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  1. I have been there, not a huge fan of seafood, so I didn't partake in that aspect, but they had a wide menu variety for those of us not into seafood. Crab cakes were good, but the bisque some in the party had was a bit cold. Otherwise, really nice atmosphere, and everyone came away full and thought it was pretty good, outside of the bisque issue! I would go again.
  2. There was also an air show in June, so I assume every plane that flew during that counts in addition to the flight training.
  3. I am not a sea food fan, but Captain D's has the drive thru and smell of Long Johns...
  4. Hot Springs also has a Belk. I haven't been all that impressed with Stein Mart when I have been in them, at least not enough to realize they were missing here.
  5. A couple of differences between the Hot Springs and Rogers convention centers, the Hot Springs one is ran by the local A&P, and then catering is done by a 3rd party company. The Rogers center will be ran and catered all by the staff of the Embassy. Also, the Hot Springs one doesn't have carpeting in the big ballroom areas, so if you go to a boat show, you are on cement. Rogers will have carpeting in the rooms, so if you are in a boat show, it's on carpet.
  6. It will be 6 stories and 152 suites, just an addition to the Embassy so the hotel will be 400 rooms, not a seperate operation. The building won't be built onto the existing building, more of a courtyard type section between the 2 buildings and a connector hallway similar to the one that will connect the hotel to the convention center.
  7. I am gonna have to differ on this one, I can't imagine waking up in town to a chicken in my neighbor's backyard. That's a reason Arkansas has the image it has. I would think most all non-rural towns and cities do not allow livestock in the city limits, and even a lot of small towns now.
  8. That is great to hear, when I was by there a couple of weeks ago, I didn't think they would be open this quick. They have great burgers for fast food if you haven't had them before.
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