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  1. Opinion: 'Smart growth' should come to Pima County Arizona Daily Star December 9, 2007
  2. Tempe's first Centerpoint tower is shaping up nicely. How long will it be before Tempe has a more distinguished skyline than Phoenix? The view from Tempe Town Lake is already starting to become impressive.
  3. traal

    Arizona off-topic

    Mesa is going through an identity crisis. It's still clinging to its desire to remain a small town, like the large dog that still wants to sleep on your bed like it did as a puppy. I'm sorry, but there's no way to uncook the egg. People need to realize that. Edit: not you people, I meant the citizens of Mesa need to realize that.
  4. Phoenix has a fairly distinguished skyline, if you include Camelback Mountain as part of it.
  5. I just don't want to see Tucson growing uncontrolled until it's another suburb of Phoenix.
  6. What we can learn from Portland To summarize, Pima County hit the 1 million population mark last November and can accomodate another million, but the question is whether to keep that second million from coming or prepare for it. Portland, Oregon is the model city for Smart Growth. Unfortunately, the same kind of planning takes a lot of work, time, money, and cooperation. And a leader.
  7. Apartment towers on track downtown The article talks about an apartment complex called The Jet, with 675 apartments in "36- and 23-story towers on Second Avenue between Fillmore and Van Buren streets":
  8. Sorry, I was excited to find that article. Except for Civano, the same arguments in the article could be said about Phoenix or any of its suburbs. The closest thing Phoenix has to Civano that I know of is Agritopia in Gilbert, but the homes don't incorporate either active or passive solar in their design.
  9. Found an interesting article this morning: Out-of-state experts ride bus to size up Tucson
  10. Retail building boom in E.V.
  11. The Greater Phoenix area is currently building a light rail system called Valley Metro Rail. It's scheduled to go into operation in December, 2008.
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