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  1. I am surprised that no one has given a more southern route any consideration. A southern bridge would also give the chance to build a truly magnificent bridge that would serve as an icon for the city of Mobile. I think the cost is the largest factor here, but if the bridge is tolled, then a portion of the cost would be covered.
  2. I agree; most of the people using the bridge would be out-of-towners and those who have contributed to the sprawl. Most large spans such as this one are tolled, and there will be a free alternative in the Wallace and Bankhead Tunnels if one would rather not pay the toll. If the bridge is to be a suspension bridge, then there has to be room on each end of the bridge for the large anchorages that hold the deck-supporting cables at maximum tension. Didn't the plans call for a cable-stayed bridge instead of a suspension bridge? A cable-stayed bridge would not require any anchorages. Still, to avoid putting any of the pylons in the middle of the Mobile River one would have to be placed on either side of it. The approaches to the bridge would also cause some of the shoreline to be cut off from the rest of the city. I would love to see exactly what kind of footprint the current proposed bridge would have.
  3. Distance may not be an issue if the area between Jordan and I-565 along Holmes was revitalized. I believe that more attractive, close off-campus housing is something that a lot of UAH students (I for one) would appreciate as an option.
  4. Now it appears that Steak and Shake is finally coming to Huntsville; it will be built in front of Madison Square Mall across from Best Buy.
  5. I will say this: football fans (and NFL owners) would rather see football played in an open-air stadium than a domed stadium, especially in the south. Whether or not Legion Field could be renovated and the area around the stadium revitalized is another quandary aside from the BJCC expansion.
  6. I agree; expand the BJCC arena so that perhaps one day Birmingham could land an NBA franchise (which I think Birmingham could support). I would also do what is being proposed with the dome expansion plan and create an entertainment district near the BJCC so that restaurants, bars, and other amenities are nearby to the BJCC complex. Also, I would also add additional hotel space near the BJCC. I am beginning to believe more and more that Birmingham just doesn't need a dome, much less the cost to build and maintain such a facility.
  7. There are a few people that commute from the Shoals, and I don't see how they manage it. I think there will be growth in Madison County, but I do agree that it will spill over into adjacent counties.
  8. Not to mention the fact that stretch of road is supposed to someday be a part of a westward I-565 extension...
  9. Hey, its good to think about the future in the Huntsville area. Anyway, welcome to the area, I am sure you will like it here.
  10. How far will be widened? From the interstate to Hayden?
  11. I am surprised that Madison County had only one Cracker Barrel up until this point.
  12. Being number 2 is definately better than being at the bottom, or being last.
  13. The article is correct...it is being converted to a Hampton Inn, but it has been said that the historic decor of the hotel will remain intact.
  14. Much of that is due to the city of Huntsville paying for a large portion of the project. Hwy 53 and the Southern Bypass are state routes and thus won't get as much help from the city of Huntsville, or Madison County.
  15. Yeah, its great to see so many people from Huntsville on here posting about the progress of our wonderful city. I second the motion for a Huntsville/North Alabama subforum.
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