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  1. The machine should have taken the token. I've done this several times (gotten light rail tokens from Hendrick) and was able to purchase a one-way adult ticket from the TVM with the CATS token. It was probably just a malfunction. You could also try calling CATS to see if they have changed their token policy.
  2. They don't put anything on sale?? You're kidding me! I've seen Daniel Cremeaux, Calvin Klein, Austin Reed, and Murano shirts over the past year at 75% off or more. These are $75 shirts retail (would I ever pay that No, but that's me ) Regardless of whether one likes those brands, they were on sale! At the beginning of the year when consumer confidence was really starting to tank, you were practically assaulted with a sea of "Take an extra 50% off " signs as you walked in the door, no lie. It comes in waves of course, but it pays to walk thru Dillard's at least once a week. If
  3. Apparently their facts are a little shaky regarding other locations too. For Raleigh, it says "In 1994 Sears opened a department store in Crabtree Valley Mall." What they leave out is that Sears was an original anchor when Crabtree opened in 1972 (I know, I used to play in the clothing displays as a kid ). The store was relocated in 1994 to its current location when the mall expanded. Ahh, details....
  4. You mean the Bay Bridge. The GGB is nowhere near the heart of San Fran. You're right about the SF CompUSA.... it was nice to see something like that within easy walking/transit distance. It saved me a couple of times when my laptop acted up or I forgot to pack my mouse when I went there on business. Too bad CompUSA closed it with the rest of their stores.
  5. Your complaint was heard......
  6. The new Harper's restaurant at Carolina Place opened last weekend I believe. (and the one on Woodlawn has closed).
  7. In the old Spinnaker's spot (well part of it... McDonald's took part of it).
  8. You are correct, around 1990. I know because that's when I moved into an apartment on Harris Blvd (then Newell-Hickory Grove Road) and I used to shop Eastland often. The current glass and metal handrailing on the second floor was put in then, as was the current tiling. They also took out the sunken observation areas overlooking the skating rink (anyone else remember these?).
  9. It used to be a bank originally although I don't remember whose branch it was. I remember in the mid 90's it was a frozen yogurt and/or ice cream place. It may have been other things as well. I was at Eastland this past week and noticed the building was gone. It used to sit opposite the Firestone at the Central Ave / Redmann entrance. Does anyone besides me get kinda depressed when they visit Eastland now... yeah, I understand the reasons behind its decline... but it just looks so tired and so worn now. For me, it was THE place to go back in the late 80's and early 90's.... This l
  10. Sorry to stay off topic, but the hosery store was called "Bootery and Bloomery". I was a kid at the time, but I remember driving by it and always thought that was an amusing name.
  11. I'm curious about people's opinions of the Olmsted Park neighborhood and the condo conversion of the apartments. Does anyone have any information to share?
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