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  1. for a project that was deemed a 'sucess', isn't it odd they are giving $1000 incentives to get people to move in?
  2. you can describe this project in 4 letters - B-U-S-T!!!! Visions of grandeur (sp?) for hartford foiled once again.
  3. I had a post back in december predicting this project wouldn't get off the ground and i was attacked for making such a claim by the perma-bulls on this board. hhhmmmm
  4. how can you comment on the quality when there hasn't been anything built yet? looking at how there is a lot of retail in the suburbs, i see front street having difficulty attracting anybody. If people were lining up to come to hartford, there would be tenants in the H21 retail space. nobody from west hartford is going to drive into hartford on a saturday to shop the 4 stores that will probably be open at front street when they can go to westfarms or bbs.
  5. HAHAHAHA. I love how the developer continues to put a spin on a doomed project. I'm not saying the building should be leveled, but it stands to reason if there were demand for the space, there would be no issues getting it renovated and leased. Demand would allow the developer to raise their lease rates to cover the renovations instead of scraping to get financing for a project that has rather minimal demand for it's space once completed.
  6. this project missed it's time. could have been something before 1)Blue Back Square 2)Repricing of risk in real estate too bad hartford, you missed the boat again....
  7. adriens landing has been proposed for over 10 years. the fact the city couldn't get something done there for 10+ years is laughable and indicative of the attractiveness of the city itself. yea, something will get built there, give any empty lot enough time and something will get built. give h21 enough time and something will move into the vacant retail spots. they can't attract a grocer, so they are going to build there own and hire a management staff. looks like the state funded another real winner there....
  8. I've heard this song and dance before, front street/adriens landing plans to be unveiled! believing that front street will be sucessful, or even get of the ground, is akin to a kid thinking his dad really is comming home after leaving for a pack of ciggarettes 6 months ago. brooks brothers will not draw people downtown. maybe they will get shoppers durring lunch, but thats about it.
  9. I think the lack of momentum is an alarm to how little appeal the project has in the private sector. We are comming off one of the biggest real estate booms in 20 years, and yet most of the development in hartford had to be heavily subsidized. There just isn't the desire, by private developers, to invest in Hartford - even with the pot sweetend by large subsidies and tax abatements.
  10. how would it be the least expensive? all material would need to be recreated with the new name no matter how divverent. new street signs and marketing material. Airlines would need to change the name on their materials either way. The least expensive would be to leave the name as it is.
  11. husky shop is moving out from pratt street to the 4th floor of the hartford downtown mba campus with the goal of solely serving the mba students. yet another loss for pratt.
  12. the taking care center in state house square has a pool
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