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  1. Not an actual UT project, but right at the edge of campus. https://desktopbackgroundshq.com/developers-plan-new-student-housing-project-on-cumberland-ave-to-replace-strip-mall/ Curious if anybody who posts in the K'ville forum ( @UrbanWes03 @[email protected] ) has a rendering for the new Greystar condo on Cumberland Avenue. Noticed last week that construction has started. - 700 beds for residents - An outside courtyard - A swimming pool - A fitness center - Study rooms - Computer rooms/a gaming room - A lounge area and a fire pit - The alleyway near the mall will also stay open, and the building will be built over it. - 509 total parking spots/201 bicycle parking spots. I don't claim to understand a lot about real estate, but the statements below just don't "add up" to me. They're spending $93 million to make the property worth $82 million? What? Construction is expected to be complete by summer 2023, according to records. It is expected to cost around $93 million. Records also show that the project is expected to create more than 150 construction jobs, and 25 permanent ones. ... They said the project would also increase the value of the property to around $82 million, a significant boost from its current value of around $3.8 million.
  2. Which tells me that if the northern loop were ever to get funding it would need Montgomery county politicians to be on board, which means the outer route.
  3. No thanks!!! Nashville's image is still enough of that without actually building one of those.
  4. Yep... and yes! Ugh.... when he's off, he is OFF! Why not just keep it on the ground and burn the clock up for a few more plays for a kick? What's the worst that can happen.. OT? Just so disappointing. The fault with Tanny all season is that when he is playing "OFF" he still gets overconfident and tries to pass when he shouldn't. Kudos to the Defense... even though Hooker was off today. But the whole D helped each other.
  5. Titan up! Waiting for the offense to show up. First quarter...
  6. Looks like a great space for a grocery store! I don't know how convenient that is to the residences around there. And y'all still have snow on the ground?
  7. Just now getting caught up on my pleasure reading, and I believe someone posted the link from this Tennessean article from January 2. Since it has been out now for nearly 3 weeks, I hope I can post a snippet that interested me, regarding what Richard Florida thinks of Nashville. Here's the last few paragraphs of a well-written piece... https://www.tennessean.com/in-depth/news/2022/01/02/nashville-downtown-riverfront-development-along-cumberland-new-neighborhoods/8911596002/ Note: the writers state that the Ewings have corporate entities looking at their Riverside development. No more details than that. Florida named Denver and Austin as sister cities to Nashville, as they all take in waves of newcomers from larger, more expensive markets. Urbanization overwhelms infrastructure and service providers while exacerbating the growing wealth divide between rich and poor, Florida argues in his book "The New Urban Crisis," which documents rising urban inequality and poverty in 2017. Now, many cities are working to revive downtowns neglected in favor of more affordable suburban development. "My research showed that Nashville has done something remarkable," Florida said. "Nashville has become a major music cluster (with) growth in that cluster greater than New York and Los Angeles combined." Nashville's appeal to the "creative class" is what is now driving its growth, he said, and riverfront development is the natural next frontier to be crossed before reaching top-tier status. "Revitalization occurs in old industrial neighborhoods, not in established working-class neighborhoods," Florida said. "In Toronto, our waterfront is a whole city. "But you've got to get it right. The last thing you need is more entertainment. The pandemic accelerated these trends in a way that no one including me predicted." Florida also calls Nashville, Austin, Raleigh and Boise "supernovas", fast-growing Tier-2 cities that will move into Tier-1 status in the next decade.
  8. Nice pic although I'm a bit confused as to the timing of this one. It appears that Amazon II is still in that stalled state before construction resumed, and the section of Second Ave (Market Street) that was bombed looks intact. Yet the Embassy Suites looks quite far along in its construction. Lately I've been using the Four Seasons as a guide for timing more recent photos, but that's out of the frame here.
  9. From the NBJ today, the developers of Noble Park in Gallatin are planning a 94-townhome gated neighborhood in Glencliff. Not sure which side of where Thompson Lane goes under I-24, but I'd bet one of the property development sleuths here can find the exact address. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2022/01/21/noble-place-townhomes.html
  10. I have a complicated relationship with my (and my wife's) alma mater, but Nashville is indeed very blessed to have Vanderbilt University and Medical Center. Vanderbilt Transplant Center (VUMC) is the world's largest heart transplant hospital and fifth largest by volume in all transplants in the USA. From NBJ: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2022/01/21/vanderbilt-reports-record-breaking-year.html
  11. A block away from Chuy's? I hope they're better... a lot better.
  12. That article from NP is very embarrassing to Mayor Cooper! If he can't do the "little" things with apparent strong support and a half-million dollar budget, then who expects he can do anything big? Cooper should hope this park doesn't become a metaphor for his time as mayor, or his first term will be his last.
  13. I know little about that area of town, but I intend to learn a lot more soon. It's my sense that this project is a keystone to that neighborhood immediately booming like Germantown.
  14. To your question, I don't know exactly, but looking at these photos of the Rutledge, I'd guess there's something to the 5-floor limit to stick frame. In the case of this building, first three floors are concrete and metal. And I'm pretty sure that's not because it's parking (It doesn't appear to be anyway).
  15. I hope they rake/shake it out several times a day to expel critters !
  16. Don't know if this has been posted, but looking at the FutureVU stie last night I stumbled on the JE Dunn website for this project. It has dozens of construction progress photos. https://www.vugradhousing.jedunnbuilds.com/ Balfour Beatty weekly updates with a webcam view from (I believe) Buckingham/Aertson: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/60affbeda5db672250cabb09/t/61d743cadaa8a7268b802882/1641497546960/01.06.2022+-+Weekly+Progress+Report.pdf
  17. Not sure this is the right thread, but the WSJ had an article on the Titans' chances of going to the Super Bowl. https://www.wsj.com/articles/tennessee-titans-nfl-playoffs-super-bowl-11641951697?mod=Searchresults_pos3&page=1 I'll say this much... this season has brought a lot of kids of friends of ours over to being fans of The Titans. Now, a lot of them are still loya to their "first" team. The kid next door is a huge Bears fan as his parents moved him and his siblings from Chicago a few years ago. But up till this season, he was never to be found during a Bears game. Now he's always occupied during the Bears and Titans games. Anyway, anecdotal.
  18. All the more reason to wish they'd ssell to a local group. Heck, tell the good folks at Nashville Post to offer ONE DOLLAR... like Newsweek was sold for. Without printing presses and other infrastructure, the name and subscriber list is worth about a dollar (only partly a joke).
  19. I agree. Just ranted about it in Nashville Bits and Pieces, and I don't even live there. Gannett is garbage. May as well just stop printing all editions... the damn thing is printed 200 miles away in Knoxville!
  20. From the "Kick'em when they're down" file... The Tennessean has to be THE WORST big city newspaper in the country. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2022/01/12/the-tennessean-to-end-saturday-print.html I'm not saying it's a bad decision to drop the print edition on Saturdays (it may be considering how awful the content of this newspaper has been over the past two decades), but I'm astonished at the slow death of a newspaper that was once one of two dailies that covered the state capital for crying out loud(!). I mean, even when I lived in Nashville (as an outsider) I was well aware of the competing coverage of the state house, and I know The Banner died about 25 years ago. It's astounding that the lone 'survivor' couldn't beef up its content and become better, well before digital became the mainstream. But Gannett has destroyed what once was a paper where many great journalists got their starts. Seigenthaler, Halberstam, Caldwell, Graham, Thompson, and so many other renowned reporters honed their craft there. I realize that was a different time that only exists as a ghost today, but when compared to Chattanooga (and even Atlanta) where there is a viable paper (media) that doesn't just feed its subscribers crap from its corporate owner it's just sad, The Times-Free Press rolled out their iPads to subscribers last fall, and we enjoy reading our local news on ours. We still get our paper Sunday edition. Reading this letter from Tennessean management about the games and obituaries being available (still) is nearly comical. The Tennessean doesn't even look like it will exist in five years. Maybe a local consortium can buy it and bring it into the 21st Century. Anyway, rant over.
  21. I just think that college football games should be played on campus. Hopefully that's how TSU sees it.
  22. I saw that in Atlanta 30 years ago... when my favorite ff joints started closing along Peachtree in Midtown and even in Buckehead, although that came about 10-15 years later. It's real estate, and the drive-thru model just doesn't work well where acreage (e.g. parking lots) is cost prohibitive. There was a Mcdonalds at P'tree (just south of Paces Ferry)... a Wendy's in the Y between P'tree and Roswell.... I recall an Arby's... and a Miami Subs (LOL) that take me a long way back. Oh, and there was a Krystal at (12th?) and P'tree. I just thought of a mission (I hope I have time to do someday) to go up/down Peachtree/WPTree/Piedmont/Roswell to see which of the "old FF joints" are still there. In addition to the cost of the land there, that is a population ("Demographic") that's very persnickety about their fast food. They want fast food that's not "wrapped" like fast food.
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