if the stadium can be "retrofitted" to be a dome, and I know for a fact that it was designed to enable that sort of "expansion" It's why seating in the end zones is small and the structure is wrapped in what looks like an exoskeleton. Of course like all large venues, it may be obsolete by league standards by the time Nashville begins to discuss a new home for the Titans.
  10. Yes. It can be done. But the question is for more or less than a new dome from the ground up. That's a moving target, as each year passes.
  11. Keep in mind, I only have hearsay. But the reasons for costs made sense. Greer is almost a greenfield and already zoned for the use. 31st/Blakemore is likely to run into lots of NIMBY opposition on any rezoning for that purpose (I understand would be required). Plus, they would have to build a new parking structure to compensate for what they'd lose in the new complex. Other than that, there are a lot of Pros to the latter site.
  12. That sounds about right, Mark. Hyatt Regencys like to go tall as a part of their brand. That would be a prominent site too... as a 30+/- story tower would be visible from lower Broadway.
  13. With several colleagues close to Vandy's AD, I'm pretty sure Vandy has no plans to put anything related to athletics at their recently acquired properties adjacent to 21st and Broadway. I've been told they see far more commercial potential for that site. I still believe their so-called JV with any soccer team would take place at the site of Greer Stadium, with Vandy putting up much money for the facility. The other site mentioned along 31st which is mostly parking lots right now is another. Ironically, that option would cost Vandy a lot more money. That's pretty much all I know about the "behind scenes" workings.
  14. Of course, I wrote that in a speculative sort of way. But I recall when the first Super Bowl was announced for 1994 in Atlanta, back in spring 1990, there were several articles in the AJC about additional air service, to/from several midsize cities, in the wake of the announcement. I'll see if I can find any of them, but they were usually in small business blurbs. Anyway, anything related to the SB was soon to be overtaken by the announcement of the Olympics later that year.
  15. Yes... there are the exceptions that prove the rule. Unfortunately for J'ville... well, how 'bout we say it's an exceptional place.