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  1. I have a feeling that a LOT of commuters would go to South Attleboro regardless of the parking situation. First of all, the area near the depot is considered a "bad" neighborhood. Secondly, the S Attleboro station has a supermarket, places to eat, a department store, etc. Realistically, you would have a lot of people going to Boston and so forth who live in the surrounding low-income area or have taken the bus over. And you know how people are... they get nervous around poor folk.
  2. Can anyone confirm the following two downtown things existed and that I am not going senile? 1. A "fancy" Burger King that was known as 'Bankers Quarters', probably right around 1980, possibly close to the Civic Center. 2. A Strawberries on Union St... I know it was there but I swear that at one time the cassettes and 8-track shelves were surrounded by a wall of plexi-glass with holes in it. Your hand could fit through the hole but the cassettes could not, since I think they were sold in those long plastic anti-theft contraptions. There was a narrow conveyor belt which you would then drop your cassette choice onto. The conveyor belt carried your cassettes to the checkout. Thanks in advance.
  3. Up until a few years ago, there was a CVS in downtown Pawtucket. It was on the small side, though. I don't know why it closed, but I'm sure not having a parking lot didn't help.
  4. Brooksie's Pub on Smithfield Ave. isn't bad for a sports bar. Garden Grill / Barney's on the city line are good, too. A little further down on East Avenue is the East Avenue Cafe which has decent pub food.
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